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  • Iphone update 2.1 with Turn-by-Turn?
    It seems the new beta 2.1 (not to be confused with update 2.0.1, which will fix some bugs in the current firware) update will add some improvements to the GPS aspect of the phone. The phone will not only know where you are, but what direction you are going and at what speed. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    cash edit: Here is the release notes for the SDK for 2.1 from an anonymous tip.

    iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1 - ReadMe
    iPhone SDK and Xcode 3.1.1 Developer Tools for iPhone OS 2.1

    This is the first beta of the iPhone SDK targeting iPhone OS 2.1, including bug fixes to
    iPhone OS as well as an early implementation of the Apple Push Notification Service
    API. This API is not yet integrated with a live push server.

    NOTE: iPhone SDK will run on Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X v10.5.3 and later.
    • Use iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1 for development only. This new version should only
    be deployed on devices dedicated for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1 development and
    cannot be used for developing iPhone OS 2.0 applications.
    • Updating devices to iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1. By installing the iPhone OS 2.1
    software beta on your Authorized Test Devices, these Devices are permanently
    “locked” into testing mode and cannot be restored to iPhone OS 2.0.

    iPhone SDK Release Notes for iPhone OS 2.1
    beta 1
    Known Issues
    New Features
    Known Issues
    NEW: iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1 includes a partial documentation set, but there is no complete documentation set
    available for download. You can continue to use iPhone OS 2.0 documentation for existing API and conceptual
    iPhone Simulator
    iPhone Simulator does not support network home directories.
    The version of Foundation in the simulator platform includes functionality not included in iPhone OS. To ensure
    functionality is not used that is not present on iPhone, check the documentation for availability information.
    FIXED: UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera displays the camera preview correctly when in portrait
    mode, but results in an image to not be drawn in the provided view.
    FIXED: UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera results in an image being rotated by 90 degrees when in
    landscape mode in the live camera preview.
    FIXED: When the UIImageJPEGRepresentation or PNGRepresentation function is called, the data that is output
    is always Orientation Right, regardless of the orientation of the passed UIImage.
    You have to specify the image extension to -imageNamed: to get results.
    FIXED: Hiding UINavigationController causes the view to not be resized to fill the entire window when
    7/23/08 16:56
    iPhone SDK Release Notes for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1
    Page 2 of 4
    FIXED: UIDatePicker shows the wrong date when selecting some dates.
    Applications using UINavigationController cannot be launched in landscape mode.
    Including the degree character in a format string disables text updates to a UILabel object.
    ignores its contentMode property.
    After zooming, content inset is ignored and content is left in the wrong position.
    and UILineBreakModeMiddleTruncation do not work properly for multiline
    UITableView ignores separatorStyle and separatorColor.
    FIXED: The list of styles available for UITableView specifies "Indexed" and "Grouped" as the two available
    options; however, the headers and documentation refer to “Indexed” as “Plain”.
    objects embedded inside a UITableViewCell never receive touches.
    It is very, very expensive to customize row heights (via tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath.
    Unable to resize table wider than the screen.
    cannot be made to resign first responder once offscreen.
    FIXED: UITextView’s loupe ignores the underlying view's background color.
    Setting UITextView.editable to YES should not automatically show the keyboard.
    7/23/08 16:56
    iPhone SDK Release Notes for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1
    Page 3 of 4
    -[UIToolbarController setSelectionIndex]
    doesn't work for members of the viewControllers array that
    are offscreen.
    is not adjusted when a layer has a transform applied to it.
    does not properly handle multiple taps from multiple fingers.
    An application will not receive UITouchPhaseBegan if a swipe begins on or above the status bar.
    Many UIKit controls cannot be resized properly if initialized with a CGRectZero frame.
    fires too soon and can cause animations to stutter if you do too much work in the callback.
    If a view subclass implements -drawRect: then the background color for that view subclass cannot be
    won't resize content view automatically if barStyle is changed to/from
    If a view is detached from a given UIViewController as a top-level nib object, but connected as an outlet, the
    view's origin is incorrectly moved upwards by approximately 24 pixels.
    does not support fading to a different view when rotated to landscape.
    does not auto-rotate when added to a window that is rotated already.
    Links don't highlight when WebKit is single threaded.
    cannot be created using Interface Builder. To use an MPVolumeView, create it programmatically as
    you would a normal UIView and call sizeToFit, as follows:
    CGRect frame = CGRectMake(originX, originY, width, 0);
    MPVolumeView *volumeView = [[[MPVolumeView alloc] initWithFrame:frame] autorelease];
    [volumeView sizeToFit];
    [myView addSubview:volumeView];]]
    7/23/08 16:56
    iPhone SDK Release Notes for iPhone OS 2.1 beta 1
    Xcode/Developer Tools
    You may only use .png files for application icons for the device.
    The iPhone SDK is designed for Intel-based Macs and is not supported on PPC-based Macs.
    Xcode and the iPhone SDK only work in 32-bit mode; 64-bit mode is not supported.
    When running and debugging on a device, be sure to turn off Passcode lock.
    Using the Xcode menu Run > Start with Performance Tool > <instrument> does not work even though it is
    enabled. The application is not uploaded to the device. When the application is already present, Instruments
    targets the local machine and "Target failed to start" appears in the tracks.
    Trying to debug two applications at the same time on the same device fails with a broken pipe error in the
    debugger console.
    Instruments will act unpredictably with multiple devices attached.
    New Features
    Apple Push Notification Service
    NEW: The client side APIs for the Apple push notification service, located in UIApplication.h, are included in
    this release.
    NEW: The server side APIs to send notifications from your server application to the Apple push notification
    service will appear in a forthcoming beta release.
    2008 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. (Last updated: 2008-07-23)
    IPhone 2.1 Update to Bring Turn-by-Turn GPS? | Gadget Lab from Wired.com
    iPhone roundup: Apple seeds 2.1 with new GPS features, possible copy/paste, also completely out of phones - Engadget
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Iphone update 2.1 with Turn-by-Turn? started by .:MirrorminD:. View original post
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    1. andrewe13's Avatar
      andrewe13 -
      so, the question everyones wondering: IS THIS JAILbreakable?

