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  • Pwnage 2.0 Released - 3G/2.0 is Jailbroke!

    Pwnage Tool 2.0 is officially released by the Dev Team.

    edit: 2.0.1 is released now, with the following changes:

    * It auto-finds the bl39 and bl46 files better, if they’re on your computer
    * It creates the ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support/ folder if not present, which should help with some 1600 errors people have been having.
    * Many people have reported the PwnageTool not starting up at all (the icon never stops bouncing). This issue should be resolved now.
    * The Sparkle AppCast URL is fixed in this version, so automatic updates should work for future releases.

    The tool jailbreaks and unlocks any 1st gen iPhones running the 2.0 firmware, and jailbreaks any 3G iPhone/iPod Touch running the 2.0 firmware. It does NOT support older versions of the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware.

    This release DOESN'T UNLOCK 3G iPHONES YET, but they say they're working on that.

    We will have a full guide tonight (edit: here's the guide), but for now here's the download links:

    MMi Members (best performance) | MMi Direct Link | MediaFire

    Edit: As stated in previous News posts, Installer is NOT ready for 2.0 yet, but Cydia is included in the Pwnage Tool jailbreak, and is supported with all of ModMyI's packages from Installer, as well as Bigboss, Zodttd, and many if not most of Ste's packages. Its a more solid and well supported package manager than Installer - don't worry, you can still get most of your jailbroken apps once they're converted to 2.0 compatible by their respective devs.
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    1. drewbonez's Avatar
      drewbonez -
      got it to install the firmware, but didn't activate the phone, plus i'm not familiar with cydia. I guess i am going to wait and see when installer will be supported or why my phone didn't activate
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      This is GREAT news. DEV TEAM ROCKS!
    1. ThinkandDrive's Avatar
      ThinkandDrive -
      Dang! This is fresh news! just pulled up MMi on the off-chance it had dropped.

      Downloading now. But I'll wait for some of you guys to give it a shot first.
    1. k427's Avatar
      k427 -
      I get past the fw package just fine, builds the custom one and everything. after though it says "failed to enter DFU mode" oh well. hopefully we can get some troubleshooting soon.
    1. butwhyowhy's Avatar
      butwhyowhy -
      I keep getting stuck after it creates the ispw file. It says it failed to put it into dfu mode. I tried to manually put it into dfu mode but that didn't work either. I also tried using itunes with the firmware they created but that didn't work. Anyone else having this same problem?
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Put your iphone in DFU Mode then run pwnage tool
    1. mkozak's Avatar
      mkozak -
      where can we download the 2.0 firmware files?
    1. minitrk's Avatar
      minitrk -
    1. tsatryan's Avatar
      tsatryan -
      Obviously, only for Macs at this time.
    1. invidious's Avatar
      invidious -
    1. iphonesolutionz's Avatar
      iphonesolutionz -
      Works good. Cydia is a bit buggy still not much you can install and installer.app is not supported in pwntools 2.0. I hope to see this change soon...
    1. alectra82's Avatar
      alectra82 -
      hmmm, it isnt finding my ipsw. I am using the 2.0 that was available the day before the official release. when I use expert mode and browse for firmware, it tells me that it is not the right one. using iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw .. any suggestions?
    1. enigma222's Avatar
      enigma222 -
      amazing work Dev Team... trully amazing
    1. dtm996c5's Avatar
      dtm996c5 -
      does this jailbreak, unlock, AND ACTIVATE??
    1. mikez1314's Avatar
      mikez1314 -
      The 2.0 firmware that is compatible would be really helpful... any luck?
    1. mikey08's Avatar
      mikey08 -
      Sweet! I'm trying to put Iatkos on my dell laptop now so I can use this. Hope it works.
    1. Khaiyrah's Avatar
      Khaiyrah -
      Anyone know where to download the Bootloader v3.9?
    1. casewicked's Avatar
      casewicked -
      Woooooo f*cking hooooooooooooo
    1. mkozak's Avatar
      mkozak -
      i have a 3G iphone and cant find the 2.0 firmware file so i can start this process ... any idea?