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  • Dock: Now for 2.0!
    Dock, one of my favorite application launching programs on the iPhone, has been ported to the 2.0 firmware by Nate Tru. One of the best things about Dock is that is it available in any application. By simply swiping your finger along the bottom of your screen will activate Dock. But now, it's back with an entirely new look.

    Now when you open Dock, you will get 5 different categories: Media, Phone, Uncategorized, Utilities, and Work. Most applications by default are in Uncategorized, but default applications are categorized. You can move around applications in the "Dock Prefs" application.

    One new feature I do love, is the ability to call any of my contacts with the "Speed Dial" switch turned on in Dock Prefs. Speed Dial will show up next to Uncategorized and you can call any of your contacts.

    Overall, really great update, and a welcome addition to my iPhone.
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    1. coolaznjacky's Avatar
      coolaznjacky -
      o yes i have sensed some problems with the dock. when you install dock and you have restrictions on, you cant get into the restrictions settings, because you cant press some of the keys. try to unlock the restrictions and press numer 5, it jumps you straight to the auto-lock function settings. weird huh?!?!
    1. spyboy_1's Avatar
      spyboy_1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kmitch View Post
      Nate just announced he has updated the app to 3.1 should be up on cydia in a few hours or so.

      - "Sunburst" modes have configurable flat menus on the left and right
      - Sees apps hidden by Poof
      - (Hidden) category isn't shown in Dock
      - Performance enhancements with large categories
      - Refuses to work on top of Settings (interfered with Wifi password entry otherwise)

      If you're impatient, paste this into a root SSH terminal on your iPhone to install:
      apt-get install wget; cd /tmp; wget http://devices.natetrue.com/Dock-3.1.tgz; cd /; tar -xvzf /tmp/Dock-3.1.tgz; killall SpringBoard

      hmm interestin... i wonder how u found all those codes n sources for the app.. I'll definately try it since i dont c the update in cydia yet

      Edit: I can confirm it; big performance enhancement. One thing that had me worried tho was that when i over-wrote the files inside the .app folder n closed the ssh session none of the apps worked. they all "crashed" so i just rebooted n everythin was workin perfect. IF anybody experiences that then u dont have nothin to worry about.
    1. nauticasd2's Avatar
      nauticasd2 -
      Anyone else have this problem with speed dial. I have it turned on, rebooted. But the actual speed dial never comes up when im using dock. This happened with 3.01 and the new 3.1 any suggestions?
    1. elay12's Avatar
      elay12 -
      I love the update. Thanks Nate. And thanks again for adding left and right sunburst and fixing the hidden app issue.
    1. equlizer's Avatar
      equlizer -
      Anyone else have good luck with this program? I want to install but dont want problems
    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      Seems to be working well, Im pleased with it, however a reboot didnt get rid of the yellow line, which isnt so bad, you can barely see it...
      It doesnt scroll smooth as say your contacts or text windows, but its pretty smooth and efficient.
      Grade: A

      Here's a screen shot, of the yellow line. It doesnt really bother me as you can see its barely noticeable. I kinda like having it as a reminder until this app becomes a habit.

      <<--- Under the Dock.
    1. dbabbs's Avatar
      dbabbs -
      I personally like older version
    1. kyrobo88's Avatar
      kyrobo88 -
      FYI. for those who hid their apps using poof, including poof, if you go to settings and Reset All settings, it brings back all the apps.
    1. y0haan's Avatar
      y0haan -
      This is a nifty app but I only use the speed-dail. Looks really cool if you have pixs for your contacts. The show line glow on the Dock brings my icons on the Dock to life - very cool I must say.
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      old version pwns the new
    1. midknight's Avatar
      midknight -
      does anyone know which directory the Dock icons are in? the icons used for the categories of Dock.
    1. fallzboater's Avatar
      fallzboater -
      Quote Originally Posted by Muggz5 View Post
      I'm a bit of a noob, where'd you get the alternate icons?

      I'm using Dock and Dock Prefs, and have figured out how to add new catagories, and sort my apps into them, and remove categories by renaming them. I'm using a case and have difficulty getting to the cats or apps on the edges, which I'm hoping will be better if I just have maybe five or so cats (have ten, now), and my most-used apps. The icons also get awfully small.

      Is it possible to change the order of the cats or apps within each cat? Change icons for the cats?

      Can I hide the "Uncategorized" cat? What if I "disable Dock for apps" for all the ones that I don't have in other cats or put those apps in the "Hidden" cat?

      I'd like the cats that I have in the sunbursts to not also show up in the main list, is this possible?

    1. dontevenfucwitme's Avatar
      dontevenfucwitme -
      Quote Originally Posted by Muggz5 View Post

      <<--- Under the Dock.
      soo what theme is that? its sick but i cant seem to figure out what one is it...im a little lazy, have been trying to find it but no luck