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  • iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2 Adds Google Street View

    Earlier this evening firmware 2.2 Beta 2 was seeded to developers. In this firmware version Google Street View is enabled. Firmware 2.2 beta 1 included the APIs for Street View but the feature wasn't enabled.

    Other things like push still haven't been confirmed but we expect to see push supported before the public release of 2.2. What are some features you want to see in 2.2?

    Something else new that appears in 2.2 Beta 2 could be more options when getting directions via Google Maps. According to someone on iphoneyap bus and walking directions are now options in firmware 2.2 beta 2. It appears in the photos below that the bus directions even include bus schedule times.

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    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      Quote Originally Posted by WillyDavidK View Post
      As for street view, I for one would use this on a regular basis. It makes maps 10x more useful, because you can see what lane to be in when the highway forks, you can see what your exit actually looks like, you can see where that tiny residential street actually IS, and the list goes on.

      God I hope you wouldn't try that while you are driving...

      Never the less, really how difficult is it anymore to read house numbers? How hard is it to be able to figure out what lane of traffic you should be in? Do we live in such an age where we can't navigate on our own without having to rely on a gadget?

      Yeah i'll admit, it's nice to have and pretty cool too see a little blue dot telling me where on the purple line I am, but I lived for many years going places with notes scribbled on a piece of paper and then finally getting out of my car and looking around at house address to find the blue house next to the red brick building 2 houses down the left side of the road.

      Street views would run just about as well as cooliris runs. Yes it runs, but it is no where near polished enough where it is as useful as it could be.

      Imagine driving along, listening to streaming radio or your ipod feature, and while using google maps and then trying to enable street view so you can figure out which lane to turn into.

      You'll miss it entirely trying to get it to update in something that resembles real time.

      Quote Originally Posted by WillyDavidK View Post

      This would be far more useful for me than any of the other crap people keep whining about. MMS is insignificant to me (and apparently to Apple as well). If it were implemented I would never even touch it. Actually it would probably make me angry, because I would have to pay an extra .05 every time some douche bag sent me an unwanted picture, just because ATT refuses to allow me to disable texting (they love getting .15 out of my pocket every time some stupid person texts me because they are too lazy to pick up the damn phone)

      Sure MMS doesn't mean a whole lot to me either, but you know, it is a standard that my Nokia from 2001 had.

      And yes you can disable text messaging. You have to seriously complain about it but you can disable the feature entirely.

      Now as far as the cost, I certainly agree. I just watched a video saying that if you added up the cost of the text messaging, that 1 meg worth of messages would cost upwards to 1200 dollars. I agree that is absurd. Yet here it is, that we still blindly and stupidly pay for it.

      Lastly, 30 days is not nearly enough time to get used to the quirks and nuances that come up. Yes great, i could sit on my *** and do nothing but blindly stare at my phone and just run through every feature there is, but until I actually use it in real life then I have no idea what I would need or not need.

      90% of the things on it I don't use. I personally could live without the iPod feature. I am not impressed by it, and wouldnt want to risk mucking up my phone while I am Biking after i endo down a large hill cause I wanted to listen to MP3's.

      The video feature? Meh, cool, but it's a toy. I watched a movie or two on it converted it down with Winavi and then loaded it up just so i could say that I did it. But so what? Its a selling point that Apple has constantly used to say "look what we can do".

      Photos are nice, emailing is very nice, wifi, 3g and full HTML browser VERY nice.

      Apps? Cool when you have some time to cool or when you don't have a drummer to jam with...

      But again i go back to this: Fix what is needed. Horizontal Keyboard for email, Correct the nonexistent push/fetch, and incorporate mms. Flash would be nice also.
    1. gadjet0's Avatar
      gadjet0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rdwalsh View Post
      All I see here is a bunch of complaints, minus one or two posts. You know if you are that fed up, and you want the features yourself, you have two choices, build it yourself, learn the code, and release. Two, get a job with apple in the r&d group, and begin your scortch of comments and blasting, and then develop and code and release. Because either way, you may be the consumer, but the company still only has to put out what they want. If it doesn't sell then they scrap or try something new.

