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  • Copy and Paste Finally Arriving on the iPhone!!!!!

    According to my friends over at iClarified, MagicPad will now bring the much needed copy and paste to the iPhone. And not that I'm against modding (some people are just afraid to brick their phones) but it going to be all legit, legal software! Video after the jump!

    Magic Pad will bring 3 new features to the iPhone including the much needed copy and paste.
    Those Features are:
    1)Copy & Paste
    2)Ability to create Rich Text Documents (rtf format)
    3)The ability to email those Rich Text Documents

    "MagicPad, by Proximi, was recently submitted to Apple for verification and inclusion into the App Store." -iClarified

    [ame="http://www.vimeo.com/1424256"]First Look - MagicPad on Vimeo[/ame]

    MagicPad has been released! Follow this link to download it directly!

    [magicpad.proximi.com via iclarified]
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    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      It's was just released 20 minutes ago!

    1. fletch33's Avatar
      fletch33 -
      MAN!!! i was excited for a couple seconds. been waiting for copy and paste but unfortunately this only does it from a note to a note. seriously how useful is that?

      copy and paste for me is needed in email and web and i could care less for copy and pasting within notes
    1. tha5150's Avatar
      tha5150 -
      I was all excited too fletch
    1. stalli_ker's Avatar
      stalli_ker -
      Quote Originally Posted by Reako View Post
      Enough bashing on someone's worthless comment. No need to clutter the thread, keep posting with thoughts on the idea at hand. Copy and Paste is a necessity for the iPhone as a general utility, we all know that, but this is just a great step in the right direction. Now if someone can figure a way to store cache on the phone for multiple use while opening a new application, then being able to relocate the cache and reuse for pasting, that my friend, will be the milestone.

      I guess im 100% sure but from what i have heard apple will not allow an app the has programs running in the background...thats why u only receive IM's when AIM is open and mobile chat worked wlosed or open im asuming that would be why theres no copy paste out because apple wont allow something to stay open to hold the cashe...
    1. stormlifter's Avatar
      stormlifter -
      Quote Originally Posted by ZXMustang View Post
      Now this is cool. We should be moving away from this jailbreaking crap. If you currently have an app from installer or cydia, it should be submitted to apple for the app store and just make it free. Its a nice, safe and legal way to get these apps and not fockup your phone. I'd even pay a buck or more for these apps. Screw donating.
      I hate to be the one that announces this to you. But you happen to be a fool. Jailbreak crap? Are you serious? Do you know how to read and think? The reality is that Jailbreak allows applications that Apple, in all its infinite wisdom, deem unworthy of their "AppStore". Applications that utilize safe methods of accessing the phone, but do things that Apple doesn't want done. Jailbreak is essential to the iPhone's ability to be useful for quite a few of us hackers out there who want to run the software we WANT.

      Without Jailbreak, great programs like IntelliScreen will never be possible since Apple censors them off the iPhone by blocking their access to the AppStore.