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    WinPwn was released today with support for firmware version 2.0.1 for the iPhone. Operation is the same as previous versions of WinPwn -- this release just includes support for the newest firmware version and Installer 4. If you need help operating WinPwn ask away.

    WinPwn.org is having technical difficulties at the moment so you can grab it from the following links:
    MMi Member Download

    Also be sure to snag the correct 2.0.1 firmware for your device from from our downloads section.
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    1. n00bie d00bie's Avatar
      n00bie d00bie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Muggz5 View Post
      Hence the TMobile account I posted. That custom .ipsw is for jailbreaking and unlocking. Did you previously have a pwned 2.0 ?
      Yes a pwnd iphone 3g 2.0
    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by n00bie d00bie View Post
      Yes a pwnd iphone 3g 2.0
      Ok but did you update itunes after pwning ever? and was your phone still in that custom or have you restored to a factory first?
    1. n00bie d00bie's Avatar
      n00bie d00bie -
      Yes my itunes has been updated prior. and the phone was custom. it was not restored to factory.

      EDIT: Well i guess you can now say it is restored to factory 2.0.1 lol
    1. LaZARuZ's Avatar
      LaZARuZ -
      ok i fixed my email i just reinstalled 2.0.1 that i pwned but this time i set it up as a new phone instead of install backup.. guess i had to much stuff on my backup that messed up my email so everything works now.. good luck to all of you.. and also nice job dev team..
    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by n00bie d00bie View Post
      Yes my itunes has been updated prior. and the phone was custom. it was not restored to factory.
      Well I would venture to say that your itunes probably needs to be pwned again therefore, this method wont work. But what is odd to me it restored to what seems a factory 2.0.1 which either is a result from an unpwned itunes or you chose the wrong file. Make sure you have that 3G .ipsw from that site, and you choose that one correctly i.e. put it somewhere different. But, I dont think you be able to do this method at all now. I think you may have to use the new pwnage, which I can only recommend using their step by step guide on pwning 3G

      edit: Try and read carefully, I didnt post for 3G users. I will try and help you but be more careful. and if updating itunes causes this not to work, I wasnt aware. I think I updated to 7.7.1 after pwning to 2.0 though
    1. jeerish14's Avatar
      jeerish14 -
      It IS possible to choose cydia + installer on winpwn. But you’ve to keep an eye on the partition size.
      I had many problems with “Error: 6″ on itunes and crashing winpwns until I increased the size of the root partition to something you can divide by 8 (I tried 512. I heard 1024 will also work. 512 / 8 = 64. Nothing left in here right?)
      After that I tried it again and winpwn did not crash and iTunes did not get my any error. Even with installer + cydia installed.

      Maybe that will help some guys here.
    1. minhwan's Avatar
      minhwan -
      is cracked apps and method still working with cracked 2.0.1 ?

      and is iTunes 7.7.1 still pwnable ? or do i have to stay with 7.7 ?
    1. imagineThiss's Avatar
      imagineThiss -
      Quote Originally Posted by n00bie d00bie View Post
      Ok so i have a iphone 3g. I succesfully made a ipsw with winpwn. I checked cydia and installer, aswell as the youtube option. I unchecked the the activation option aswell. After installing 2.0.1 I have no AT&T service. i have done everything that has been suggested. How can i get service back?

      Oh and before you say you should have only checked cydia and installer NOt the youtube option...winpwn will always faill building a ipsw that way.

      THanks (HELP!!)
      Well i went a similar route, only i unchecked both installer and youtube, the only checked thing was cydia.. now after it was successfully restored with custom firmware NO SERVICE ! i got pissed, so before i did anything.. i just rebooted my phone and vwalla, back in service i also have AT&T ! so try that i guess a simple restore if you haven't tried it yet... anyways good luck bro !
    1. n00bie d00bie's Avatar
      n00bie d00bie -
      thanks guys i am way too damn fed up with it right now. i will have second wind with it tomorrow. i guess boring 2.0.1 will stay untill i get it working properly tomorrow. Keep the suggestions coming though. they seem helpful
    1. Midoe's Avatar
      Midoe -
      Quote Originally Posted by LaZARuZ View Post
      ok my email not working how you fix this dont what to do this again takes to long but if i have too i will any help please .. how you fix email .. it opens then it closes..
      Im facing the same problem.. whenever i try to check my mail, the application keeps on crashing

