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  • PwnPlayer is out and it's pretty Shweet

    A few weeks ago I covered PwnPlayer and iSoulSeek (now called MewSeek) and as of today both are out and available on Cydia. Let me tell you even though PwnPlayer is still in beta this public release version is dang good.

    PwnPlayer is a great music player alternative for the iPhone already having a solid list of features in this public beta. Of course it has the basics allowing you to play your iTunes music database with coverflow and album art. The lock screen controls allow you to skip tracks and adjust volume without unlocking your phone (although I think these controls could use a bit of refinement). PwnPlayer also runs in the background allowing you to play your music and use your phone for other things.

    Forget about the basics. What makes PwnPlayer a must have download are the extra features.

    Search is included in PwnPlayer so you can easily look up a song or an album without having to scroll through the rest of your music. It's such a simple feature why doesn't the iPhone have Search as default?

    The feature that matters most in my opinion and the reason you need to grab PwnPlayer off of Cydia is the ability to play music from file directory. What does this mean? It means that when you download music files to your phone with other great Cydia apps like dTunes or MewSeek you can play both your downloaded songs and synced songs from one application. You can also load songs onto your phone via sftp or programs like DiskAid and skip syncing music with iTunes all together.

    To get PwnPlayer to recognize the files I downloaded from dTunes and MewSeek I had to change the file directory it was looking in for music from var/mobile/Media/Music to var/mobile/Media/Downloads by going to the "Featured" section in PwnPlayer and then clicking settings in the top left corner.

    Once I did that I was good to go and able to use PwnPlayer to listen to my downloaded music with no issues.

    While this beta release of PwnPlayer is quite good it still needs some more features. Video playback, a custom equalizer (the default ones are already included), and the ability to insert downloaded files into the iTunes database are all things I think that a third-party media player should be able to do on the iPhone. The good thing is errrick the developer already has plans to add some of the above and more in future updates.

    If you want to read more about PwnPlayer you can check out the site. Otherwise just grab it off of Cydia.

    edit: Somehow I forgot to mention the playlists feature which is excellent. Easily create your custom playlists on the go.
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    1. bobbydigital's Avatar
      bobbydigital -
      can anyone else confrim that u can listen to both librarys, because i can only do eithor or not both( dtunes or mewseek). can someone HELP
    1. wakepimp55's Avatar
      wakepimp55 -
      whats the source for this cuz i cant find it in search in cydia? thanks
    1. f_itunes's Avatar
      f_itunes -
      Coverflow alpha by album name makes a lot more sense to me because you are after all looking at the albums. This apps greatest feature however will always be the filesystem support. Not having to use iTunes anymore is such a relief. So many hours of headaches caused by apples terrible programming.
    1. thaforgottenone's Avatar
      thaforgottenone -
      for some odd reason the lock screen controls are not showing up
    1. adamnur's Avatar
      adamnur -
      Seems pretty cool. Just some conflicting things.

      dtunes/mew store music in different folders, so you have to enter var/mobile and navigate from there in the library section.

      Also, when adding mew songs to playlists, they have no names in the list. Just blank.

      Other than that, this is an awesome program, props to the devs
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      works ok for me but i do agree on the lock screen controls.
    1. b3nny's Avatar
      b3nny -
      if you're having problems with the lock screen controls, make sure you're aren't charging... mine didn't work cuz i was charging when i first installed. once i unplugged, the lock screen controls worked, and NOW they work even when charging... and the lock screen controls are AWESOME intuitive "in the pocket" swipe controls, WITH elegant os x-like graphics? sweeeet this and mewseek kick arse!!
    1. JK1234's Avatar
      JK1234 -
      This program sucks. I seriously tried every way of getting it to recognize my Music in my file directory from Dtunes but it wont.

      By default from dTuns my music gets saved to var/mobile/library/downloads

      and I SSHd into it and my music was in there.

      Then I tried to switch the filesystem directory to that and I did and it still wont find the music?

      This app needs alot of work.

      Its hard enough to even edit the filesystem directory with the keyboard in the way.

      I appreciate the effort but this needs tons of fixes.
    1. basik19's Avatar
      basik19 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jiniej View Post
      I would use this if it supported the button on my headphones, but it seems that when i click that button it paused PwnPlayer and starts playing music in the stock iPod. That sucks... once this feature is supported I will definitely use PwnPlayer.
      Same here, I always use my headphone button to skip songs, go back etc when I am on the move at work. Hopefully the devs can add this feature.

