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  • New Installer 4.0b8!

    RipDev has released the Installer 4.0b8 publically! This is the last update since the 4.0b6 which removed quite a few bugs. The reason they mention for the late release being swamped with work.

    This new version switches to libcurl from the stock Foundation URL loading classes, which means more lightweight CPU and memory footprint and, more importantly, resumable file transfers. They also mention that there will be some more bug fixes.

    Another great thing is that they have changed the functioning of the feature page. Now the featured page has featured stuff in it's true sense. I mean to say that now it displays the most popular (number of installations) packages on the featured page. Though there will be a few sponsored package too (for obvious reasons ) but they will be easily distinguishable and will be less in number (<3).

    Another improvement done is that the community sources ae updated to reflect the change in name of ModMyiF0ne (intentionally mispelled) to ModMyi. It also removes some useless and outdated sources.

    Also, now they are willing to host some packages from devs and will do everything (including scripting) themselves for your convenience for free. Just contact them.

    P.S. It's already included in the last Pwnage Tool

    [RipDev Blog]
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    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      for appstore apps u can either use the source hackmyiphone.info/installer/ or m2.iphoneall.org
    1. dr33Rocks's Avatar
      dr33Rocks -
      Quote Originally Posted by wgm214 View Post
      for appstore apps u can either use the source hackmyiphone.info/installer/ or m2.iphoneall.org
      Oh, that is why they want installer. So they can steal apps.
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      How many people have actually updated to the latest version w/o any problems??

      Might just wait for it to come out of beta and then update.
      Btw none of my winterboard mods seem to work on Installer, stock Apple theme and keyboard
    1. coachballfirm's Avatar
      coachballfirm -
      Quote Originally Posted by dr33Rocks View Post
      Oh, that is why they want installer. So they can steal apps.
      installer is wack now..even if its used for app.store games and such. i get all app store apps free anyway. i dont pay for nothing..lolol but i do donate if i like the app.free cydia and lock up installer...actually put installer in the dirt where it beongs..
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      i do not steal apps i test them, i test monkey ball and crash bandicoot, and bought crash bandicoot. try to tell me that isnt fair.
    1. ericmac017's Avatar
      ericmac017 -
      ever since i upgraded installer, i get the infinite loop when respringing.. =(
      i guess i have to stay with cydia for a while now because Im tired of restoring my iphone just to get installer.. =(
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      I got the infamous SWOD as well. I had my ssh running through iPhone Tunnel Suite in anticipation of this and fixed it in seconds.

      Yay for the red 0 badge lmao
    1. lennysweet's Avatar
      lennysweet -
      Had anyone figured out how to get rid of the red zero next to the installer icon on Springboard? I know it's supposed to show updates but why does it show zero? This happened to me a while back but it somehow went away on it's own. I must have done something to get the plain installer icon back but I have no idea what.
    1. graffb's Avatar
      graffb -
      Dosen't work my installer...

      Select one theme - install ....... and
      Unable to decode package more info at

      WHY? :S
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      my installer was weird so i deleted it anyone know where i can download and ssh it in, i think i need the beta 8 bc im on 2.1
    1. WhiskeyKarma's Avatar
      WhiskeyKarma -
      Dont know if it has anything to do with the update but as far as I know my installer.app hasnt updated since I jailbroke to 2.1 weeks ago, but for the past few days when I open installer it starts the normal update of packages and freezes and crashes and I cant do anything in installer...it used to do it once and a while and all I had to do is close installer and try again and it would work fine but now I cant even do that. ANYONE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM OR KNOW HOW TO FIX IT PLEASE HELP!
    1. Dizz's Avatar
      Dizz -
      Why are people even bothering with installer? As long as there's Cydia, You won't catch me with installer on my phone.
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      It's almost time for another update isn't it. :-)
    1. hiphonepro's Avatar
      hiphonepro -
      Now that they have updated to 4.0b9 my installer just opens and closes back crashing basicaly can someone help me I have not had the opportunity to update
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      can somone post the .app for installer
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chefanim View Post
      I opened up installer to get the update, updated it and the community sources. Then Exited installer. That was followed by a 5 minute spinning wheel, followed by a failed restart.

      Apple screen of death

      Thank god I can SSH in and get it started again.

      Thats the last straw for me and Installer
      Same thing happened to me.I had to SSH into iPhone and get it restarted! I uninstalled and am done with installer!