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  • Pwnage 2.0 Released - 3G/2.0 is Jailbroke!

    Pwnage Tool 2.0 is officially released by the Dev Team.

    edit: 2.0.1 is released now, with the following changes:

    * It auto-finds the bl39 and bl46 files better, if they’re on your computer
    * It creates the ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support/ folder if not present, which should help with some 1600 errors people have been having.
    * Many people have reported the PwnageTool not starting up at all (the icon never stops bouncing). This issue should be resolved now.
    * The Sparkle AppCast URL is fixed in this version, so automatic updates should work for future releases.

    The tool jailbreaks and unlocks any 1st gen iPhones running the 2.0 firmware, and jailbreaks any 3G iPhone/iPod Touch running the 2.0 firmware. It does NOT support older versions of the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware.

    This release DOESN'T UNLOCK 3G iPHONES YET, but they say they're working on that.

    We will have a full guide tonight (edit: here's the guide), but for now here's the download links:

    MMi Members (best performance) | MMi Direct Link | MediaFire

    Edit: As stated in previous News posts, Installer is NOT ready for 2.0 yet, but Cydia is included in the Pwnage Tool jailbreak, and is supported with all of ModMyI's packages from Installer, as well as Bigboss, Zodttd, and many if not most of Ste's packages. Its a more solid and well supported package manager than Installer - don't worry, you can still get most of your jailbroken apps once they're converted to 2.0 compatible by their respective devs.
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    1. antholyhotdamn's Avatar
      antholyhotdamn -
      it would seem so i see no indication otherwise.
    1. fletch33's Avatar
      fletch33 -
      can i restore from backup of my data after i have pwned it?
    1. jjh4ck3rs's Avatar
      jjh4ck3rs -
      i found a link to the 2.0 firmware (: hope it helps guyss

    1. lostwhiteboyy's Avatar
      lostwhiteboyy -
      Update 3: If you get Error 1600 from iTunes (or if you see in your log a failure to prepare x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw), try: mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” ; if that directory already exists, remove any files in it. Then re-run PwnageTool.

      From the devs blog site!
    1. zalopilot's Avatar
      zalopilot -
      Worked sweet!! I have an unlocked 2.0, thanks Dev Team!!
    1. Jared_Almighty's Avatar
      Jared_Almighty -

      everything's good but im getting the same error as others.

      "Failed to enter DFU mode"

      honestly im new at this.

      but i just locked my whole phone and im lost.

      i tried putting it in DFU myself but did work.
    1. nemo123's Avatar
      nemo123 -
      flashing the bootloader and baseband right now. looking good.

      Great work Dev Team
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by cranie View Post
      YOU my friend were absolutely correct. And I saw this info nowhere else!. So many thanks.
    1. elicierto's Avatar
      elicierto -

      uninstall itune 7.7, install itunes 7.5, put your phone in DFU mode (not restore mode, DFU mode has a black screen) and then restore your phone to 1.1.4 or whatever previous version of firmware you last had on. I'm still working on mine right now and have the exact same problems.
    1. m-klass's Avatar
      m-klass -
      The ftp server doesn't work !!

      All i get is the following message,

      "Index of ftp://ftp.betafakts.lv/web/

      Up to higher level directory
      Name Size Last Modified"

      There is no file downloadable file available on the server. I HATE having a windows based machine when it comes to Pwnage I have to play the waiting game now !!
    1. fresh801's Avatar
      fresh801 -
      I hope they can make this smoother when its ported to windows
    1. scrutman's Avatar
      scrutman -
      Quote Originally Posted by rbleeker View Post
      Looks like my iPhone v1 is bricked, keep getting error (6) even when trying to restore normally through iTunes.

      Trying Windows restore next.

      iPhone is now in perminant DFU loop and restating every 10 seconds, cannot get it to start-up normal mode anymore.
      can I ask what you tried to do? was this with the custom firmware? are u a windows user?
    1. mattocm's Avatar
      mattocm -
      Quote Originally Posted by MARANDA View Post
      is anyone getting the error that their sim is not supported after restoring when trying to connect with itunes?

      New answer: I understand what I was doing. I thought the question "Are you a legit iPhone" was some stupid legal thing that everyone was supposed to click yes to. But it's not. I''m NOT a legit user. And you have to click 'No' to add the unlock part of the process. Everyone say Duh mattocm.

      Previous answer: Yes. I had no errors throughout the process, but now I keep getting the message that I'm using an unsupported SIM. I've tried re-creating a fresh Custom_Restore.ipsw twice and ended up with the same result. Never had this problem when unlocking under 1.1.4 using Pwnage, or 1.1.3 and .2 using other methods.
    1. nemo123's Avatar
      nemo123 -
      working great for me thanks again dev team.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jared_Almighty View Post

      everything's good but im getting the same error as others.

      "Failed to enter DFU mode"

      honestly im new at this.

      but i just locked my whole phone and im lost.

      i tried putting it in DFU myself but did work.
      mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” ; if that directory already exists, remove any files in it. Then re-run PwnageTool.
    1. evirob's Avatar
      evirob -
      A pwnage 2.0 unlocking step by step guide

      » Pwnage 2.0 Guide - iPhone News & Review
    1. m-klass's Avatar
      m-klass -
      I also hear on other forums that the timing of entering DFU mode through Pwnage, the timing is critical lot's of people having trouble with the DFU. Just be persistent and critical with your timing.
    1. liridonk's Avatar
      liridonk -
      Why mac version only, people please realize that alot more people are using windows than mac, and i mean alot alot more. ill just wait for the ziphone version, much faster, no problems, ill wait as long as i have to for it. mac sucks
    1. JD914's Avatar
      JD914 -
      Can you still install Sirius Satellite Radio App with Cydia?
    1. ianormok's Avatar
      ianormok -
      Great Work Dev Team
      Thanks a million
      Been waiting for this for so long.