      Other then that, it is great, nice work!
    1. 0.o's Avatar
      0.o -
      how come i cant find it on cydia?!?! =\

      edit: nvm 1 reboot and its there!!

      my lock screen controls arnt comiing up.....is this because of status notifier?

      yes it was status notifier. i uninstalled it and works nicely now
    1. pj_rage's Avatar
      pj_rage -
      I was very excited to see this app as I've wanted a more feature-rich music app for a while. Especially one with search. Overall, this app has potential, but simply can't replace the stock app for me yet for one main reason - it doesn't have any of my itunes playlists. I LOVE the ability to make a list on the phone, but there's no way I'm recreating all of my lists I already spent enough time making in itunes. Until this app can import the itunes playlists, there's just no way I can use it. If I've somehow missed a way to import these, someone please let me know!

      The secondary main reason that I can't use this app yet, is that it takes far too long after you click a category in the library section (artist/song/albums) for it to load the list. For me, it's about 3 seconds for "Artist," about 13 seconds for "Song," and about 5 seconds for "Albums." Even 3 seconds is a very long time when comparing it to the instant loading for the stock app - and 13 seconds is just ridiculous. When I'm looking for a song, I don't want to be waiting anything longer than a second, but preferably as fast (instant) as the stock app.

      And a couple other nuances I've noticed so far:

      - I wish the search was live updating (every time you press another letter, like contacts, app store, quickgold, and basically everything else on the phone). It's better than nothing, and I love the category search/sort aspect, but I wish it was live just the same.

      - It would be nice if the song lists used the new style of listing that apple implemented with 2.1, where it lists the song in bold and then lists the artist/album in the same line just under it in the lighter grey text. I actually love how simplify media does this part, even better than apple with 2.1, because it doesn't list the album (I don't think, or at least it lists artist first, I can't check it now, either way it's better than apple). The problem with the way that apple did this is that if the album title is too long, you can't see the artist. And I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather see the artist name than the album name if it's a choice. This was a huge oversight (and possibly a mistake?) by apple, IMHO.

      - I don't listen to many podcasts, but I do listen to some. They don't seem to be there yet. They might come with the video update or whatever, I just haven't seen this mentioned yet. I don't listen to any audiobooks, but this is another that isn't implemented yet, for those who care.

      Like I said, overall, this app has a ton of potential. A feature rich music player replacement is a blessing, and I'm sure this is eventually going to replace the stock app for me. He just needs to work out some of the kinks.
    1. skizo's Avatar
      skizo -
      What video file types does this support?
    1. furrymitn's Avatar
      furrymitn -
      Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
      Yes, Intelliscreen is it. You aren't missing much though. Just the ability to start/stop...fastforward/rewind...and volume up/volume down.
      I've got IS, and the gesture controls work, you just have to get IS out of the way - at the top(across the time of IS works for me), swipe from right to left, IS will minimize, then use pwnplayers gestures, tap the IS text just under the time to get IS back..
      filed under the "it works for me category"
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      now that this is finally out , its your move now Dtunes! how will make this happen lol
    1. silent revolt's Avatar
      silent revolt -
      FINALY SOUL SEEK IS BACK...and also is there a way to link the download file and the deafault music file on the iphone....like could you make the "ipod" application and pwn player pull from both of the files or at least make pwn player pull from both files
    1. coachballfirm's Avatar
      coachballfirm -
      i cant see my dtune downloads i see itunes...??? i followed the edit in settings..

      The lock screen play,pause,etc also does not work.???
    1. goodluck4287's Avatar
      goodluck4287 -
      Only step backwards I noticed, I don't think it has genius playlists. I'm sure it is hard to implement though so let's not worry about that for now, great work devs! Thanks!
    1. pj_rage's Avatar
      pj_rage -
      Quote Originally Posted by goodluck4287 View Post
      Only step backwards I noticed, I don't think it has genius playlists. I'm sure it is hard to implement though so let's not worry about that for now, great work devs! Thanks!
      Did yours have your regular playlists?
    1. modmyoriginaliphone's Avatar
      modmyoriginaliphone -
      Hey guys just to clarify, i have an original iphone, however im not having the problem of changing track and volume and pausing the music on my iphone or even my brothers ipod touch....I am a little confused as to why you guys are saying that you are having problems and why there is a need to create an application for it??

      All you do is lock the screen then double click the home button then the following screen appears.....

      If you already knew this cool....lol...but thought id let you know cause a guy in the apple shop said it to me and he was like woah i never knew it could do that lol....

    1. coachballfirm's Avatar
      coachballfirm -
      could it be because i have intelli.installed as to why my lockscreen option dont pop up when im playing music. i can see whats playing from lock screen but controls dont pop up.?????