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  • Installer 4 Preview - PICS
    Damn it looks so good.

    pf edit: from: http://www.iphones.ru/iNotes/4927/ or in English here
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    1. SundayDuffer's Avatar
      SundayDuffer -
      either ones works for me...as long as i have access to the latest apps...I'll be a happy camper.
    1. Faternal's Avatar
      Faternal -
      i should have waited
    1. cockyjeremy's Avatar
      cockyjeremy -
      I hope Installer is available via Cydia. I don't want to lose anything. But it looks very nice.
    1. manny0's Avatar
      manny0 -
      Who is actually pushing this cydia thing? it looks ok but people sure do hate it lol
    1. SundayDuffer's Avatar
      SundayDuffer -
      once it is ready...you can always rebuild your custom ispw again...i rebuilt mine three times already...so used to it now..no biggies.
    1. Dust Busta's Avatar
      Dust Busta -
      Beats the app store by far

      And for those who didn't read the article it'll will be out in a week or two
    1. HarlemState's Avatar
      HarlemState -
      It's a wrap...

      I'm sure you can run all three installers:-D
    1. pingwhen's Avatar
      pingwhen -
      so next weekish seems good

      hope the icon is like appstore and cydia and iTunes syor
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      That looks sick!!! I can't wait for it!!

      I like both and I will have both on my phone and the AppStore

      Hellz ya!!!
    1. PhoneLine's Avatar
      PhoneLine -
      For those unafraid of SSH there would not be a manual way to get this installed in an already jailbroken phone? If not, it would be nice to have the install in Cydia. Installer had Cydia, so hopefully the favor is returned
    1. imode's Avatar
      imode -
      Cydia is supported and ported by a member of the Dev Team. The same group who brought you pwnage tool. Seems like Installer and Cydia are now in a Betamax/VHS style war (or for you younger folks, Blueray vs HD DVD). Call me a pessimist, but I would be surprised if Cydia hosts an Installer reference. Have a look at the 4th screen shot "RiP Dev"?? Hmmm

      The one that'll survive is the one that will have hosted the most apps. All these arguments about which is better amuse me... To me I don't see any real difference between the two. I'm amused by people who say: "Cydia sucks because I can't add sources..." What sources? You can't add something the doesn't exist... As apps are ported to 2.0 firmware the developer will register it with Cydia and thus it will be available.

      One last thing... When Installer is released please post messages like: "Where are the apps? I thought Installer was supposed to have all the apps..." so I can have a good laugh.
    1. tntmorgan's Avatar
      tntmorgan -
      Unless the functionality in terms of speed refreshing sources and browsing recent packages, I'll probably use Cydia more. But as Saurik also said, both can be used together, which will probably happen since some apps will only be available on one or the other in some cases.
    1. Hawaiian Modder's Avatar
      Hawaiian Modder -
      Umm, Cydia and installer will live hand in hand, much like before the 2.0 jailbreak sensation. Cydia has a MMI source, A Bigboss source and a couple other smaller ones, but pretty much has everything that installer does, or will have. Installer will always be more loosely regulated because sources are so easily made and people just make them to be cool, While cydia has much less, but more secure sources. In turn i'm sure they will both work side by side on 2.0

      Also I ran Cydia before 2.0 and it had a installer package for awhile, Meaning that I think we should be looking in cydia for the installer app soon, seeing as installer is just another app.
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      no... Im sure you can SSH into your phone and add it like any app

      Quote Originally Posted by dogger View Post
      I believe that one must re-pwn their phone once this is released. That's cool that Cydia was on the money for the 2.0 release date, but I'm waiting until Installer 4 is out before pwning.
      no, Im sure you can SSH into your phone and add it manually like any app

      I like how in Cydia when you install an app, and your exit back to the springboard, it doesnt have to do a respring... nice feature... wonder if installer will be similar in this aspect
    1. Hawaiian Modder's Avatar
      Hawaiian Modder -
      Yea I was just saying that it will also be on cydia for everyone that has been has cydia and is ******** about it.

      Also I think that the only reason installer is taking this long is cause they are trying to perfect the respring, almost make it look like apples. They also are probably trying to get people like SpicyChicken and maybe even errick to get the apps done and have a huge release thing on the same day as installer.

      Who knows, it will all happen eventually.
    1. andrunious's Avatar
      andrunious -
      pure nasty...
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Looks good, cant wait for a release!
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      yup can't wait also for installer... and i can't wait till they get the bugs out of cydia... tried installing a different battery and now i have no battery img when charging... plus i lost my edge icon when uninstalling the IE7 icon. imma gonna wait till installer comes out before i restore my iPhone3G
    1. JD914's Avatar
      JD914 -
      Instaler rules....Cydia sucks. I cant wait for this!
    1. nickswagger's Avatar
      nickswagger -
      nice, looks way more visually appealing, one week u say? It'll be a long week