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  • Firmware 2.1 Announced - To be Released this Friday
    10:49AM "This is a big update, it fixes lots of bugs. Fewer dropped calls, big battery life improvements. No crashes with Apps. Backing up is faster." Nice.

    Couple more days to find out just how much they fixed (or broke) the firmware.
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    1. cellio527's Avatar
      cellio527 -
      ok first Iphone from WM 6.1 HTC. I'm reading up and resisting the firmware upgrade, but how do you keep all the cydia and downloader stuff? I want to check out the upgrade, but I don't want to lose all the programs and themes. What's the best way?
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      Quote Originally Posted by CademiaX View Post
      lol.. right, it sounds like POWNED - pwnd

      not pawned, not pooned or anything else.. sounds like OWNED with a P at the beginning
      What gets me is that the hacking community embraced some twits spelling mistake and made it a canon word. But I guess if a SkiDog becomes a Skidoo and no one questions it, anything is possible. And the most interesting part is this guy is being flamed for spelling correctly.
    1. Terrill's Avatar
      Terrill -
      copy n paste would be kinda nice haha
    1. liton's Avatar
      liton -
      I have restore my 1st Gen iPhone to 2.1 and noticed some problems are as below. I am not sure if others are also having same kind as me or not.

      1. Safari crush very often.
      2. Battery life as not good as 2.0.1 (In this version should be better but not with me)
      3. Hang sometime without any reason during incoming call.

      Can anybody help or guide on this situation ?