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  • Leopard 10.5.5 + Pwnage = error 1600?

    Anyone else tried to restore a custom firmware after updating to 10.5.5 and get error 1600?! I've tried 3 times and ended up resorting to Quickpwn.

    I have read several other people having problems so please post up your results! Thanks.

    This would potentially only apply to stock iphones... if the phone in already in an pwned state then it will continue to accept custom firmwares.

    Update: I followed tatoojack's instructions and completely deleted pwnage. Re-downloaded it... uncompressed on my desktop, then created a folder called pwnage tool in Applications. I then put pwnage, the 2.1 firmare file and both bootloaders in there. Finally created a new custom firmware and successfully DFU restored to 2.1.
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    1. richardjones101's Avatar
      richardjones101 -
      Yup, same error here, but i just made a different firmware and tried it on my macbook! and it worked!!! My mac mini failed. Both running 10.5.5 by the way!
    1. EmDoubleU's Avatar
      EmDoubleU -
      Quote Originally Posted by cjgonzales1900 View Post
      has anyone got Pwnage tool on mac to work with 2.1?
      yea, i got 2.1 to work. 2g iphone upgraded from 1.1.4. i got errors the 1600 a few times before it worked though. My screen went black and couldnt get into restore mode. I found that dfu and restore arent the same even though the steps are similar.
      dfu: with phone on, hold down home+power 10 sec, then home for 10sec.

      restoreower phone off, then hold home+phone 10 sec, then home for 10sec.

      once i got the phone in restore, restored with custom firmware 2.1 and was up and running.
    1. cjgonzales1900's Avatar
      cjgonzales1900 -
      ok cuz i tried both restore and DFU like 2 times each and they both made my iphone 2g upgraded from 2.0.2 stay stuck in boot mode then i restored to original apple 2.1 n tried to restore and DFU again and no luck so then i restored again to Apple 2.1 and used quickpwn but it wouldnt let me restore from a backup it would freeze so now im running on 2.1 quickpwn firmware thanks

      r u running Mac or Win?
    1. Macboy67's Avatar
      Macboy67 -
      Wow good thing I didnt update
    1. bluaeon's Avatar
      bluaeon -
      Quote Originally Posted by cjgonzales1900 View Post
      ok cuz i tried both restore and DFU like 2 times each and they both made my iphone 2g upgraded from 2.0.2 stay stuck in boot mode then i restored to original apple 2.1 n tried to restore and DFU again and no luck so then i restored again to Apple 2.1 and used quickpwn but it wouldnt let me restore from a backup it would freeze so now im running on 2.1 quickpwn firmware thanks

      r u running Mac or Win?
      WHAT? this does not make sense. and can you guys please use a period or a comma or something. its hard to read them without it.

      your saying that you restored to 2.1 using quickpwn but did not let you restore from backup, then your running a 2.1 quickpwn firmware? eh?
    1. cjgonzales1900's Avatar
      cjgonzales1900 -
      so which other ones must you have in order to restore from a backup?

      yes i restored in itunes with the original 2.1 software. then i used quickwn. i used pwnage too first to make a custom firmware 2.1. Then tried to restore, it went threw and when the iphone restarted it wouldnt load just stayed in boot mode.
    1. arbroathsmokie's Avatar
      arbroathsmokie -
      I've updated to Mac OS 10.5.5, and when I restore with the modded firmware I either get the error 1600, or my iphone freezes during bootup just showing the silver apple.
    1. meuk's Avatar
      meuk -
      I was getting the 1600 error prior to the leopard update until I read not to go into DFU mode - just do an option-restore in itunes and choose your custom firmware. Now on 2.1 with no problems.
    1. dennder's Avatar
      dennder -
      Ran full update on a "brand new mac" (10.5.5 + iTunes 8 + ...).
      Connected previously pwned 2.0.1 iPhone.
      Clicked on a "download only" in iTunes.
      Ran PwnageTool, made my own firmware.
      Successfully restored.
      Edit Poseidon: You were successful b/c your phone had been pwned already. This problem is for phones in a stock, non-pwned state.
    1. arbroathsmokie's Avatar
      arbroathsmokie -

      I've just used QuickPwn, and it worked a treat. PwnageTool I'm still getting the error 1600 with it.
    1. jinxen's Avatar
      jinxen -
      I had some real troubles restoring my iPhone after upgrading. But i figured it out at last. I got a previously pwned iPhone 3G, and did not work for me to restore with a custom FW directly. I got an error when unpacking the FW (error 6 ?). I tried to uninstall iTunes and then reinstall it but that did not work either. So i tried to start pwnage tool again and made a new custom fw and this time i clicked "no" and put the phone in DFU mode. Before i put it in DFU mode the phone was in "connect to itunes" from the previous faulty restore

      So after putting it in DFU mode i was able to restore sucessfully Now running 2.1, pwned.

