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  • Long iLines - Share your experience.
    Well people haven't lost any interest in the iPhone. Just like last year there were/are lines at Apple and AT&T retail stores. Also with the iTunes Store going down there are long wait times in many locations. Share your iPhone day experience.

    Kyle in Tampa took some shots of the lines he was at.

    At the Apple store these were a couple shots of the lines @ 8:30 am. The iTunes Store went offline around 10:30 am they have only been able to bring in 20 People every 40 mins.

    And here's a shot from a Tampa AT&T store:

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    1. PhoneLine's Avatar
      PhoneLine -
      I got up at 3am on Wednesday and left my house about 3:30 and got the 5th Ave Apple store at 5am. Normally its a 35 minute trip, but the trains suck that time of morning, everything goes local.

      So, I get to the store at 5am and there is already about 50 people on line, and they are not going to sell them till 7am, even though the store is 24/7. By 7am, the line stretched all the way down to madison ave, it was 350+ people, and this is a full 6 days after the release. The store still averages a 3-4 hour wait time if you go in the afternoon, and they usually stop people from getting on the line by about 5pm.

      So, back to the adventure...They started letting the line in at 7, and by 7:30 I was in the store and by 8am I had my 16 gig white, so it was worth it. The same day I heard they sold out of the 16 gig black at the store, so I'm glad I waited and got it and don't ahve to worry about it being sold out.
    1. iphonekid's Avatar
      iphonekid -
      turns out my the person who is doing work on my house knows the manager of the apple store and had him set one aside for me and i walked right in past the line and got a 16 gb... good day
    1. ZXMustang's Avatar
      ZXMustang -
      I spent 7 hours waiting in line yesterday. Then when I finally get it, I was told I couldnt get the $199 price on the 8gig black because I had a corp. discount on my account. Then after I called at&t and had it removed, they tried again and couldnt give me the cheaper price. So again I had to call AT&T and they said I couldnt get the upgrade price even though I was eligible for upgrade because my bill was ONE DAY PAST THE DUE DATE. So I then had to pay off my bill over the phone with AT&T before the apple store rep could sell me this damn phone for the $199 price I was promised. This was a total nightmare. On top of that, my home area has almost NO 3G coverage so I have to have the 3G turned off just to get calls. Almost not worth the time and money I blew yesterday. I should have just held onto the edge phone until the demand dies down and the coverage gets better. The ONLY thing that I like over my old iPhone is the GPS. It showed me on the map moving in realtime the whole way home. This is great because I drive around all day for work and needed a NAV unit. I will never do this again, waiting in line like this.
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      stopped by the Apple store inthe King of Prussia Mall this morning around 11 AM and the line went out of the store maybe 50 feet or so. I asked the couple first online how long the waited, and they said about an hour and a half. They open at 8 AM for iPhone sales and I learned that they open the mall entrance at 6:30. My son wants his 3G so as primary on the account, I have to go with him. We are going to chance getting there around 7:45. Since he has an 80gb iPod he's only going for an 8 gig iPhone. He leaves for college three weeks from today andthe dorms only have wired internet, but the city is in a 3g service area. Hes giving his youngest brother his 1st gen iPhone since he's been wanting onwsince they came out, as a starting high school gift. He wants me to make him a cool Customize skin for it. Big brother says only a few kids have iPhones and his lockscreen and theme always is good for its "cool factor"

      Hope we don't have to wait in line too long.