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  • Unhappy iPhone 3g User Suing Apple
    As we have previously reported the iPhone 3g has had some issues with reception. Now at least one unhappy customer is suing Apple. Jessica Alena Smith filed a federal suit against Apple on Tuesday.

    Basically the lawsuit says that despite the 3g iPhone marketing by Apple claiming that the iPhone 3g is "twice as fast for half the price," the iPhone is in fact much slower than advertised and drops a lot of calls.

    Jessica's attorney Jonathan Kudulis made the statement that “Apple sold these devices on the promise that they were twice as fast as the pre-existing phones and that they would function suitably, or properly, on the 3G network. But, thus far, Apple and the phone have failed to deliver on this promise.”

    The complaint hasn't officially been served to Apple yet since it was filed yesterday. If everything goes according to Smith's plans this will be a class-action suit against Apple.

    [via abc news]
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    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Good luck to that girl!!!!
      I hope she can break even after attorney fee.
    1. JCip's Avatar
      JCip -
      I have had very good coverage with my first generation iphone. But I also have it unlocked with T-mobile. AT&T and I (as well as Apple) have had a number of run ins. It is difficult to beat the giants but try anyway. I had many years of threats by Apple to sue me because I wrote unauthorized software for their machines. I never was sued and I kept writting. I also took AT&T's MaBell to court and one a judgement against them. Too bad it wasn't a class action case.
    1. mbaharvard's Avatar
      mbaharvard -
      Yesss! Let's just sue each other for EVERY tiny breach - OH, I walked into a door, THAT DOOR SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE! I'M SUING SOMEBODY! People, get a life! The responsibilities in our lives are OURS. We can choose to be informed or choose to be stupid, make an uninformed mistake, and hope an attorney can get us a million dollars! I was hit head-on by an 18 year old kid on his birthday - fortunately, my passenger and I survived (it was a BMW) but I only wanted my hospital bills taken care of and my car replaced. My attorney tried to get me to go to various doctors to pad the settlement - you know, there was much more wrong with me than I knew! - Well 8 years later, I'm doing fine, I have no guilt about deception, and my attorney only made about $3K, and I would not have even called him if he weren't a friend (we no longer talk).
      Shakespeare said "First thing we do is kill all the lawyers!"
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      Check this site out....... www.fixmy3giphone.com
    1. J_Marley's Avatar
      J_Marley -
      Ok guys, looking over most of this, it quite apparent that we all consider there to be issues with our devices of one kind or another. Now I agree, Apple NORMALLY is known for better quality products, but certainly over the years some have fallen short. The G4 Cube was an extremely poor design, but Apple just realized the mistake and moved on.

      Lawsuits aren't necessarily the best course of action. Here's a thought though: if Apple is trying to create a way to fix the problem through software for a hardware issue, then this would be considered a manufacturer defect, would it not? Most companies have a policy that accepts returns or exchanges on manufacturer defects up to a certain period of time. Does Apple have any plans on replacing this chipset in the newer manufactured phones?
    1. mbaharvard's Avatar
      mbaharvard -
      OK, Let's say I had a GREAT product I wanted to market! I give EVERYONE a 30 day money-back guarantee. If they all keep it after 30 days - OK. If not - my product would go away and I would be broke even though my marketing was awesome! America is no longer self-sufficient, we have come to rely on our own stupidity and the potential to get rich from it - not like the days of building your own company with 15 hour days and hard work! Yes, I own my own company, and work very hard! BUT - I could have a cushy life if I sued someone.............................IDIOTS!
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Good luck crack pot! Since when do companies or products ever deliver what they claim to?
    1. mbaharvard's Avatar
      mbaharvard -
      Quote: "Good luck crack pot! Since when do companies or products ever deliver what they claim to?" End Quote

      Only the ones still in business and I'm sorry for your disillusionment with corporate America or even the regular business man down the street. Start your own business and strive to offer what you promise and quitcherbitchen'!
    1. HaddonFisher's Avatar
      HaddonFisher -
      Despite what it actually gets in the real word, the iPhone 3G has the *capability* to get speeds twice as fast as the previous model. This means even if the 3G only connects between 3 and 3:15am on Tuesdays that are also full moons, they still possess the ability to connect at those speeds. I'll be the first to admit that 3G coverage isn't everywhere but they didn't promise anything more. If you think that this is something new, check the box of your wireless router and then try to remember the last time you downloaded something at 54Mbps; I'll give you a hint, you never have.

