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  • MMS on iPhone - via AppStore
    UPDATE: Its mostly crap. Read my edit at bottom of thread.

    Juice Wireless, Inc, has just released Flutter (iTunes AppStore Link), an AppStore app which (kinda) allows you to send MMS from your iPhone.

    The app is definitely still in a beta format, with a bunch of supposed limitations (can only send to folks in your contact book - can't just tap in a number, can't receive MMS, location support is buggy - far off usually, and not everyone seems to be receiving the MMS's), but its up.

    However, either the app is a joke, or their servers are much more overloaded than they thought would happen - I have yet to even get the confirmation sms, much less be able to test the app, and its been hours. I will update this post with a more involved review when (if?) it comes through.

    How bout you guys? Anyone able to get this working?

    Notable - as of this writing, the app isn't in the AppStore on the iPhone, only via the link I posted.

    EDIT: Alright, I was finally able to get my SMS password sent to me after pressing resend a dozen times (after which I got it a half dozen times, ha). I sent an "MMS" to my T-Mobile phone, and received it less than a minute later.

    All it was, though, was a message saying "You've received an iPhone picture message" and a "click here to view it." The link directs to a mobile page in the receiving phone's browser (assuming, of course, they even have a browser, and internet on their phone), which loads the image. Lame. Even that didn't work though - it told me I was an unauthorized viewer and that "this JuiceCast is unavailable."

    Save your time, don't download this.
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    1. JazJon's Avatar
      JazJon -
      I just got this email:

      Hello Folks:

      I'm Lex and I lead the Flutter app team here at JuiceCaster. First of all, a big thank you for downloading the app! We hope you enjoy Flutter. Some of you may have experienced 'issues' with Flutter over the weekend. We are very sorry this happened. I want to explain what we've done about these issues:

      1. The website for Flutter, the FAQs and support links are now up and running at: Flutter - iPhone Picture Messaging by JuiceCaster

      2. If you are in North America and did not get your password, we were having a problem with our SMS provider. Everything's fixed now. On your iPhone, launch Flutter and try the "Resend Password" option. This should do the trick.

      3. If you are outside North America (in EU, Australia, Asia, etc.) and you didn't get your password, please remember to sign up with international dial code e.g. +44. Once you do that, please try the "Resend Password" trick.

      4. Some of you have commented on the thumbnail picture quality on the receiving phone. This one is tough because we have to optimize for hundreds of different phone makes and models. We are working on some ideas to improve this. Stay tuned.

      5. Some of you have said that the location information is sometimes a bit off. We have noticed this as well and are working on it now.

      6. Flutter doesn't send 'true MMS'? There was a fair bit of confusion around this and the early reviews reflect this. Here's why we think our way of sending picture messages is better (tell us if you disagree!): flutter: iPhone MMS ... kind of

      We're cranking away on these things. In the meantime, enjoy Flutter 1.0. Your input really counts. We are using it to make Flutter version 1.1 now.


      The Flutter Team

      At least they are trying to improve it right away so that's good
    1. TJ-Shocker's Avatar
      TJ-Shocker -
      Yeah. I got the text and the email today.

      I read thru it and total BS. Trying to play it off as some minor problem. IMO, not sending the text the weekend of release for people to use it...MAJOR PROBLEM. Ok I did unlock my phone so granted it running on tmobile might have complicated things, but no mention of that.

      My guess, they didn't have enough in their checking account for the "pay as you go" texting bill.

      The way they are now describing it, they should not have used the term "MMS" anyway.

      I'll pay $20 when Swirly comes out. I've used them before and can't wait until they release their updated app.
    1. JazJon's Avatar
      JazJon -

      Looks like my problem is I have contacts that have pause commands in them.

      Also looks like adding contacts by entering names was supposed to be in the original release but was removed. (should be in 1.1)

      Why would they release something that is not ready for prime time? Look at all the bad press they generated for themselves out the gate.
    1. icyurah8r's Avatar
      icyurah8r -
      That sux....i've been enjoying my SwirlyMMS on AT&T w/the 1.1.4 jailbreak for months now and loving it! Never have any problems sending or receiving, and i just recently found out it can also receive short mms video clips and pictures w/music attachments!
      Until this app along with iSMS (msg forwarding capable) get ported over to 2.0, i'm sticking with my old school
    1. dibxna's Avatar
      dibxna -
      this app worked just fine for me. sent the picture to myself... received... and link opened and showed my picture just fine. location that it sent was about 2 blocks off... but oh well... looks like it has potential... they just need to work on a few additional features and iron out some server kinks maybe