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  • Pwnage 2.0 Full Guide w/Pics Up

    Hey guys, the full guide is up here:

    1st Gen iPhone Guide

    3G iPhone Guide


    edit: iPhone 3G is NOT unlocked yet. It will NOT yet work with T-Mobile - if you're unlocked, do NOT USE PWNAGE YET.
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    1. popmanbx's Avatar
      popmanbx -
      I followed the directions exactly but when I did the restore with the custom firmware i got an error 6 and then i got the connect to itunes on my iphone. Any idea why??
    1. bubonicbryan's Avatar
      bubonicbryan -
      I'm so irritated.
      I keep getting the error "wrong firmware bundle".

      Someone said that I have the 3g firmware, but I've downloaded the one straight from the guide for the 2g phone.

      Can someone PLEASE point me into the direction of the right 2.0 ipsw for the first generation iphone. Is there a difference in filename? I'm sharing super slow internet at my inlaws and am sick of waiting hours in between downloads and then finding out it was the wrong file.
    1. svd21's Avatar
      svd21 -
      EDIT: I still cant get my phone into DFU mode through the app. However, it does work when I do it the other way but I am having the same problem as popmanbx... i am getting that error 6 message when i try to restore using the new .isp
    1. popmanbx's Avatar
      popmanbx -
      it will restore with the regular restore , but not with the custom. I get the error 6 with the custom
    1. cspec's Avatar
      cspec -
      hey guys, i had the fail issue,
      what i did was go into Library, iTunes, then rename Device to Device Support (I did the terminal thing and it was just Device for some reason)

      after that, i only plugged my iphone right before the DFU thing, then it seemed to work!
    1. bigjoseph17's Avatar
      bigjoseph17 -
      Hell yea it works first try and thats serrio!!!!
    1. BClineCoke's Avatar
      BClineCoke -
      How do I tell Itunes what firmware to restore my phonw with? HOW DO YOU PUT THE CUSTOM FIRMWARE ON The phone?
    1. xportpnoy's Avatar
      xportpnoy -
      hello everyone
      anyone tried to jailbreak their 3G iphone??
    1. sampsonite33's Avatar
      sampsonite33 -
      took 4.5 hrs because i upgraded to 2.0 thinking it would work like ziphone...do not upgrade!!! before pwnage... just follow guide as closely as possible... dfu was tricky but it all worked out in the end. Very happy camper.
    1. xportpnoy's Avatar
      xportpnoy -
      Quote Originally Posted by BClineCoke View Post
      How do I tell Itunes what firmware to restore my phonw with? HOW DO YOU PUT THE CUSTOM FIRMWARE ON The phone?
      hold down the option button, and click Restore.

      hope that helped

    1. zipro's Avatar
      zipro -
      For some reason nothing happens when I try to start PWNage. it tries to load it but nothing comes up. any ideas?
    1. Skully21392's Avatar
      Skully21392 -
      This guide is very confusing. It mentions the iPod Touch only once-at the beginning. I don't know how to do this for my iPod Touch.
    1. svd21's Avatar
      svd21 -
      anybody else getting an error 6 message? any fix for it yet?
    1. lor443's Avatar
      lor443 -
      hey pf just thinking about you said if someone has tmobile on there 3g iphone they shoudldnt updat i dont think anyone has a tmobile 3g iphone and update to what lol?
    1. Skully21392's Avatar
      Skully21392 -
      Wait, does this work for Microsoft xp?
    1. Tr0janMan697's Avatar
      Tr0janMan697 -
      Alright so I have 3G iphone not trying to unlock just want to jailbreak. I am doing everything properly except I cannot get it into DFU mode. i hold the sleep and middle buttons till it resets then keep holding the middle but for a lil longer while screen is black. Pwnage tool then says you failed to go into DFU mode and the next page is the home screen again. why is this happening?
    1. svd21's Avatar
      svd21 -
      Hope this helps everyone.... first off, read cspec post. If that doesnt work, you can enter DFU mode manually....

      Difference between DFU mode and recovery mode.

      A lot of people seem to think that DFU mod and Recovery mode on the iPhone are the same. Apart from the blank screen in DFU mode and the iTunes/Dock Cable logo this is another, greater difference.

      When you put your phone in Recovery mode the iPhone still loads up a mac "OS" if you will. Whereas in DFU mode the iPhone does not load up the OS. This means that communication between the iPhone and iTunes in DFU mode is minimal - therefore iTunes will not randomly decide to interrupt you while downgrading firmware etc.

      To put your phone in recovery mode simply:

      1. Switch off the iPhone.
      2. Hold the home button as you connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac.
      3. Continue to hold the home button untill you see the iTunes/Dock Cable logo.

      To put your iPhone in to DFU mode:

      1. Turn on iPhone
      2. Connect to PC/Mac
      3. Open iTunes
      4. Hold down power and home buttons
      5. Wait untill red slider appears to shut down iPhone - keep holding the buttons.
      6.Wait untill the iPhone shuts down
      7. Release power button, keep home button pressed (if the Apple logo appeared you didn't release the power button quick enough - try again!)
      8. Wait about 7 seconds - iTunes should say there is an iPhone connected in "restore mode"

      Your iPhone screen should be blank! No iTunes/Dock Cable logo.
      if there is an iTunes/Cable logo you are in recovery mode not DFU!
      Try again untill you are in DFU mode.

    1. chamcent's Avatar
      chamcent -
      For anyone who received the Error (6), you're not restoring the phone properly. Your phone MUST be in the DFU mode, and NOT the Recovery mode because they're different (refer to the post above for the difference).

      I was putting the phone into the Recovery mode and it never worked. Follow cspec's advice (top of the page) and re-build the custom restore firmware in Pwnage. I had only plugged in the phone when Pwnage asked whether I have pwned my phone before.

      Hope this helps! =)
    1. maz's Avatar
      maz -
      Quote Originally Posted by zipro View Post
      For some reason nothing happens when I try to start PWNage. it tries to load it but nothing comes up. any ideas?
      Damn it! Itīs same for me!!?? I double click the Pwnage 2.0 app icon and then itīs not opening??? As "zipro" says: "any ideas???"
    1. eland26's Avatar
      eland26 -
      I have a HP DV6000 with Windows Vista Home and really wanted to use PWNAGE today.

      I modified a tutorial from Hack Attack : Dual Boot Leopard and Windows Vista | dailyApps to install OSX on an old external 80 gig hdd.

      I then installed itunes 7.7 and PWNAGE 2.0 on the OSX installation. PWNAGE worked very smoothly.

      Removed the external drive and boot cd, restarted the lappy into Vista and synced my newly pwned 1st gen 2.0 with my backup. now I don't have to wait for WinPWN!!!

      Great work dev team!