      Whenever you buy the first model of anything, you should be prepared to accept some hiccups and bugs, and a company like Apple will either come through and fix their mistake or have to face the fact that they just alienated all those millions they were so happy about a month ago. Frivolous lawsuits based on nothing more than someone with more money than brains isn't the way to force change.

      If you don't get full 3G bars wherever you are all the time and that's a showstopper for you, then return the phone, and put your $200 or $300 and get a thoroughly tested 3G phone with a nice shiny wide touchscreen and 16Gb of space...oh wait...
    1. Greenkirby21's Avatar
      Greenkirby21 -
      i'm happy i decided to wait for the 3g. I love my 4 gig edge iphone at the moment. Just wait untill june/july next year, the iphone 4g will have crappy 4g signal, but amazing 3g signal.

      who am i kidding, we aren't getting 4g for a longggg time. However, i knew it was good to wait , hopefully the next iphone will have a stronger chip
    1. collinownsyou's Avatar
      collinownsyou -
      lol technically its not half the price, only one of them is. 200 is half of 400, but 300 is not half of 500!
    1. Ravenus's Avatar
      Ravenus -
      Actually, those of you who say it's the coverage are wrong. Apple has in fact stated that the 3G phones are having troubles connecting to the 3G network as intended and they are supposedly working to correct this. In the meantime, they are still advertising that it is twice as fast etcetra, which it is not, because I don't even bother turning the 3G on anymore cuz it's ****. I seriously should have stuck with the first gen. The 3G sucks and no real GPS apps!!! What's the point? Her case is very legitimate and I hope it does goes class action because I want my money back or at least a working 3G phone for free. I shouldn't have to wait and pay these bills while they "fix it"!!!
    1. aglitch's Avatar
      aglitch -
      Quote Originally Posted by maadhick View Post
      God bless America and the frivolous lawsuites! I'm pretty sure this will go nowhere. Apple's reply will probably consist of finger pointing to your carrier (AT&T in the US).
      That's to be expected of apple, but they're still to blame because the 3G is much slower than the 1st gen iphones. especially the SMS app. Maybe this girl should sue apple to make the iphone better instead of being greedy... (like add mms and video! lol)
    1. MickMog's Avatar
      MickMog -
      This'll teach apple for putting pay as you go schemes back so long ;-)
      i was gonna buy an original iphone but no pay as you go meant no trusting their contract so i went without.....now the NEW and IMPROVED iphone is out its been put back 6 months and its more like a spy phone.
    1. Taniban's Avatar
      Taniban -
      I wish her luck, but she wont win. Apple is too big.
    1. E-Dragon's Avatar
      E-Dragon -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      I wish her luck, but she wont win. Apple is too big.
      LOL! Even if she did all that would happen is the law firm would get millions and the ppl in the suit would get a $10.00 coupon. That’s pretty much all that comes out of a “class action” suit
    1. grimlock1's Avatar
      grimlock1 -
      Where do I sign I cannot tell you how much I spent to get this not so super not so fast 3G Iphone
    1. riku98523's Avatar
      riku98523 -
      Quote Originally Posted by clue View Post
      Apple is just going to say it's AT&T Coverage is poor
      Apple already said that the new iPhone had problems with this issue so they can't put it off on AT&T when they are currently trying to fix the issue with software.
    1. replicat0r's Avatar
      replicat0r -
      shes not gonna win because apple is gonna point fingers at the carrier. then the carrier is gonna point fingers at the hardware.

      pretty much like the case with gettin a refund from the app store

      apple pointed finger to the app maker(nullsoft)

      nullsofter in return pointed finger back to app store for hostin thier app

    1. vngsinha's Avatar
      vngsinha -
      Does it really matter whose fault it is that the iphone 3g sucks in some places? At all? If shes not satisfied and wants a class-action, let her do it! then we can all pretend to have the same problem and get in on the money. So all of you jealous iPhone 1st gen owners stop complaining and let us have our free money.