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  • Iphone Firmware 2.1 - Grab it While It's Hot

    The iPhone 2.1 software update contains many bug fixes and improvements. To get it, connect your iPhone to your computer using iTunes 8 and click Check for Update.

    Update includes:

    Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls
    Significantly better battery life for most users
    Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
    Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
    Faster installation of 3rd party applications
    Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications
    Improved performance in text messaging
    Faster loading and searching of contacts
    Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
    Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
    Option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
    Genius playlist creation

    You can find the update in itunes and we'll have it here shortly: (Thanks to Raxxal for the links)

    Here you can get the new updates:

    For 3G Iphone

    For 2G Iphone

    MMI Note: If you have a jailbroken phone or if your phone is unlocked.....DO NOT UPDATE....until we get word from the Devs
    *First generation users - if you upgrade in iTunes you will lose your jailbreak, but retain your unlock/activation due to the baseband not changing. If you restore, you will lose your jailbreak AND activation but remain unlocked.

    Note to 3G Users - If you upgrade in iTunes to 2.1 and have intelliscreen installed (or other programs that modify your com.apple.springboard.plist you WILL get the Spinning Wheel of Death after you upgrade and have to restore.

    Quickpwn/Winpwn/Pwnage DO NOT WORK on this new firmware yet.

    Thanks to Reeko for posting it in the Iphone Talk Section
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    1. numps's Avatar
      numps -
      10 10 10 shabam!
    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      i'm downloading as we speak
    1. raxxal's Avatar
      raxxal -
      My jailbroken phone is not recognized by Itunes, I am downloading the image file now, and will perform a restore on the phone after placing it in DFU mode.

      There you have it. Version 2.1!
    1. b3ta's Avatar
      b3ta -
      wondering what the genius option on the phone will look like and how good it works...
    1. Imahottguy's Avatar
      Imahottguy -
      Def D/L'd this bit. Hopefully cmw can work his magic soon
    1. Mozzy's Avatar
      Mozzy -
      Is The New 3G Firmware Called ..
    1. marc180292's Avatar
      marc180292 -
      another challenge for the devs awaits...
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -

      a little screenie i have found

      edit: (which just lists everything that has been said already!)
    1. Rustynuts's Avatar
      Rustynuts -
      Downloading as we speak, gonna take ages works internet sucks.
    1. Maximo_V's Avatar
      Maximo_V -
      Does your iPhone stay activated if it has been previously Pwned?

      Don't care about the jailbreak, I can wait for that, just want to know if I can update to 2.1 and still use it afterwards...
    1. ahreckon's Avatar
      ahreckon -
      is anyone running this on a 3G yet? I don't want to un-jailbreak just yet, I'm having too much fun with it.... although if the firmware does what it says it does, and that "DRAMATICALLY" then I may have to update.... well not until the devs say its ok ;-)
    1. Candyman850's Avatar
      Candyman850 -
      they have a new edge icon too. Seems to be working ok so far
    1. psw29uk's Avatar
      psw29uk -

      Not sure if this will help, but I have a 2g iPhone which was Pwnage'd on 2.0.2 and have just updated the phone through iTunes 8. It has lost the jailbreak (installer and cydia have gone) but it has kept the unlock and didn't ask to be activated. It seems to be working really well and apps are opening faster, scrolling better and I am really pleased!

      If you try it, good luck and enjoy!

    1. wilkcards's Avatar
      wilkcards -
      updated a jailbroken phone...of course cydia, installer, and all those apps are gone, but some of the hacks remained like the numbered battery life, and custom carrier name. Seems to be working fine so far...

      btw, it's 3G
    1. Maximo_V's Avatar
      Maximo_V -
      THX Paul! that was exactly what I needed to know!
    1. raxxal's Avatar
      raxxal -
      Here you can get the new updates:

      For 3G Iphone

      For 2G Iphone
    1. questioncom's Avatar
      questioncom -
      hmm they released different firmwares for the 2g and 3g?
    1. phantomo's Avatar
      phantomo -
      Thanks psw29uk, I also have the 2g iPhone which I just want to update to 2.1 now. I just need it to be activated and unlocked because I am using it outside the US. Don't really need to jailbreak it yet. Your experience certainly helped me to make the decision. I will wait for a few more report before making the move.
    1. psw29uk's Avatar
      psw29uk -
      No problem Maximo,

      Just a bit of additional reassurance, I've updated my Mum's iPhone as well and it has also updated successfully. It was Pwnage'd using the same image and has updated with the same result with no hiccups - so it looks safe!


      Hope this helps you as well phantomo!
    1. wilkcards's Avatar
      wilkcards -
      anyone figured out genius playlist creation?