      Edit Poseidon: Your phone was "previously pwned"... this is why it worked.
    1. SMG's Avatar
      SMG -
      Same here Quickpwn failed to boot past logo, it just kept vibrating every few minutes. Tried then got Pawnage Tool but got error 1600, so i put it into recovery mode and it worked a treat.

      Itunes 8, OSX 10.5.5, 3G Iphone.
    1. chavalozvi's Avatar
      chavalozvi -
      I was trying to pwn (with pwnagetool 2.1) a 3G yesterday BEFORE I updated to 10.5.5 and I was getting error 1600. I ended up using Quickpwn instead on the 3G.
    1. itnas's Avatar
      itnas -
      iPhone (before):
      - IPhone 2G bought in the US, unlocked and used in Switzerland since November 2006
      - Firmware 2.0.2 updated using Pwnage Tool

      - Mac Book Air running Mac OSX 10.5.5
      - iTunes 8

      - After a number of attempts on Pwnage getting the iTunes (1600) error and on QuickPwn getting a "QuickPwn doesn't support your iPhone firmware" error (???). I did the following:
      - Created own ipsw using Pwnage tool - replacing previously created 2.1 ipsw.
      - Answered NO to the question "Have your phone been Pwnaged before?"
      - Put the phone in DFU mode using this How To Put The iPhone Into DFU Mode rather than the Pwnage steps. i.e. you see the logos rather than a black screen
      - Followed all iTunes instructions/steps and it did work beautifully

      Hope it helps...

      Edit Poseidon: Your phone was previously pwned on the 2.0.2 firmware so this is why it worked.
    1. solarseed's Avatar
      solarseed -
      you guys hwo are getting the error.. have you pwned before . if so you dont put in dfu just restore with custom firmware .. that may be the problem....

      if you are new stock pwnage.. you shouldnt really have a problem..

      just dfu then custom restore.. i have 10.5.5 and dont see a problem.
    1. mroof1's Avatar
      mroof1 -
      It worked fine for me.

      first: update MBP with software update. it updated my os x to 10.5.5 and itunes to version 8.

      after that, opened itunes and made sure was on itunes 8.
      then connected my iPhone 2g previously pwned 2.0.1
      did a backup of phone before started
      opened the new pwnagetool 2.1
      had already dled fw 2.1.ipsw
      ran pwnagetool in expert mode
      ran like a charm
      took about 30-40 minutes (while I grilled and ate dinner)
      followed the osx guide for 3g and it worked just like stated
      put phone in restore (not dfu ) mode
      let itunes find it and then (which i have never done before) restored the phone from the backup that i had created before i started.
      everything is working fine. had all my text msg, recent phone calls and everything else from my backup. pretty sweet

      seems to run a little faster. apps loading faster. hadnt got to test it a whole lot
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      my phones were all stock, activated with at&t, none were pwnd. they all worked.
      i believe most people are having problems from the fact that DFU mode has changed since 1.1.4
      it is a slightly different process for 2.0+
      i let pwnage tell me what to do and it worked fine.
      make sure you use the pwnage from the devteam,
      then you dont just double click to install, you have to use unarchiver i think.
      also delete old pwnage before installing.
      DO NOT run pwnage from anywhere but your main Hard drive.
      put it in the apps folder in a folder called pwnage.
      then put the stock 2.1 restore in there with it, then the bootloader files.
      start pwnage. follow all steps.
      open itunes 8, option click restore and pick your custom (that you save to the pwnage folder in apps)

      whats so hard?

      for the people talkin bout customize.
      how can you even compare stupid winterboard to customize???
      but if customize is only good for editting strings, then screw it. i will wait
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Based on my own personal experience and the multiple reports of the same issue I don't think it's a simple DFU thing tattoojack. It seems like you are the special case that is having success and almost all others that avoided the issue were previously pwned. I am very happy you are not having issues like many other members.


      I will attempt to uninstall all traced of pwnage this evening and follow you file placement method with the bootloaders and firmwares... etc. Thanks for the tip. Anyone else wanna try this?
    1. artbran's Avatar
      artbran -
      Everything worked great here...
    1. blazinbeckham's Avatar
      blazinbeckham -
      I had same problem. Once it is recognized in iTunes but stuck on boot logo, uncheck all applications. Sync then reboot device. Now it should boot all the way and you can sync your apps. Remember to switch mobilesync to the one for 2.1