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  • Pwnage 2.0 Full Guide w/Pics Up

    Hey guys, the full guide is up here:

    1st Gen iPhone Guide

    3G iPhone Guide


    edit: iPhone 3G is NOT unlocked yet. It will NOT yet work with T-Mobile - if you're unlocked, do NOT USE PWNAGE YET.
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    1. l2pdrums's Avatar
      l2pdrums -
      Quote Originally Posted by BoostedEvoIX View Post
      when is this gona be available for Windows?
      There is a way, and people have done it using Winpwn, try searching in google or something.
    1. diem0n's Avatar
      diem0n -
      Hi! Here is my question- can I use CUSTOM ipsw to restore my 3G iPhone that was never pwned before on WINDOWS or not? I tried though and it didn't work for me. May be I should give it a second chance or not? Thanks in advance
    1. SundayDuffer's Avatar
      SundayDuffer -
      Thankyou. Great instructions. 1-2-3 Bam !!! DONE. PWNED.
    1. esmith13's Avatar
      esmith13 -
      does anyone know if this can be done on a PC running the OSx86 operating system - basically a PC running the hacked OSX that can be installed on a Dell/HP/etc. ???

      I don't want to hose my phone just because I tried to run Pwnage on a "fake Mac".

    1. h4nne5's Avatar
      h4nne5 -
      iPhone 3G is NOT unlocked yet. It will NOT yet work with T-Mobile - if you're unlocked, do NOT USE PWNAGE YET.
      i have an already unlocked iphone 3g as i bought it in italy sim-lock and contract free. i want to use pwnage to jailbreak it.
      do you mean "do not use pwnage yet" as in don't do it because it will brick/lock/whatever an already unlocked iphone 3g or what do you mean?
      pwnage does jailbreak an unlocked 3g without causing any trouble, right? or why should i not use pwnage yet?
    1. tekilla's Avatar
      tekilla -
      When pwning from 1.1.3 to 2.0, do you have to use "Custom Logos" or will the pwn work without this and leave your original Apple logos in tact ?
      N00b question I know :-)
    1. mattsolo799's Avatar
      mattsolo799 -
      I've went through the guide step by step a few times and the problem that I'm having is that the tool doesn't activate my phone. I have a legit att Iphone.

      Has anybody else had this problem? Like I said, it just won't activate my phone. It jailbreaks it, but I don't get any service.
    1. lor443's Avatar
      lor443 -
      will jailbreaking make my phone slower???
      if i restore will everything go back to normal??
    1. S1RCHpwns's Avatar
      S1RCHpwns -
      Works perfect thanx dev team ;]
    1. bartski's Avatar
      bartski -
      Thanks dev team and for PF for posting the guides!

      This is the FW i've been waiting for. Had my 1.0.2 for a loooongg time. Revirginized my 1.0.2 then PWNed :-)

      running a smooth 2.0 iphone now
    1. krmyers13's Avatar
      krmyers13 -
      Any one having problems with mail app after doing all this?
    1. MJedi's Avatar
      MJedi -
      Finally took the plunge... upgraded my unlocked iPhone (used Ziphone for that) that was on 1.1.3 and BL4.6 OOTB... and it was a success! It couldn't be any easier! Thank you to the iPhone Dev Team for Pwnage and MMI for the guide.
    1. p3yro's Avatar
      p3yro -
      done both mine and my wifes phone. Super easy. Thanks guys