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  • Apple Gives Free 30 day Extension on MobileMe
    Just received a nice email from Apple -- I was a bit shocked, the contents of the email aren't following Apple's "We can do no wrong" policy.

    We have recently completed the transition from .Mac to MobileMe. Unfortunately, it was a lot rockier than we had hoped.
    Although core services such as Mail, iDisk, Sync, Back to My Mac, and Gallery went relatively smoothly, the new MobileMe web applications had lots of problems initially. Fortunately we have worked through those problems and the web apps are now up and running.

    Another snag we have run into is our use of the word "push" in describing everything under the MobileMe umbrella. While all email, contact or calendar changes on the iPhone and the web apps are immediately synced to and from the MobileMe "cloud," changes made on a PC or Mac take up to 15 minutes to sync with the cloud and your other devices. So even though things are indeed instantly pushed to and from your iPhone and the web apps today, we are going to stop using the word "push" until it is near-instant on PCs and Macs, too.

    We want to apologize to our loyal customers and express our appreciation for their patience by giving all current subscribers an automatic 30-day extension to their MobileMe subscription free of charge. Your extension will be reflected in your account settings within the next few weeks.

    We hope you enjoy your new suite of web applications at me.com, in addition to keeping your iPhone and iPod touch wirelessly in sync with these new web applications and your Mac or PC.

    Thank you,

    The MobileMe Team
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    1. Fear1508's Avatar
      Fear1508 -
      wow that certainly explains it, cause it still took about 15 to 30 minutes to get mail on my phone. Didn't feel like "push" for me on my phone :P.
    1. pcuserforever's Avatar
      pcuserforever -
      i've been going nuts trying to sync. this explains everything. hopefully it will improve with time. lost contacts and calendar twice and had to restore.
    1. Rosbaughcr's Avatar
      Rosbaughcr -
      I can't get it to grab my contacts from Google Contacts, so it just keeps deleting them off my phone. Good thing I'll get an email within 48 hours... and an additional 30 days of this!? What a treat.

      Edit: The funny thing is that the manager of our local Apple Store gave me the year package of MobileMe because I was in the store from 8am until 1pm due to them misplacing a phone they had activated on my account. Then, because they had already activated it on the account, I weas showing up an uneligible for an upgrade, so I had to pay $499.99. Thankfully, a $200 refund check is on the way.
    1. jfmsam's Avatar
      jfmsam -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fear1508 View Post
      wow that certainly explains it, cause it still took about 15 to 30 minutes to get mail on my phone. Didn't feel like "push" for me on my phone :P.
      If MobileMe email is taking 15 min to sync to your iPhone then Push is not properly enabled on the iPhone.
      All new emails and changes done on the web applications are pushed immediately to the iPhone.
      What takes 15 min or less is for your MAC or PC to sync up automatically. Nevertheless, you can always trigger a manual sync from your MAC or PC.

      Push in MobileMe is working great for me in my iPhone 3G and 2G.

      Now with this added pressure, I hope they make an update that addresses this feature on the MAC or PC.
    1. popmanbx's Avatar
      popmanbx -
      i have had a lot of trouble with mobile me. My iphone doesn't push to the mobile me cloud all the time and nothing syncs instantly like they showed in the keynote. I made sure to set up exactly the way apple said too and still really shaky.

      Does it matter if you are on a first gen iphone with EDGE? I probably can answer my own question.
    1. dynamite's Avatar
      dynamite -
      I consider this to be a good thing, I work for a mobile phone company in their tech dept and I know that a crackberry only checks every 15 mins, it only gets mail more often if the user has a corporate account linked to their own private mail server or if they sync their handset to their pc thru a cable, windows mobile are about the same!!!
    1. oscar25's Avatar
      oscar25 -
      so basically its syncs just like before expect between your iphone and mobileme. Meaning you don't have to sync your phone through itunes anymore.
    1. dito0020's Avatar
      dito0020 -
      crap....im screwed then

    1. oscar25's Avatar
      oscar25 -
      Quote Originally Posted by popmanbx View Post
      Does it matter if you are on a first gen iphone with EDGE? I probably can answer my own question.
      It shouldn't matter but you do need FW 2.0 for it to work.
    1. mtwiford's Avatar
      mtwiford -
      Mine works fine with the contacts etc. I dont really care if it takes 15 min. As long as it does it.
    1. howzitjoe's Avatar
      howzitjoe -
      Well, well. well....Exchange for the rest of us indeed. I found this when looking at my account under data transfer details. Hmm...if I set 4 computers to sync automatically how soon before I get a warning? Not likely I'm going to sync 200GB a month but then again...

      Whatta think?


      About MobileMe data transfer limits

      “Data transfer,” or bandwidth used, is the amount of information moved to and from a site as visitors access it. MobileMe monitors the data transfer of each MobileMe account in order to ensure a high level of performance for all MobileMe subscribers. When you purchase a MobileMe subscription, you receive 20 gigabytes (GB) of storage and up to 200 GB of data transfer capacity per month.

      For example, if you publish a 50 megabyte (MB) movie to a MobileMe website, and 10 of your friends view it, 500 MB of your allotted data transfer quota is used.

      You can use up to half of your monthly quota during the first 15 days of a month. (If you’re close to exceeding your monthly data transfer limit, you receive a message from the MobileMe team.) If you exceed your data transfer limit, any shared files, websites, blogs, or podcasts associated with your MobileMe account are turned off and service is not reinstated until the 1st or 16th of the month (Pacific Standard Time), whichever comes first.

      Member data transfer limits are determined by the amount of MobileMe storage you have. To avoid exceeding your data transfer limit, you can:


      Increase your monthly data transfer limit (up to 400 GB or 600 GB per month) by adding more storage space to your account

      Compress or remove videos and podcasts from your websites. You can also encourage visitors to download your videos or podcasts rather than visit the site repeatedly to view the same content.

      Password-protect your Gallery or other websites to limit page views to those who know the password
    1. tyfly867's Avatar
      tyfly867 -
      i use imap on my email accounts so there was no need to "push" those, and so the only thing i am pushing is my calandars, but i really dont need any of it, I always have my iphone on me so when im at my computer i just sync the two up through itunes. I do whats already been established.