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  • Spore Origins Released [AppStore]

    Spore Origins, the much anticipated game by EA, which had been announced previously but wasn't released on the mentioned Sept 7th release date, is now available via iTunes!

    Its still not showing the app in AppStore, but if you use the above link it will open in iTunes and let you purchase it from there - then just sync to your iPhone!

    I will update ASAP with a more full review.

    Thanks jwcrash for the tip.

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    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
    1. r1994augusto's Avatar
      r1994augusto -
      yeah cool!
    1. DiPSET08's Avatar
      DiPSET08 -
      Nice, now I just need a video to see how this game is played since this is my first time hearing about it. Thanks for the news.

      Btw it's nice to see it's only $9.99, not too bad. Hopefully NFS is the same.
    1. jwcrash's Avatar
      jwcrash -
      Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
      Thanks jwcrash for the tip.
      Always glad to contribute more than just my sunny disposition!
    1. gavjs's Avatar
      gavjs -
      The item you've requested is not currently available in the UK store !

      Guess we'll need to wait a little longer !
    1. starfreak's Avatar
      starfreak -
      Anyone have cracked .ipa yet?

      Edit:got the .ipa and strange that it barely uses battery as a i played for an hour and about nothing gone _themonkeysball dot com for cracked .ipa
    1. CD65's Avatar
      CD65 -
      Not available in the Swedish Appstore either.....I absolutely hate it that Apple can't makes everything available to everyone at the same time. oh well, I have been playing the full Spore at home so it's no great loss not to play a watered down version on my iPhone.
    1. sickchris714's Avatar
      sickchris714 -
      nice i have been waiting for this to come out
    1. 461am's Avatar
      461am -
      The only way I've been able to get the game ala appstore is through the itunes link given here, otherwise it still refuses to show up on a search for spore, or even one for electronic arts, same thing happened for simplify media when it came out.
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      Meh, Spore doesn't look like it's fairing so well.

      Gamers fight back against lackluster Spore gameplay, bad DRM
    1. Mareshalu's Avatar
      Mareshalu -
      I just finished the full pc version in about 2 days.
    1. Jgamble317's Avatar
      Jgamble317 -
      thats awsome!
    1. Sullivan0930's Avatar
      Sullivan0930 -
      hmm. ill have to wait on more reviews. i have no idea what the game is about.
    1. popmanbx's Avatar
      popmanbx -
      Hope it's good, i couldn't wait. Probably should have though
    1. iPhaeto's Avatar
      iPhaeto -
      I have not seen this before, but you can use that link on your iphone itself to download it if you are not near your Itunes computer...you will need WIFI but it is something that may help...shrug...

    1. 461am's Avatar
      461am -
      Game seems very average. First impression though, my thoughts may change.
    1. Conn18's Avatar
      Conn18 -
      it's been cracked already, twice./
      Go to iProx (Google it) And it isn't too hard to find.
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      I just clicked the link from my iPhone and I can see the icon for spore but a message pops up saying that the requested item is not available. Hmmm weird...
    1. KeviN | NiveK's Avatar
      KeviN | NiveK -
      This is what probably is going to happen in a matter of a day or two..


      Matter of Minutes/Hours .. apparently Iprox (source is Conn18) has it lmao
    1. Jasper44's Avatar
      Jasper44 -
      It's not showing up in itunes because EA is dumb. They added the trademark symbol to the end of Spore so you have to search sporetm for itunes to find it.