      Thats about as much say in a company's product release, dont like it, dont buy it, they company will change. You bought it, knowing what it DIDNT do, so stop crying already
      There are only a few ways a company know how well thier product is doing, Sales and Feedback are a couple, Apple have done well with sales and on the whole I wouldn't swap my Iphone for most of the PPC phones out there (I've tried a few) but Apple need to listen to the feedback, you're right, in nearly all the threads there are many people "Crying" about thier Iphones but this is feedback that Apple need to listen to to improve thier product because the Iphone will not remain the only Phone with a good user interface for long.....the Android G1 is just the beginning.
    1. tetrion's Avatar
      tetrion -
      Well lets just hope that Android's sales biting into Apple's profits, the retirement of Jobs, and the increased competition provides enough impetus for Apple to start implementing these features. Until that time Cydia provides me with the BASIC functionality that should have been there originally, albeit at a price.
    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      Steve jobs Retiring?

      Bill Gates is the one retiring, Steve Jobs will stay with apple until the day he dies.

      The day Steve Jobs is no longer with apple is the day Apple will no longer be Apple.
    1. mobsta's Avatar
      mobsta -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
      *prays Google will included a scale*

      ^ how hard can a few brackets be?
      a scale???

      like a digital scale?

      thatd be cool
    1. DuRo's Avatar
      DuRo -
      google street its not needed. How about gps direction and the push server? How about a bigger screen space for safari or landscape texting? Anything else let the app store do there job.
    1. Dingle777's Avatar
      Dingle777 -
      they must done this cos it was easy instead of doing something actually really useful!
    1. tha5150's Avatar
      tha5150 -
      i think this is pretty cool..

      BUT WHERE IS THE VOICE GUIDED TURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mobsta View Post
      a scale???

      like a digital scale?

      thatd be cool
      A scale as in letting me know how far away something is from something else. In the bottom left of the picture.
    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      Quote Originally Posted by boe_dye View Post
      The day Steve Jobs is no longer with apple is the day Apple will no longer be Apple.
      You mean like the early 90s?
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
      What are some features you want to see in 2.2?
      Copy and paste. For the love of God! COPY AND PASTE!!!
    1. khaoticsquirrel's Avatar
      khaoticsquirrel -
      great. so creepers and stalkers have handheld access now.
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      well, they had there hands on it for a while ,
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Maybe Apple are just looking out to see what people want most, waiting until demand for it becomes (even more?) inelastic, and then give it out when the time comes for a new iPhone; that way they can actually get money when they release their software update.
      At their keynote, they'll refer to it as: "One of the great new features packed into the sleek and poweful iPhone".
      People will cheer, Apple will yet again unsheath the mighty and undefeatable Hype Trap, and consumers will fall into it and buy yet another contract.

      I don't expect anything significant to arrive until 3.0 / G3 iPhone.

      Oh let's not forget- Software update 3.0 for iPod Touch is only $10. -_-
    1. phoneboi's Avatar
      phoneboi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Aumz View Post
      It would be niceif they stop giving us features that are advanced like this and giving us features that even the basic phones and smart phones have.

      I have a love and hate relaionship with my 3G but more hate because I now know I should have waited to get the Bold.

      I want MMS, Cut/Copy/Paste, Push to work as they advertised it would, ability to click on a number from a webpage and have option to TEXT not just CALL, Data Storage, and Word/Excel/Powerpoint utilities to create and edit....all of this I could do bar the Push on a phone I had about 4 years ago.

      On a side note will the street view just be for USA users or for all users in the official iPhone countries.
      x10000000 please oh please... mms copy paste!

      the g1 came out with most of this already with the phone, and we have to beg as request for this? come on apple
    1. tanaoeurn1987's Avatar
      tanaoeurn1987 -
      this is pretty cool i guess. but i prefer FORWARDING, and MMS. is that so hard to ask or is it that hard to do.

      apple sucks.
    1. f_itunes's Avatar
      f_itunes -
      Quote Originally Posted by adamnur View Post
      They're probably going to do the apple special:

      All the features we want and that really should have been included from the beginning will be featured on the 3RD GEN IPHONE. Thanks steve!
      exactly. every apple fanyboy I know just says they won't release anything until it's tested to to death and they know it's perfect. any 3g owner knows thats not the fact. in reality they could easily inclued all these feautures in one download but I highly doubt we'll ever see that. i'm still hopeful of a possibly way to port android over to the 3g.
    1. chinosoflyy198's Avatar
      chinosoflyy198 -
      copy/paste, forwarding text messages, adding more attachments in emails & video of course. I hope anything from here comes in the new update honestly..