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  • Iphone 3G 09/07/08 at Bestbuy
    We mentioned it before but now it seems Bestbuy has started advertising it. Head on over to Bestbuy.com for details

    Apple iPhone 3G - BestBuy
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    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      Quote Originally Posted by ArsenicIce View Post
      I work at the Best Buy in Mesquite, TX as a Mobile Consultant... some of the stuff you guys are stating is invalid...
      Just like AT&T, Best Buy will not offer insurance on the iPhone...
      Ah, i apologize, I assumed best buy had policies on all products in the store.
    1. grogargh's Avatar
      grogargh -
      Quote Originally Posted by WillyDavidK View Post
      Ah, i apologize, I assumed best buy had policies on all products in the store.
      You are correct - what everyone else (including the "BB Dude") missed is that BB IS pushing the $15 (per month!) service plan - I just got an iPhone 3G at BB this morning and I have NEVER had such a hard sell to sign up for that rip-off $15 plan. I had not one person, not two, but THREE people from BB try to sell it to me - the original BB salesperson, the BB Mobile Dept Manager, and finally the cashier. Crazy.

      No each time, and the BB Manager even tried to argue with me that my Amex Platinum protection plan would NOT cover my IPhone damage. How the heck would he know?

      The plain truth is that $15 a month is a rip-off. 6 months of paying that and you could have bought a whole new iPhone 3G-8gb. Not worth it. Bring it down to $5.month like it used to be and maybe you might get people to go for it, but not at that price.

      A moderate hard sell was for the accessories - they try to get you to buy these "packages" which include a bluetooth headset (some of which are at a ridiculous $80) plus screen protectors, protective shells, car chargers, etc etc.