      and #2: what does this update do for us w/ iphone 1.0 ?
    1. tommy0486's Avatar
      tommy0486 -
      Quote Originally Posted by andrewe13 View Post
      so, the question everyones wondering: IS THIS JAILbreakable?

      and #2: what does this update do for us w/ iphone 1.0 ?
      Probably nothing.
    1. drunknbass's Avatar
      drunknbass -
      turn by turn nav is not really a big deal. i dont see why you couldnt do it now.
      you can already programically tell what direction you are going in. and could make a turn by turn app with google maps really easy. i mean google maps tells you each turn as text "step", all youd really need to do is use your gps to decide which "step" is next in the list... and have some voice engine software speak the string out.. i actually got some text engine ported on sdk and having even had time to play with it, but itd be fine for reading off real time directions to me.
    1. pfcfury's Avatar
      pfcfury -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kalison View Post
      Teleatlas maps and Navteq maps for the US around 2gbs... which include speech files and POIs.

      I doubt if the iPhone is going to use TomTom will it be using Google maps, as Google maps use Navteq maps... TomTom uses Teleatlas... these two are competing mapping companies.

      My guess is, the app could be close to a 1.5-2.0gb download and cost around 69-80 dollars (going rate for newest navteq and teleatlas maps).
      really thats all? cause my buddy in parts said they filled the whole DVD if its only 2 gigs I wonder why they use more than 2 DVDs for the US If you could fit it on just one or two DVDs
    1. rusty778's Avatar
      rusty778 -
      most of the mobile versions arent nearly as large. Look at tomtom navigator for mobile phones. It fits one 1gig flash card
    1. imode's Avatar
      imode -
      will it work on windows?

      (thought I would beat the noobs...)
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      WIll this update have an effect on the 1st gen at all?
    1. rusty778's Avatar
      rusty778 -
      Quote Originally Posted by yowiphone View Post
      WIll this update have an effect on the 1st gen at all?
      Most likely not considering its mostly for GPS tracking and not cell tracking. Im sure their are app updates and some stabilizations and maybe a shimmering hope for copy paste.
    1. rvashi's Avatar
      rvashi -
      How come I am not seeing it available for download in the Dev Center?? I just got accepted into the $99 program and paid and did the whole activation code and everything.

      What gives?? I hope I didn't just waste $99 for nothing. I just see a download for SDK 9M2199a. There is nothing in the Program Portal either.
    1. JK1234's Avatar
      JK1234 -
      Will the beta be able to be pwned using pwnage or winpwn?
    1. robbpell's Avatar
      robbpell -
      its not to measure speed its to use as a turn by turn gps map and this update isnt out yet its a beta release for developers!
    1. jfmsam's Avatar
      jfmsam -
      I just upgraded my 3G but not my 2G to the new 2.1 beta 1 release.

      There seems to be a minor incompatability issue with apps created for 2.0 when running on 2.1.

      Out of 36 apps I have installed, the only ones that crashed on me were PCalc, MonkeyBall and AIM. I reinstalled them and only MBall is still having issues.

      The upgrade went smooth and kept all the settings and playlists without having to restore them from the backup.

