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  • 3g iPhone Yellow Screens = Apple Fail?
    Update: Restore via iTunes to download a new version of the firmware (2.0, 5A347). The colors will look much better after you restore. The shipping firmware on the iPhone 3G is 2.0 5A345. After the restore, the colors will be close to v1 iphone colors. posted by tamakin

    Update #2: Some have posted that update #1 doesn't solve the issue, the theory is back to bad consistency between various screen manufacturers.

    After waiting in lines and going through the excitement many are reporting that their 3g iPhones have noticeably yellow screens.

    In the picture above the iPhone on the left is 3g, while the one on the right is a 1st generation model. If you remember back a year ago to the original iPhone launch there were two different screen types. One was perfect and crystal clear while the other had small but noticeable white dots. Once again Apple's quality control processes seem to be lacking leading to these disgusting yellow screens on many units.

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    1. robsiphone's Avatar
      robsiphone -
      I just compared my 3g to my 1st gen. I set. brightness to max on both and the difference is negligable if any at all. Maybe I got lucky or it's just me??
    1. bluespot's Avatar
      bluespot -
      Firmware restore from 5A345 to 5A347 does nothing. My iPhone 3G screen is noticably more yellow than my original iPhone.

      It also has a very pronounced change of color temperature as you tilt it away from you (and view it at an angle). Tilt it one way, it gets more yellow, tilt the other way, more blue. The brightness also drops off very fast as you start increasing the viewing angle. My first gen iPhone keeps the same color temperature at all viewing angles and maintains brightness much better than my 3G screen.

      The 3G definitely uses a cheaper LCD than the first gen iPhone. The good news is that I would have never noticed if I didn't put the two phones right next to each other. Oh well.
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -
      Quote Originally Posted by glustic View Post
      I dunno, look at those pictures. The 3g looks quite yellow, but if you notice, the 3g is turned and not straight.
      I noticed a similar issue regarding the infamous 5-screen vs 7-screen thread last year. The picture of the two screens side by side showed the 7-screen slightly turned to one side, causing the screen to appear darker than it normally would have.
    1. A_DuB187's Avatar
      A_DuB187 -
      I have a first gen iPhone and also a iPhone 3G and both screens are exactly the same....no yellow tint here at all

      also i have something to add...for those of you who think the the new iPhone is made of cheaper materials because of the fact its $199 compared to the old $399. Did you forget that when you perchased the new 3G that your plan rate increased $10 more a month? You WILL end up paying the $399 back plus more. So in my opinion its not made cheaper they just pitched you this $199 bull**** to make you buy the phone and end up paying way more than the difference in the long run. Just think about the two year agreement that you agreed to along with the purchase. Thats $10 more a month for 2 years so you figure $240. My total was $216.11 so add $240 to that and youll see what i mean. $456.11
    1. ifini's Avatar
      ifini -
      Tip: Updating iPhone to 5A347 reduces yellow tinge

      Tip: Updating iPhone to 5A347 reduces yellow tinge
      By Clint Ecker | Published: July 13, 2008 - 02:20PM CT

      Many of our readers have noted that their new iPhone 3Gs purchased this past Friday had screens that were exhibiting a much yellower hue than their original iPhones, even when updated to the latest firmware using iTunes. Some individuals have even gone so far as to use a professional chroma meter to measure the temperature of each screen (no mention of firmware version).

      Jason Snell of Macworld wrote an article on the new warmer screens and managed got the following comment from Apple PR:

      “We moved the white point in order to make [the display feel] more natural,” Borchers said, suggesting that consumers are more likely to appreciate warmer images, especially when viewing photos.

      Ars Technica forum readers have discovered that the reason is because the iPhones purchased in-store shipped with a slightly older firmware revision—2.0 5A345. Updating your older phone via the built-in mechanism in iTunes will have picked up the newer revision, which resets the screen's color calibration to be a little less yellow and more like the original iPhone. Furthermore, store-purchased iPhones can be set to the 5A347 firmware by attaching the device to your main computer, allowing a backup to be performed, and then clicking the "Restore" button.

      This process will take you at least 30 minutes depending on how much content you have on your iPhone, but if that yellow tinge is bothering you, it might be worth it.

      Apple's previous comments on this issue makes the situation even more confusing. Did they make the screen too yellow in 5A345 and decide to tone it down in 5A347?

      We have confirmed that updating the firmware from 345 to 347 changes the color calibration to be less yellow. We did this by taking an iPhone purchased at an AT&T store on Friday (5A345), restored and updated its firmware, and compared it to other iPhone 3G models running the 5A345 firmware and 5A347.

      We synchronized the screen brightness levels and auto brightness features and confirmed that all iPhone hardware running the 5A347 firmware exhibited a less-yellow calibration than their 5A345 brethren. The resulting color temperature change can be seen in the above photograph.

      Update: 2.0 firmware is prefixed with 5A, not 3A.

      Buzz up!
    1. DuRo's Avatar
      DuRo -
      if you look in details the screen pic looks more nature but I prefers a lil less yellowish
    1. braddahjosh's Avatar
      braddahjosh -
      I heard from other sources that the screen manufacturer purposely made the screens like that to give it a "warmer" feel. Supposedly text is clearer and the phone is easier to see under sunlight with the "warmer" screens
    1. rickatsd's Avatar
      rickatsd -
      I just came back from Apple store and have checked all the iPhone 3G they have on display. I compared my 1st generation iPhone to all of them (BR set at max) and every one of them turned out to be yellowish. I believe it's the way they want it to be. But the poll is now at ~ 1:1 ?
      Is it my eyes of yours?
      No offense guys ^^
    1. ARCHA1C's Avatar
      ARCHA1C -
      My screen may be a bit warmer in color tone, but it doesn't "suck" or look like "sewer water" therefore I voted that mine is "awesome".

      I haven't held it up next to an EDGE iPhone, nor do I care to. It looks great, and I"m quite happy with it.

      It's the battery life that has me bummed :-(
    1. DuRo's Avatar
      DuRo -
      Theres around 10 3g iphone in my family and they are all yellowish
    1. Remwe11's Avatar
      Remwe11 -
      actually Apple said they made it that way on purpose so the pictures would look better on the new iPhone 3G
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      I think the Yellow makes it look terrible and not natural or warm when sitting side by side to my O.G. iPhone.
    1. mgregor's Avatar
      mgregor -
      I think the Yellow makes it look excellent and natural or warm when sitting side by side to my O.G. iPhone.
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      This is why its to cheap"

      Cheaper screens
      Plastic replaces metal
      The buttons are plastic now, 1st GEN iphone they where hard rubber
      Screen is slightly smaller just a tiny bit

      BTW its not called warmer colors, its called business and kissing apples ***. Fanboys!
    1. LaZARuZ's Avatar
      LaZARuZ -
      the screen are the same size ..
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Arent they shorter?
    1. LaZARuZ's Avatar
      LaZARuZ -
      the viewing screen are the same size but the whole glass face of the 3g is wider.
    1. RaXavier69's Avatar
      RaXavier69 -
      if tis software and they intended it this way we should have the option of yellow or blue.
    1. mgregor's Avatar
      mgregor -
      DON'T BUY THE PHONE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! Now stop crying about it.
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      mine is a little yellow no lines. I probaly would not of noticed it if I didn't see this