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  • 2 More Jailbreak 2.0 Videos - Cydia running great on 2.0
    The Dev Team has released two more videos, essentially proving the 2.0 jailbreak. These videos show an item actually being bought in the AppStore, and then another package being downloaded from Cydia, right onto the iPhone. EDIT: It shows installed packages in Cydia, not one being installed.

    [ame="http://www.vimeo.com/1327111"]Bootneuter 2.0 on Vimeo[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.vimeo.com/1326377"]2.0 Demo on Vimeo[/ame]

    Installer has not yet been ported to be functional in 2.0, nor have we got word that Nullriver is going to do so. However, Cydia is functioning beautifully on 2.0, and is supported by all major community sources except iSpazio. Look to be installing and rocking Cydia very soon. In fact, the jailbreak methods include an option to install Cydia directly from the jailbreak screen.

    Hurray for APT.

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    1. kane2007uk's Avatar
      kane2007uk -
      Also after a bit more hunting I found this directly from Geohot's blog:

      Post beta 4, the ramdisk hack stopped working. Sorry Zibri, guess you'll have to steal another exploit. They also changed the recovery mode USB protocol to use the control endpoint to send commands.

      The possiblity of unlocking, which is very distinct from jailbreaking, is based entirely on the baseband bootloader. Apple doesn't appear to upgrade the bootloader on phones in the field, probably for fear of breaks. So any old iPhones out there today, regardless of version, can be unlocked.

      The iPhone 3G uses a different bootloader, which I believe there aren't any known exploits in yet. So no unlock.

      There is a known exploit in iBoot, on both the old and 3G iPhones. The "the specific date/time is not firm yet" pwnage tool will leverage it to jailbreak all 2.0 software iPhones, 3G and otherwise. Dev team, that date better be soon or I might just have to release yiPhone. The iBoot exploit is yours, use it. You wouldn't want a repeat of ZiPhone now...

      I stand corrected he aint working with Zibri
    1. timbo's Avatar
      timbo -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigc90805 View Post
      How did you figure that out
      Yiphone decryption code Sorry if this break any rules

      HTML Code:
      <script language="javascript">
      var end=2*2*2*2*2*3*3*42227*100000;
      function crazysub() {
        var mydate=new Date();
        document.getElementById("ccounter").innerHTML="" + (end-mydate.valueOf());
      <body bgcolor="black" onLoad="crazysub()">
      <center><img src="yiphone.jpg" /><br/>
      <h1><font face="times" color="#fff" size="600%">
      <div id="ccounter"></div></font></h1></center>
    1. sk8rliv's Avatar
      sk8rliv -
      tuesday at noon.. a decrypted code from yiphone.org
    1. ebl4287's Avatar
      ebl4287 -
      looks like zibri is a lil bit angry

      here's what he has to say

      Talks, lies, haters, fans.
      I'm sick of this!
      This is not a war and not even a game.
      I originally developed ZiPhone for my own use.
      Then people asked me to release it and I did.
      I bought my first iPhone in Semptember 2007.
      I released ZiPhone in February 2008.
      I know you people are crazy about the iPhone
      but believe me, I am not.
      I think the 3g iPhone is not worth even buying
      for people who already have the
      first generation iPhone.
      GPS ? I have a TomTom Go device.
      3G data ? I have a 7.2 Mb/s card
      in my laptop.
      Apps ?
      I have my iPhone.
      Everything else ?
      I have my life !

      IF and WHEN there will be a new
      ZiPhone you will be informed.
      Stop asking, hating, begging.
      By the way,
      maybe you don't know the difference,
      but ZiPhone was a real hack.
      Software upgrades or custom firmwares
      are a totally different thing.
      A nice proof of concept, a nice work, but
      that's not hacking..
      But if that will ever be released
      and that suits your needs,
      use it. You'll be (hopefully) happy.

      Another note:
      I'm being reported of many people
      faking me on many blogs and sites.
      Check the profile (if there's one).
      And don't take as gold any word from me that
      you don't read here !

      To any hacker out there:
      FACTS speaks louder than words.

