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  • 3g iPhone Yellow Screens = Apple Fail?
    Update: Restore via iTunes to download a new version of the firmware (2.0, 5A347). The colors will look much better after you restore. The shipping firmware on the iPhone 3G is 2.0 5A345. After the restore, the colors will be close to v1 iphone colors. posted by tamakin

    Update #2: Some have posted that update #1 doesn't solve the issue, the theory is back to bad consistency between various screen manufacturers.

    After waiting in lines and going through the excitement many are reporting that their 3g iPhones have noticeably yellow screens.

    In the picture above the iPhone on the left is 3g, while the one on the right is a 1st generation model. If you remember back a year ago to the original iPhone launch there were two different screen types. One was perfect and crystal clear while the other had small but noticeable white dots. Once again Apple's quality control processes seem to be lacking leading to these disgusting yellow screens on many units.

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    1. hozay09's Avatar
      hozay09 -
      At 1st I wasn't a believer of the "yellow screen" issue however now having my last iphone 3G 16gb break on me & having a new replacement I definitely notice it now. My last model did not have the yellow tint.. this one is definitely noticeable
    1. ifini's Avatar
      ifini -
      Can anyone verify if the new software upgrade 2.0.1 solve the yellow piss screen issue?
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      frankly I agree with Toothfairy. I joe the yellowish tint. The colors look much more crisp an vibrant not to mention the text being clearer to read. With my 2G iPhone I had to always use my reading glasses. With the 3g I can get by without.

      I really don't know what the big deal is. I hated the blah stark yucky shade of blue on the old iphone and modded it to a warmer shade.
    1. cherokee's Avatar
      cherokee -
      Quote Originally Posted by theetoothfairy View Post
      I went to the ATT store to order my 3G. Before ordering it I completely compared it to iphone I have right now.... which is the first version.

      The pictures that are shown at the beginning of this thread of the screen colors, blue tint to yellow tint are not as dark on each phone...

      When I compared the two yes... the first iphone did have the blue tint... and the 3G has the yellow tint...

      BUT from my comparison... looking at all kinds of pictures with both phones in which I used the same pictures on each phone... I feel the yellow tint makes the pictures more brilliant in color.

      When I compared each phone I also turned up the brightness on each phone and turned it down to do my comparisons.

      I feel the blue tint washed out some of the pictures and also writing within the phone while the yellow made the writing clearer.

      For me.... with my artistic talents and years working with my husband mixing paint for cars and one must really have a eye when painting cars I have to vote for the yellow tint on the 3G phone....

      Over all I like the brilliant colors on the 3G phone better when looking at pictures and I liked how the black writing looked clearer...

      Each one has their preference in which color they like but I like a crisp looking screen and I feel the 3G has it over the first generation iphone...
      Your observations are spot on regarding photographs. In the photo-lab business we call the blue screens 'cool' as to colour temperature, the yellow screens are called 'warm'

      Warm runs in the clour spectrum from yellow through red. Photolab printers are always balanced on the 'warm' side (along with a grey scale) to give more accurate scene reproduction.

      So maybe Apple had in mind to improve the colour balance of the camera, a benficial 'accident' if it was not by design.