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  • Firmware 2.1 Announced - To be Released this Friday
    10:49AM "This is a big update, it fixes lots of bugs. Fewer dropped calls, big battery life improvements. No crashes with Apps. Backing up is faster." Nice.

    Couple more days to find out just how much they fixed (or broke) the firmware.
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      EDIT: ^^ Beat me to it.

      @Mod: Delete this post
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      Quote Originally Posted by matt.superman View Post
      Actually i dont mind the lack of MMS support i would just wish that i could go to the at&t website and assign my number to my email then when someone sends me a MMS bam its in my email. that way i get to use my email and not have to worry about remembering the damn code to see the pic.
      Now that's a useful suggestion. The only reason I miss MMS is that I have to login to the o2 website to see them. If I could have them straight into my e-mail that would be better for everyone involved.
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      Any release time yet on 2.1???
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      Quote Originally Posted by iancdp View Post
      Mms can be a thing of the past but what about sending video messages that wouldn't be possible through email right?
      Why couldn't you send a vid in an email? As long as it conforms to the size requirements of the email provider it should be possible.

      Quote Originally Posted by okitsugu View Post
      anyone see 2.1 live yet, im waiting up late for this! haha touch has shown so much performance jump its really appealing
      Performance as in?

      It looks like they just got stuff we already have.
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      I am getting antsy in the pantsy where is my 2.1? I am even willing to live with a non-jailbroken iphone just to hear if there are actually any new features, or even if they make the thing JUST WORK that would be nice

      Background push will be godly though. If they can really increase my battery life on my 3g to the point where i can actually turn on 3g ever and not have a dead phone in 6 hours...that would be nice.
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      Quote Originally Posted by reeko View Post
      i hope by basic functionality you dont mean the ability to send/recieve files?

      in apples world everyone that owns an iphone buys all of their music on itunes. "in apples world"

      so ... in theory, imagine the loss of itunes sales if they incorporated this.

      it will NEVER happen.

      as for bluetooth audio, still a mystery...
      Ya i was talking about sending and receiving files. I dont really send/receive music files via bluetooth, but I would prefer if i at least could recieve pictures, documents etc. Then there's also Bluetooth Edge/3G modem functionality. Thank god somebody is working on an Iphone tunnel suite which will allow this
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      Quote Originally Posted by asta-roth View Post

      What's with this dragging forward? You treat people like some friggin pets. Replace the technology aspect with ideology and you have dictatorship.

      Do you really trying to say that you know data plans of every carrier in the world that currently sell iPhones? Then again, I will honestly tell you that e-mail is NOT always free and often is MORE expensive then MMS.

      And more topic-related: any word on the firmware yet?
      honestly, go into your local phone shop - you will find more phones with e-mail support than phones without.

      also, people with sericcsons and nokias have no need for e-mail, because the carrier offers MMS etc. how much simpler and better would it be if everyone uses e-mail?

      also, i am not 100% sure on this, but dont you need some sort of GPRS/EDGE or 3G connection to send an MMS? so the charge you are paying to send MMS is based on the data usage to send the message + carrier charge for sending it in their format? whereas, if (like with my countries iphone tariff) you have unlimited internet, you can send/recieve multimedia messages all day long for a grand total of 0.00, and they can be any size you wish, and they get synced to your online e-mail account so getting them on your mac/pc if you wish is seamless, and no quality is lost?

      this is what apple wants, and its what apple wants to change. before the iphone, look at the phones we had. look at the phones that are coming out now, xperia x1, htc android phone etc. iphone has revolutionized the mobile phone, im sure they can revolutionize the way we send multimedia mesages.

      i understand its dependant on the carrier, but i cant see google pushing MMS as far with android as they would do e-mail? so the 2 brightest prospects for the future: iphone os x and android, both pushing e-mail.

      best advice is to embrace e-mail and next time someone says, "you can't recieve MMS? lol" (we have all had it), just say "OMG you haven't set e-mail up with your phone yet? lol"

      as for the firmware, it is worthless to me until the dev-team pwn itunes 8 and firmware 2.1 half of me hopes it sucks, half hopes its amazing.

      Quote Originally Posted by Imahottguy View Post

      Oh yeah, my $0.02 about MMS: It's time for a change in the way we get those messages. Carriers want to keep the service around because they get paid for every message sent and recieved/retrieved. With E-Mail, I'm sure that they could charge the same, but there would probably be a huge backlash, considering how E-Mail has been free forever.

      This is what happens though with technology. A company will drop support for 'tried and true feature' in favor of newer tech. There will then be a group of whiners who can't live without said old featuer. Eventually, they stop ******** when they realize that their tech is not going to be supported no matter how much they whine and that it is outdated, retarded and completely useless (I kid, I kid!)
      couldn't have put it better!
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      the update is a live

      ive just finished downloading mine, so everyone can cripple the servers now kthx
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      Quote Originally Posted by mod_monkey View Post
      Release the devs on it!
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      downloading right now i hope i dont need itunes 8 to install it....also im without internet right now can i install it without conected on the net i have att..? im using the my iphone to connect to the net so yeah thats how im downloading it..
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      Quote Originally Posted by mod_monkey View Post
      Downloaded almost instantly because I'm on the work internet connection. Your timing is perfect, takes about 45 minutes at home.

      Thank you.
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      this is what is says for improvments

      • decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
      • significantly improved battery life for most users
      • dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
      • improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
      • faster installation of 3rd party applications
      • fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes if you have lots of 3rd party applications
      • improved performance in text messaging
      • faster loading and searching of contacts
      • improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
      • repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
      • option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
      • Genius playlist creation
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      Quote Originally Posted by mod_monkey View Post
      Good job, sir.
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      Wicked just saw the update on iTunes as well. Downloaded before millions flood the server.
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      3G Link

      The other was for the original.
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      sounds good, now let's wait for it to pawned
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      XX Double tap. My bad. XX
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      Quote Originally Posted by aayman_farzand View Post
      sounds good, now let's wait for it to pawned
      Pawned? Really? so you're going to a pawn shop and getting rid of your phone? God I get so tired of reading "pawn" when it's "pwn".