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  • UrbanEars Plattan Headphones Review

    Lets face it, we humans love our auditory entertainment. Whether you’re a 7 year old kid the day after Christmas, a grandmother using the stairmaster at the gym or in college studying for an exam, odds are your using a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite show/song/game without disturbing anyone. The Plattan headphones by UrbanEars (make The name a link to their site), with their excellent sound quality, style and cool built-in perks can help you get the most out of whatever you do.

    I had a chance to try these out recently, on an 8-hour flight to Canada, and let me tell you these headphones do not disappoint. Usually when shopping for a new pair of headphones I have to balance price vs. sound quality, comfort vs. style, functionality vs. ease of use. With the Plattan Headphones you get the best of all worlds without sacrificing anything.

    The headphones come in a variety of colors (almost any color you can think of really) and are quite stylish. The pair I tried out are white (as seen in the photo above) and matched my iPhone case (I have a white iPhone 3GS) and Macbook Pro very well. They collapse to roughly the size of your fist for easy portability along with minimum space requirements. I had a couple guys on my plane ride asking me where I got them, especially after I showed them one of the coolest things about the Plattans, in my opinion.

    Ever wanted to let someone else listen to your iPod while still being able to listen yourself? Sure, we all have. The Guys over at UrbanEars have got you covered. With their Innovative “Zound Plug”, you can let someone plug a second pair of headphones directly into yours. This allows multiple people to listen from a single source (iPod, laptop, smartphone, etc.) without the need for a splitter (which, lets face it, none of us carry). The volume controls (and mute button!) on the cord are near the top, allowing easy access without the chance you accidently hit them. It even has a built in microphone for those of you who like hands-free phone calls or the other myriad of things we use headsets for.

    The Platton is extremely comfortable (which, in the case of many, is one of the most important things). I had them on for most of my 8-hour flight, as well as the days since, and they only time they felt uncomfortable was after wearing them for 5 hours strait with my glasses on. With their over-the-ear padding and soft mesh top, comfort is the name of the game.

    Last, but certainly not least, the sound quality is amazing. It’s rich and full, while never feeling overly loud or blaring. Even with the sound cranked to max while listening to In Flames (a death metal band) it never got distorted. Also, though not specifically meant for it, their noise canceling properties are quite nice (I barely heard the jet engines while watching a movie). They also keep sound IN very well (with the volume at full someone standing next to me could not hear the music)which is very nice, especially when you do not want to disturb or annoy others.

    If you’re in need of a new pair of headphones, which it seems we all are almost every year, the Plattans by UrbanEars are the way to go. At only $60, they offer style, comfort and high quality at a price we all can afford.