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  • iPhone 2.1 Does Not Play Fetch

    Have you noticed that your email doesn't seem to update when your iPhone is locked and asleep? It is not just you. It seems for a lot of users iPhone firmware 2.1 does not fetch mail while it is sleeping. This bug was probably introduced with the power saving features added in firmware 2.1 that are intended to save power - checking your email all the time takes up quite a bit of iPhone power - but with this bug apparently kill function. Will this be fixed in firmware 2.2? We can only hope.

    Note: While plugged in it should work normally. This problem seems to only occurs under battery power.

    [apple via gizmodo]
    This article was originally published in forum thread: iPhone 2.1 Does Not Play Fetch started by Cody Overcash View original post
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    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      Hmm...my yahoo pushes just fine to my iphone, locked or not
    1. ultimatexpka's Avatar
      ultimatexpka -
      my imap gmail pus just fine with my iphone when its locked
    1. qvietvs's Avatar
      qvietvs -
      Same here.

      .Mac (MobileMe) and company mail pushes well while locked, on my 2.1.
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      this is concerning fetch. not push.
    1. wizardrr's Avatar
      wizardrr -
      yup i have that same problem, it does not fetch when it's locked, maybe when ppl use the push function it works but with pop3 server it doesn't.
      when i unlock the iphone, and open mail app then it's going to start checking mail. i agree it really S...
    1. maly00's Avatar
      maly00 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ultimatexpka View Post
      my imap gmail pus just fine with my iphone when its locked
      Does gmail push as well? Do you need to install something or change settings? Because it doesn't push for me, while mobileme works just fine.
    1. dboone21's Avatar
      dboone21 -
      I have noticed this on my gmail account. Good to know I'm not just crazy, or it's not something I broke while 'playing' with it...

      2.1 jb'd 16gb
    1. tigermad's Avatar
      tigermad -
      Same on my 8gb. Doesnt always check when sleeping.
    1. aonavy's Avatar
      aonavy -
      mine works fine. no mail when i go to bed..wake up (unplugged) and Ill have a piece mail waiting for me
    1. tobypu's Avatar
      tobypu -
      I have to unlock my phone before I get my mail. I sure hope this gets fixed.
    1. VPxPrettyBoy's Avatar
      VPxPrettyBoy -
      my 16gb 3g on 2.1 fetches mail just fine while in sleep mode, battery powered. i have 4 email accounts and it fetches mail just fine from all of them during the night, wake up and see mail.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Same problem here....
    1. Christopher3712's Avatar
      Christopher3712 -
      I've been seeing this too. It annoys me because it's actually just easier to set it to fetch and know I'm getting email than to have it on Push and hope it comes in.
    1. nextgenius's Avatar
      nextgenius -
      same problem too its all over apple's support forums
    1. PRnNJsFINEST's Avatar
      PRnNJsFINEST -
      I was wondering what was going on with my iPhone.
    1. cardfelon's Avatar
      cardfelon -
      My Yahoo and Gmail accounts push mail just fine but any of my AOL accounts won't get the mail. Plus I can't use a AOL outgoing server to send email. Anybody else having this issue??
    1. idolpunk's Avatar
      idolpunk -
      not only fetch even my push doesn't come through reliably all the time
    1. Nukie's Avatar
      Nukie -
      This is for the Fetch feature. Some of you are referring to Push. And if you are saying it works on Fetch and you have email waiting in the morning....are you charging your battery overnight? As mentioned in the first post, Fetch works when your phone is charging (ie, plugged in) and locked.

      Anyhoo, yes, Fetch does not work for me when my phone is locked.
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      So download backgrounder, open mail app, enable backgrounder and see if that remedies your problem...
    1. Cocchiararo's Avatar
      Cocchiararo -
      2 guys in this thread said "gmail push"

      since when does it support push ? or was ignorance about the correct terms and nothing more ? :P

      my fetch doesnt work when sleeping either