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  • Wider Landscape Keyboard Not One But Five!
    Well as I was cruising the AppShopper site I noticed that there was a app for a landscape keyboard.... which Apple should have included with our iPhones in the first place....

    Not only was there one app released BUT five of them in a short time and only two of them have feedback.....

    Now I am trying to decide what one I should buy... what one is the best for the money..... three of them are $1.99, one is $0.99 and the last one is $4.99

    Take a look and let me know what one your going to buy?

    1. Wide Email..... $1.99


    Write emails using the wider, landscape keyboard, which is easier and faster to type on than the vertical keyboard in Mail. Compose quick emails or long letters to distant friends while holding the phone sideways. The horizontal keyboard has wider keys that are easier to see and to hit, even for people with big thumbs. Write the email then, with one tap, transfer it to Mail to add recipients and send it.

    Also good for writing longer notes to yourself, or for jotting down part of a story, paper, or article when inspiration strikes, then emailing the text to yourself.


    Use wider, horizontal "landscape" keyboard to write emails
    Works for replying to emails from Mail, including reply all (see below)
    Turn phone to any orientation (even upside down!) and interface rotates
    Save drafts to finish later great for writing long emails to friends
    Automatically saves copies of sent emails, just in case
    Automatically saves drafts if program is interrupted, e.g. by home key

    You still must send the email through the built-in Mail program. Just tap "Send to Mail", add recipients, and send. To reply (or reply all) to emails in Mail, first choose reply from within Mail, and when the compose window comes up, quit Mail by pressing the home key. Open Wide Email and write your reply in a new draft with an empty subject line. When you tap "Send to Mail", your message will be inserted into the reply email, ready to send!

    2. Lettera...... $1.99 <------- Don't care for this one myself --------->


    Enjoy old-fashioned writing on your iPhone and iPod Touch, with this replica of an Italian modern design classic. Type on a full-sized keyboard, send your friends and co-workers beautiful, elegant notes with a touch of personality.


    - Touch-type your notes on the screen
    - Enjoy the typewriter sound effects
    - Use the iPhone accelerometer to start a new line
    - Share your notes as beautifully formatted PDF pages
    - Choose among different paper textures and colours
    - Use your notes to compose emails in Mail application
    - Choose between US and Latin keyboard

    3. Sideways...... $1.99


    Make a lot of typing errors while authoring email?

    This application is for you.

    Optimized for typing with your iPhone or iPod Touch held horizontally (landscape orientation), Sideways presents a wider keyboard, giving you extra room for increased typing speed and fewer mistakes. Tap the action button and send the text to Mail.

    - Wider keyboard for better accuracy and increased typing speed.
    - Text is saved between launches.
    - Tap Trash to delete current text.
    - Action button for sending to email or restoring default help text.

    Sideways can also be used to reply to or forward an email. Start in Mail and initiate the reply or forward. Open Sideways and type your text. Then just tap the "Send to Mail" action and the text will be inserted into the already-initiated message.

    - Multiple Pages of storage
    - Send text to Twitter (and possibly other services)

    4. TouchType....$0.99


    This application allows users to compose and reply to email messages in either portrait or landscape mode. Once typed, messages can be sent to the iPhone's Mail application for dispatch.

    5. Compose...........$4.99


    At last: compose new emails with a large keyboard in landscape mode.

    If the small size of Mail's keyboard gets you down, fire up Compose and go horizontal! Big keys and more space means you can type faster.

    Then, at the push of a button, send your newly-composed message to Mail, where you can address it and mail it wherever you need.
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    1. metaclam's Avatar
      metaclam -
      BTW, one should also consider WritingPad as an input method. Instead of typing, you trace the outline of the word on the keyboard. Works very well. Works the same way with email, no SMS. Has it's own memo storage. Free.
    1. khaoticsquirrel's Avatar
      khaoticsquirrel -
      i don't understand why apple did not release the email and text landscape from the start. that was (one of) their big things was the rotating screen, but they just kept it to safari. now when i download the new FWs, i always turn my screen in hopes that it will surprise me, but it's a no go =(
    1. f_itunes's Avatar
      f_itunes -
      Quote Originally Posted by aresinferno View Post
      I was amazed when i came across these on app shopper in netnewswire on my iphone. I saw one, then another, and then the others and they were all right after each other. WTF. Anyway, i go for looks over functionaility TBH. Alot of them seem to do exactly the same, maybe some kind of dev breakthrough maybe. I would say sideways as it looks best but i would wait for better ones first as they have all seemed to appear today, how many do you expect to see in the future?

      I'm sorry, but whenever I hear anyone actually admit they go for looks over functionality esepcially with anything technical I can't help but ROFLMAO. It's like saying "oh, it's raining out, but I'm going to where my canvas sneakers instead of my boots anyways because they look prettier." The way it looks means absolutely nothing when it comes to technology, function always and only.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      7,091 Views at this thread at this time.... this only shows Apple how much we want this on our iPhones and how they should have included it with it right from the start.....
    1. moongurl's Avatar
      moongurl -
      Quote Originally Posted by howlett15 View Post
      maybe if i knew how to make apps i would get greedy and put a price tag on them.
      I don't agree with that. I think allot of thought,time and energy goes into developing apps and these guys have to eat, I think they should charge for their hard work. I don't agree that it is greedy, they are just making a living like everyone else. Not trying to invoke anyone's anger, I am not a developer. I just support buying apps to encourage more apps.How can anyone expect quality apps if there is no incentive to build them. Saying they are greedy is like saying I am greedy for expecting a paycheck at the end of the week. I would not work if I were not getting paid, why should they? As it was said above the solution is there if someone really wishes for it. If someone wants a free solution then why don't they put the time and energy into creating one?
    1. Rip's Avatar
      Rip -
      ...and take a look at the price of Pocket PC apps over at Handango. You'll find very little for 0.99 over there. I sometimes feel embarrased at the value I get from apps that cost so little.

      Incidentally, who got FireMail while it was free? An excellent landscape mailer, better than the ones I paid for, and it includes predefined text entries.
    1. LrdBane's Avatar
      LrdBane -
      I been looking for apps that use landscape till i finaly gave up and decided to take my phone in. My keyboard does not work unless its in landscape mode. More mainly for changing to numbers. Kinda sucks but anyway i got biteSMS from the darkside of the iphone and was glad it worked. Their whole front is to use their SMS service to buy credits. But you can change the setting to Use Carrier and it will send it like a regular text. Landscape mode, Totaly free works just like the original SMS in the iPhone. But you do have to have Cydia to get it i hate to say. I looked in the App store too i just did not like what they had. No trial or anything. There were some but i just wanted basic SMS.

      And when i get my replacement iPhone I think i will still use it. It is kinda a shame we have to go "find" programs to do what we want to do but i guess if Apple was going to release it they would not allow the Apps on the AppStore since it would infringe on something apple does or in the future will do...