      Even though my device was registered at the dev portal, I had no need to reactivate. hmmmmm........

      So far I have not found any new obvious features; its only Beta 1...
      EDIT: FireFish found some new things. I was too sleepy to poke around.

      The baseband jumped from 01.45.00 to 02.04.03. Huge jump. I guess the GPS update and possibly the Push API are the reason behind it.

      Since the upgrade I had minor unexpected issues but nothing to worry:
      -WiFi at times disconnected for some reason (new to this version).
      -After the initial upgrade the SIM reported as invalid. Had to put another AT&T SIM first and it finally worked after putting the original back.
      -Roaming takes longer to acquire a carrier and constantly switches carriers unexpectedly (new to this version). While I wrote this, it switched 15 times between the two local GSM providers. Both with the same signal strength. Unfortunately neither allows me to roam on their 3G network (AT&T issue I guess) to see if 3G-2G handoff is any different. Turning off 3G made no difference, only manual carrier selection solved this.

      Haven't tried Bluetooth handsfree yet.

      All in all, with regards to the regular applications (Mail, Safari, SMS, etc) maybe its my idea but everything else is running much smoother.

      Possibly there will never be a 2.0.1, so if users are looking for quick stability improvement, this 2.1 may be the path for legit AT&T users; only if someone does leak this release

      Quote Originally Posted by JK1234 View Post
      Will the beta be able to be pwned using pwnage or winpwn?

      There is no FirmwareBundle available in the current PwangeTool that addresses this new release.
      Thus far no news or "official" reactions from the Dev-Team about this release or if they will update their tool to handle it.

      EDIT: It has been Pwned!
      But no release date yet.

      If my post helped, don't forget to thank me
    1. robgomz's Avatar
      robgomz -
      I -phone lol
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      I know these news aren't from 2.0.1, but this was awesome enough not to throw here:

      Screen shots from the recently seeded 2.0.1 iPhone software for dev's.

      Also, from MacRumors:
      A couple new features i see are:

      Check spelling
      Check spelling as you type/while you type
      Choose File
      Copy Image
      Copy Link
      Download Image (which is already known to everyone by now)
      Learn Spelling
      Look up in dictionary
      Search in spotlight (?)
      Start Speaking/Stop speaking (this ones interesting)
      Upload file
    1. Dan0609's Avatar
      Dan0609 -
      This woould be an interesting update. Now that Ive had my 3G phone I recently purchased a dashboard mount for it :P so now my gf can nag about how fast Im going when she sees the screen lmao
    1. FireFish's Avatar
      FireFish -
      I'm running 2.1 5f90 now for like 45 minutes on one of my development phones.

      I'm running the 1st gen (no 3G) as I aint using my 3G for dev software anymore (not worth it).

      I'll post some screenshots in 5 minutes of 2 new little things that caught my eye.

      Oh yeh, all of the rumors about cut, paste, turn-by-turn, they aren't true.
    1. FireFish's Avatar
      FireFish -
      I've attached 3 screenshots of two additions I've found so far.
      Otherwise, everything looks the same as on my 3G running 2.0 xxx347.

      Not a huge deal:
      1) ADDED: Parental Controls switch for Camera

      2) ADDED: New feature in Phone Lock - if wrong PIN is entered 10 times, you can enable a new feature which will erase your phone, for security purposes.

      Otherwise, stability seems alright; then again, I'm running this beta on my 1st generation iPhone, which doesn't have all the new hardware that my 3G has.

      No GPS turn-by-turn in Maps, from what I saw on mine.
      If I get my hands on a 3G to install the beta on, I'll try again. I just don't wanna make my 3G a development phone.
    1. jfmsam's Avatar
      jfmsam -
      Quote Originally Posted by FireFish View Post
      I just don't wanna make my 3G a development phone.
      Did your 1rst G iPhone require re-activation after the upgrade. My 3G didn't. I did Option+Check for Update rather than Option+Restore, and as usual I unplugged the device before it finished rebooting. I was never asked to connect to iTunes to activate, though I did register the device about 5 minutes prior to installing the new firmware.

      In other words, if you have a legit AT&T iPhone 3G account you may be able to install this release without registering your device for development.
      Possible good news to all 3G users waiting for relief with a new release once this is leaked.

      BTW: On another forum, I got confirmation that a user was able to downgrade but the baseband remained upgraded, so you may want to give it a try.

      Hope this helps you...
    1. ~Steve Jobs~'s Avatar
      ~Steve Jobs~ -
      so whens the release?
    1. Mars478's Avatar
      Mars478 -
      Hey I Am registered As a debeloper but i dont see the update? Any ideas?