      Another problem is that when i try to ssh into my iphone to reach the applications folder it gives me the following error:

      Cannot get real path for '/private/var/stash/Applications.vUoJuO'.
      No such file or directory.
      Error code: 2
      Error message from server: No such file
      Request code: 16
    1. Emjei's Avatar
      Emjei -
      Well everything worked fine for me on the 1st try !
      Windows XP - SP3
      iTunes 7.7.0
      iPhone 3G

      I checked Cydia, Installer, Youtube Activator, Added Custom Logos, and also Checked Activate. I didnt check: No Wipe, or Custom Payload
      Partition to 800

      Updated from a JB 2.0
      Restored from back up fine.
      Now I just need to add my Cydia Apps and stuff.
      Everything worked here with no problemo
    1. HarlemState's Avatar
      HarlemState -
      error 6.. guess i have to try some other way:-/
    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by HarlemState View Post
      error 6.. guess i have to try some other way:-/
      Nope error 6 is code language (hehehe) for unplug iphone and plug in again leaving in DFU and reopening itunes and shift restore........
    1. duramax1's Avatar
      duramax1 -
      all right guys i have an iphone 3g jailbroke with 2.0 f/w. my question is do i have to update via itunes to the lastest f/w, and then have a stock phone and then use the new winpwn and jailbreak all over using the new f/w or can i automatically use the new winpwn and start from there although it is already jailbroken. need to know would be much appriciated.
    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      I wouldnt upgrade to a factory 2.0.1 before doing it because of this --->
      The dev team also warns on their blog that you should not upgrade to firmware 2.0.1 via iTunes. Wait until PwnageTool 2.0.2 is released and upgrade to 2.0.1 with a custom ispw. Upgrading directly via iTunes will lessen the chances of you being able to unlock in the future.
      Now Like I stated earlier. I had a pwned 2.0 1st Gen. all i did was a normal restore mode and shift + restore with a custom .ispw i downloaded from HERE I am not sure this will work with a 3G simply because I hadnt tried it. However there is a download for 3G there.

      Both mine and wifey's work perfect on T Mobile. The 3G cant be unlocked so the download has to be accurate for him to have posted it up.
    1. HOPPERSAN's Avatar
      so im up but all my app store stuff is crashing after it loads whatt up
    1. Karephre's Avatar
      Karephre -
      Ok with me itunes is not throwing an error.. it just says validaing software then next thing i know my iphone is in safe mode. it took over 45 for that to happen..
    1. sephiroth8969's Avatar
      sephiroth8969 -
      Quote Originally Posted by irishj View Post
      Worked flawlessly here !

      Vista Ultimate x64 - Installed Cydia & Installer. Maps working fine, no problem. All apps and games re-installed and all working 100%
      same here, but installer its only a beta so im going to use cydia meanwhile
    1. poloplyr01's Avatar
      poloplyr01 -
      Ok so I restored my phone with the new ipsw. however after i finish loading the backup, my phone freezes upon reloading with the apple logo with the wheel on top, and wont stop vibrating. any help?
    1. iPhoneWUH's Avatar
      iPhoneWUH -
      If your WinPwn closes during the custom IPSW firmware build. I think this is caused mainly on 2G iphones because you're installing the BootNeuter app that requires extra space and theres not enough space on the secondary partition for it.

      You can;

      A: not install installer or cydia which is crazy, or:

      B: increase the parition by 4 MB to allow room for everything. Default size is 500mb. Move the slider just a tiny bit, you can only go in increments of 4, and you need to do it with your mouse and not arrow keys on your keyboard, otherwise it will go in increments of 10.

      (Try 512 it works for me)

      --- Credit to Gabe on iphonelinux.org