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  • Leopard 10.5.5 + Pwnage = error 1600?

    Anyone else tried to restore a custom firmware after updating to 10.5.5 and get error 1600?! I've tried 3 times and ended up resorting to Quickpwn.

    I have read several other people having problems so please post up your results! Thanks.

    This would potentially only apply to stock iphones... if the phone in already in an pwned state then it will continue to accept custom firmwares.

    Update: I followed tatoojack's instructions and completely deleted pwnage. Re-downloaded it... uncompressed on my desktop, then created a folder called pwnage tool in Applications. I then put pwnage, the 2.1 firmare file and both bootloaders in there. Finally created a new custom firmware and successfully DFU restored to 2.1.
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    1. Conundrum's Avatar
      Conundrum -
      Just did mine...worked fine. Used a Macbook Pro that I recently did a archive and reinstall of 10.5 then updated to 10.5.4 + itunes 8 followed by the 10.5.5 update the next day. Was also my first time running pwnage 2.1 on it.
    1. x999x's Avatar
      x999x -
      I just did a fresh 3G iphone that has never been pwnd. It worked on the first try once I got into DFU mode through Pwnage.

      OSX 10.5.5 + iTunes 8

      Interestingly, my own previously pwned 3G iphone wouldn't restore from DFU, I had to be in recovery mode (connect to itunes image) for it to work.
    1. KergeKacsa's Avatar
      KergeKacsa -

      I've read all the topic, and i undersand it. But, i got some problem: I got only Vista.

      If I understand correctly, tha only difference is the maker of the firmware file. (QuickPwn on Vista)
      Could be happen that i upgrade my iphone with a downloaded firmware (make under Mac?)
      It yes, could u give me a link for it?
      If not, do you have any idea to do this under win?

      Thx a lot!
    1. david.romhan's Avatar
      david.romhan -
      Cheers for TATTOJACK, i was checking up every solution until I found this.

    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      What are the real benefits of upgrading??? The listed fixes are so so... Alright, I'm hating. I have been trying to get 10.5.5 working on my Hackintosh and it has proven to be quite the undertaking ;-(
    1. Tinman215's Avatar
      Tinman215 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Heelfan71 View Post
      Had the same problem. Ended up that I was not in DFU mode, but restore mode. When going into DFU mode, Don't release the top button until the boot logo shows up. Otherwise, the screen will go blank and will appear you are in DFU mode, but you are really in Restore mode. Once I figured this out, mine installed fine. Kept getting the same error and drove me nuts
      I was in the same boat. I followed this exactly and it worked perfectly. Thanks