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  • PwnPlayer is out and it's pretty Shweet

    A few weeks ago I covered PwnPlayer and iSoulSeek (now called MewSeek) and as of today both are out and available on Cydia. Let me tell you even though PwnPlayer is still in beta this public release version is dang good.

    PwnPlayer is a great music player alternative for the iPhone already having a solid list of features in this public beta. Of course it has the basics allowing you to play your iTunes music database with coverflow and album art. The lock screen controls allow you to skip tracks and adjust volume without unlocking your phone (although I think these controls could use a bit of refinement). PwnPlayer also runs in the background allowing you to play your music and use your phone for other things.

    Forget about the basics. What makes PwnPlayer a must have download are the extra features.

    Search is included in PwnPlayer so you can easily look up a song or an album without having to scroll through the rest of your music. It's such a simple feature why doesn't the iPhone have Search as default?

    The feature that matters most in my opinion and the reason you need to grab PwnPlayer off of Cydia is the ability to play music from file directory. What does this mean? It means that when you download music files to your phone with other great Cydia apps like dTunes or MewSeek you can play both your downloaded songs and synced songs from one application. You can also load songs onto your phone via sftp or programs like DiskAid and skip syncing music with iTunes all together.

    To get PwnPlayer to recognize the files I downloaded from dTunes and MewSeek I had to change the file directory it was looking in for music from var/mobile/Media/Music to var/mobile/Media/Downloads by going to the "Featured" section in PwnPlayer and then clicking settings in the top left corner.

    Once I did that I was good to go and able to use PwnPlayer to listen to my downloaded music with no issues.

    While this beta release of PwnPlayer is quite good it still needs some more features. Video playback, a custom equalizer (the default ones are already included), and the ability to insert downloaded files into the iTunes database are all things I think that a third-party media player should be able to do on the iPhone. The good thing is errrick the developer already has plans to add some of the above and more in future updates.

    If you want to read more about PwnPlayer you can check out the site. Otherwise just grab it off of Cydia.

    edit: Somehow I forgot to mention the playlists feature which is excellent. Easily create your custom playlists on the go.
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    1. tikigod19's Avatar
      tikigod19 -
      hmm i notice that with pwnplayer installed, double tap of home when locked or running another program doesnt bring up the mobile music player mini controls.... why oh why?
    1. whodatfan's Avatar
      whodatfan -
      I'll wait. I'm not going to compromise another app that I love (notifier), just to have this app and it's lockscreen gesture controls work. I'll wait till they are able to coexist first. Is there not a way to import all music downloaded from mewseek to your itunes library? I guess you could manually do it with ssh or maybe use finder on the iphone itself? Has anyone tried this yet?
    1. coachballfirm's Avatar
      coachballfirm -
      pawn player not ready yet...ill wait
    1. modmyoriginaliphone's Avatar
      modmyoriginaliphone -
      Quote Originally Posted by coachballfirm View Post
      could it be because i have intelli.installed as to why my lockscreen option dont pop up when im playing music. i can see whats playing from lock screen but controls dont pop up.?????
      probably try removing it then doing it...
    1. Crosseyes's Avatar
      Crosseyes -
      Grr...I'm stuck without Wi-Fi and can't wait to get this app!

      The updates sound promising...but when it comes to video, are there any plans for playback outside of .m4p/m4v? .mov,mpg,avi,and maybe wmv would be great to have.
    1. darkvad0r's Avatar
      darkvad0r -
      Quote Originally Posted by whodatfan View Post
      ...Is there not a way to import all music downloaded from mewseek to your itunes library? I guess you could manually do it with ssh or maybe use finder on the iphone itself? Has anyone tried this yet?
      No you can't sync music without iTunes if you want to use the ipod application. See this thread for more information:


      It's really a shame because one of the neat applications of being able to sync with other apps is wireless syncing with linux
    1. coachballfirm's Avatar
      coachballfirm -
      everything works great for except the lockscreen controls.. how do i get it to pop up. i cant seem to control it from the lock screen. can someone help me please...