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  • PwnageTool 2.0.2 & Installer 4 Soon
    Update: It will be released tomorrow (friday)

    According to their blog, the dev team will be releasing PwnageTool 2.0.2 sometime soon -- perhaps today. The release will be available through the built in updater in the current version of PwnageTool and via direct download for new users.

    What to expect:
    • Ability to pwn iPhone firmware version 2.0.1
    • An updated version of Cydia with bugfixes
    • Update: Installer 4 will be included with this release!
    • No 3g unlock

    The dev team also warns on their blog that you should not upgrade to firmware 2.0.1 via iTunes. Wait until PwnageTool 2.0.2 is released and upgrade to 2.0.1 with a custom ispw. Upgrading directly via iTunes will lessen the chances of you being able to unlock in the future. The dev team is still working on a 3g unlock solution.

    thanks Mooseman

    From the Dev Blog:

    Installer 4 and PwnageTool 2.0.2

    We’ve just had word that our friends at RiPDev almost have Installer 4 (Beta) ready for public beta release, with that awesome news we’ve decided to include it in the PwnageTool 2.0.2 release, we are waiting for the software from them and we need to quickly test and add a small couple of changes that go alongside Installer.

    Expected release date: Friday August 8th.
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    1. ash213's Avatar
      ash213 -
      Quote Originally Posted by boredatwork View Post
      jailbreak allows third party apps to be installed whether that means through cydia, installer, or cracked apps from the appstore
      yeh i understand that, but what kind of stuff ?

      stuff that is worth jailbreaking it for ?

      will it sort out MMS and bluetoothing pics ?
    1. apwtwenty's Avatar
      apwtwenty -
      lol . i got it off of the dev team's blog under 'it's sparkling' . i didnt put the exact address in cause that's against the rules right?
    1. boredatwork's Avatar
      boredatwork -
      Quote Originally Posted by bscott05 View Post
      i don't know i this has been corrected or anything but i just went to the dev's blog and read this on the front page:

      Installer 4 isn’t released by RiPDev as yet so PwnageTool 2.0.2 does not include installer.app - check out the RiPDev blog for the latest information.

      am I missing something?

      And did you read the post at the TOP about being released on Friday with installer??
    1. oo3's Avatar
      oo3 -
      here's what mine says:

      Funny thing is, I'm using log me in to connect to my mac so obviously my internet is working...

      Are they getting closer? OH THE ANTICIPATION!
    1. apwtwenty's Avatar
      apwtwenty -
      click preferences and update guys , for u mac owners i guess , looks like they pushed it out, but i have windows(blows) hee
    1. yunier2002's Avatar
      yunier2002 -
      News are it is already out through Pwnd Tool 2.0.1 update screen.
    1. thixtythix's Avatar
      thixtythix -
      come on im hating the dev team blog one person starts off a feeding frenzy by saying they have it and well its all kicking off
    1. jrod_15's Avatar
      jrod_15 -
      no update yet
    1. apwtwenty's Avatar
      apwtwenty -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
      When all this gets sorted out, could someone please post a custom firmware for us poor Winblows users?
      im with ya rota! and dev team blog people are insane!
    1. jayteez's Avatar
      jayteez -
      rota, what can you do with the custom firmware?
    1. ipodlover77's Avatar
      ipodlover77 -

      it says still install cydia for bsd. Will my phone be messed up if i dont install it? i dont plan on using installer right now. Just waiting until a update comes out but i still want to install the beta on the phone. safe right?
    1. gabesir's Avatar
      gabesir -
      Quote Originally Posted by jayteez View Post
      rota, what can you do with the custom firmware?
      since there is nothing out for windows , with the custom FW we can just use itunes to upgrade... =P
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      Can someone with a mac please up the first gen firmware. Thanks and +1 rep for yaz.
    1. jayteez's Avatar
      jayteez -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
      If someone uploads a custom firmware made with PwnageTool, people with Windows can use it to Jailbreak their iPhones before WinPwn comes out.

      What you do is get the .ispw file, go into iTunes, then to your iPhone, and hold shift and click "Restore". It will bring up a window asking for a firmware file. You simply tell it to restore to the custom firmware made by a generous Mac user from PwnageTool and you're all set without WinPwn.

      sweet. i was thinking we had to wait for winpwn. thanks for the explanation.
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      Not yet!!!


    1. arcadeboii's Avatar
      arcadeboii -
      can someone in mac make 1 for iphone 3g and upload it
    1. alexmanners's Avatar
      alexmanners -
      UPDATE: Most users are now reporting that they cannot see the update.
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      the 3g one has been posted we're waiting for the first gen
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jay316 View Post
      the 3g one has been posted we're waiting for the first gen

    1. thixtythix's Avatar
      thixtythix -
      i cant see any of them !