      Peace out,
    1. iphonemajjik's Avatar
      iphonemajjik -
      ^^^Sound a little upset doesnt he?!?!?!
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      lol. Time will tell.
    1. princemarko's Avatar
      princemarko -
      Wow, a video..... who cares. Stop hoarding pwnage to get more publicity.
    1. jmcallister's Avatar
      jmcallister -
      FYI When the dev team does release the new PWNAGE it will ONLY be for mac until WinPWN gets updated, This could easily be a month+ from now
    1. maz's Avatar
      maz -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      from the devs

      still cranking away...
      So we are still cranking away*finalizing*pwnagetool for release, and as we said itll be soon.*weve read some comments in our previous posts suggesting that the videos are a tease, so weve taken that on board and we are asking you guys*the users and supporters.
      Would like to see another video, it is a fairly technical video, with some stuff blurred out to protect some stuff we are working on, but assuming you guys are ok with that we can post it later.
      It is your*decision,**another**video? *yes or no?
      Let us know in the comments.
    1. gusesquer's Avatar
      gusesquer -
      really, who gives a crap about vids, and.. cab't eait for the APT!!!
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Quote Originally Posted by princemarko View Post
      Wow, a video..... who cares. Stop hoarding pwnage to get more publicity.
      lol who, princemarko?
    1. babybia175's Avatar
      babybia175 -
      dev team, take your time getting it to the pc. i'm sure most people would much rather see the pwnage thoroughly tested rather then brick their iPhone... sorry... just a thought.
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by babybia175 View Post
      dev team, take your time getting it to the pc. i'm sure most people would much rather see the pwnage thoroughly tested rather then brick their iPhone... sorry... just a thought.
      they dont care, people would rather brick their phone than listen, or wait, or read.

      laziness. its whats killing this country.

      and as for zibri's comments,

      the pressure is on and he has no code to steal.

      when the unlock becomes available and THEN he develops a program,

      we will know who the real hackers are!
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Exactly, Zibri will release his application after the dev team lets the cat out of the bag. Not sooner.
    1. pointdexler's Avatar
      pointdexler -
      Is there an issue with the iphone 2.0 jailbreak...the team been telling everyone that they have the solution like months before the 2.0 firmware is out... now its official and yet still no solution... would appreciate if the team can give us an updates instead of giving us the impression that the solution is available....
    1. Iphoneclueless's Avatar
      Iphoneclueless -
      I dont know about you people, but Im getting tired really fast of silly videos “proving” all the hard work of the “Devs”. How about if you magnificent Devs stop making videos, sacrilegious pictures, and fighting with each other all together, and just give us a date for a release, I dont care if it is one week or a month, but give us a real date so I can download it, use it, donate $20 bucks or so to your cause, and get on with my life.

      If you think like me, hit the thanks button.

      Sorry, but English is not my first or even second language.
    1. Philbert's Avatar
      Philbert -
      The date has to be kept secret in order to keep Apple on their toes. Imagine they gave us a date of, say.. 7/28 Who wants to bet there wouldn't be a iPhone software update with some cool new feature on 7/27? So videos are a way of saying "we're still here".
    1. jrummer's Avatar
      jrummer -
      I am a beginner with all this stuff but successfully jailbroke my phone in 1.1.4. I cannot seem to find any definitive info on going to 2.0. Will it require a restore and then another jailbreak or will the update be in cydia?

      Is there any way to save map bookmarks and other programs or do we have to restore and say goodbye to all that stuff and start again?

      Thanks in advance.
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      I have watched all the impatience over the jailbreak/unlock of the new 3G or of the new firmware for the 1st gen iphones. I too am very interested in the new firmware and/or a 3G phone but I haven't even purchased one yet. My plan is to wait for a jailbreak solution (I love Customize and Summerboard) and upgrade my 1st gen ipHone first. If all goes well and I really like app store and decide that I want 3G I'll go and buy a 3G phone. I guess it sort of makes me wonder why so many would go out an buy the phone so quickly, waiting in lines dealing with quirks and all knowing they'd have to wait for jailbreak or especially those that must unlock. By the time I get my 3G stock will be plentiful and it will be a nobrainer.

      Give the Devteam a break. They do fantastic work. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a good jailbreak/unlock tool.
    1. jsanchey's Avatar
      jsanchey -
      I winpwn'd my first gen iphone to 2.0. And when it turns on bootneuter 2.0 comes up. And it sticks on "please wait determining current settings" Can anyone help with this?