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  • Iphone Dev Team Still Trying To Unlock 3G

    Well posted on their blog is some bad news. Their new pwnage tool about to be released will activate and jailbreak the new 3G but it won't unlock. You guys are going to have to wait a little for that.

    On a more positive note if you have a first gen iphone with the 2.0 software, it will be able to unlock that.

    Apparently the latest build of firmware on the 3G is giving them some trouble and they want to wait until they perfect it.

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    1. Schmoove28's Avatar
      Schmoove28 -
      O.K., is it just me, or is the dev team blog not working? I've been on my mac with safari, xp with internet explorer, and iphone, but they all say they can not contact the server....
      Is anyone experiencing this or is the dev team about to release something....
    1. DennisTheMenace's Avatar
      DennisTheMenace -
      Im glad i sold my first gen, im getting my 3g this week.

      1st gen fones are selling like hotcakes on ebay atm.. ended up selling mine for over $500 aus

      I thought selll it now whilst everyone wants one.. wait abit and maybe never sell it.
    1. Freshtojeff's Avatar
      Freshtojeff -
      im actually happy i still have my 1st gen i checked out the 3g from a friend nothing that dramatic anyways good luck to dev team we got your back !!
    1. bayloc's Avatar
      bayloc -
      i just want the jailbreak for my 3g. i just want ringtones, and summerboard.
    1. jfmsam's Avatar
      jfmsam -
      Quote Originally Posted by pingwhen View Post
      I'm lost what's update (b130)
      Read this:
      iPhone Device Software 2.0.1 on the way? : Boy Genius Report

      Correct me if I am wrong, but this version, so far, is not available on the Apple servers.
      I know for sure that what was rolled out on July 11th with the 3G launch, was 2.0 5A347.
    1. jbee's Avatar
      jbee -
    1. jfmsam's Avatar
      jfmsam -
      Quote Originally Posted by 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian View Post
      ur still gonna have to wait for the programs from installer to be porter over to 2.0 so theres no real point in checking out this site every hour for the update, even if you get tool, you will have a jailbroken 2.0 but wont be able to do anything with it, for functionality it will still be couple weeks at least for the jail break to be useful
      You may or you may not have to wait.
      Most developers, that will remain using Installer.app rather than publishing through iTunes AppStore, have had the tools for several months to develop and update their apps for 2.0. They may already have them ready because they did not necessarily require a Pwned device to test them.

      Besides, a Jailbroken 2.0 has many other advantages (albeit it requires more expertise) than just installing unofficial apps.
    1. kyevey's Avatar
      kyevey -
      Quote Originally Posted by bayloc View Post
      i just want the jailbreak for my 3g. i just want ringtones, and summerboard.
      You can have custom ringtones on your iPhone 3G without the jailbreak. I already have custom ringtones.

      check this out if your interested... iPhone Hacking - Custom Ringtone and SMS Notification | Life in 0 and 1
    1. LinuxChild's Avatar
      LinuxChild -
      Would it be possible for Windows users to use a VMware Image with OSX Leopard to install the pwnage tool and jailbreak our 3g iphones?
    1. mikey08's Avatar
      mikey08 -
      I am excited bout the unlock for the themes and sounds and stuff.. But mainly I can not wait to be able to disable that stupid auto correction tool while im texting!!!!! I hate it so much, it makes me mess up all the time while texting because I like to use slang or abbreviate when i text... I am so excited for this I can't wait... I used to have Iatkos 10.5 on my dell laptop and i might put it back on just so I can jailbreak my 1st gen 2.0 ipohne!
    1. Jesposo's Avatar
      Jesposo -

      I'm thinking about unlocking it on my brother's Mac, since win-version probably is gonna take a while...

      I wonder what Geohot's doing right now...
    1. ianormok's Avatar
      ianormok -
      The Dev Team are doing a great job but looks like somebody beat them to it.

      3G iPhone Unlocked And Pwned - Mobile Blog - InformationWeek

      But still, I too would rather wait for the Dev Team than pay for an unlock.
    1. mikey08's Avatar
      mikey08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jasden580 View Post
      hey everyone I mentioned my Osx on windows earlier. I got alot of responses. I will answer them all when I get on my computer tomorrow as of now I'm stuck on just an iPhone and can't reply to them all. Thx srry for making u wait.
      Ok seriously dude why would you just not post the information on the forum that way people will know and not have to pm you... Kinda sounds like you are wanting some attention here... Anyway whatever doesn't matter I guess at least you are trying to help... But here are some websites that will explain everything that you need to know... And it is really not very hard at all...



      uphuck.ggrn.de • Index page
      (you have to register but is probably the best)
    1. BLOWNCO's Avatar
      BLOWNCO -
      300$ to unlock and i might run into trouble lol what tools............
    1. The iNegro's Avatar
      The iNegro -
      i would like to pledge $10 dollars to the Dev Team. I believe that we owe these people alot and would help our cause to support them. I just wanted to be on record as saying it and hope others will do the same.
    1. msb0014's Avatar
      msb0014 -
      Quote Originally Posted by graf View Post
      The unlock will be useful to those of us who live outside of the USA though.
      True. In America it just sucks that AT&T has a 5 year deal with Apple. I've had T-Mobile and never have a reception issue, my friends on AT&T are always frustrated. More bars in more places, yeah right!
    1. sizzo617's Avatar
      sizzo617 -
      Grrreeaatt! Hopefully they'll release it really soon. Great job guys!
    1. mikey08's Avatar
      mikey08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jasden580 View Post
      I did not post the info here for 3 reasons.
      1. I am using my iPhone and don't hAve access to my computer links. Mentioned above.

      2. I done want to throw this thread off track with the reports of everyone trying to install and asking for tips.( hence the pm me)

      3. I didnt want to post to another forum in a main mmi news thread I thought it might be a little disrespectful to the owners of this forum.

      I don't expect anything in return or recognition. Lol I just want an unlocked 2.0 like alot of other users here stuck on windows and this install makes a good way to pass the time til release. This is alot to type on a phone LOL but anyway good luck to all dual booters!!
      yea i unserstand... just thought id throw the links out there just in case.
    1. jvallesteros's Avatar
      jvallesteros -
      I think its great what the dev team has done for the iPhone community. And I don't mind waiting for any kind of release from them because there is a reason why there is a wait. To make sure their method is safe. I have nothing but respect for them. Thanks!
    1. t.storbeck's Avatar
      t.storbeck -
      Thanks dev team! Keep it up!