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  • Long iLines - Share your experience.
    Well people haven't lost any interest in the iPhone. Just like last year there were/are lines at Apple and AT&T retail stores. Also with the iTunes Store going down there are long wait times in many locations. Share your iPhone day experience.

    Kyle in Tampa took some shots of the lines he was at.

    At the Apple store these were a couple shots of the lines @ 8:30 am. The iTunes Store went offline around 10:30 am they have only been able to bring in 20 People every 40 mins.

    And here's a shot from a Tampa AT&T store:

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    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Day 2 of the 3G iPhone launch... the line is still 100+ people deep at the Austin, TX Apple store at 5:00PM. That's craziness!! I wouldn't be surprised if the line bleeds into day 3!
    1. FredieC's Avatar
      FredieC -
      I was on the 5th Ave. store in NY... started to wait on line at 2am, i was number 88 my friend was 89. Get in the store at 8:05 got the phone at 8:30, my friend came in at 8:05 got the phone at 11:30, because the servers crashed. He got so pissed off that he started to yell, so to shut him up they gave me and him two belkin covers, two screen protectors, and two car chargers.

      PS. Did anyone's service get worse, since they switched to the iphone 3g??
    1. rkisling's Avatar
      rkisling -
      I stopped by Stonestown Mall in San Francisco last night after work-thought I would see what the line was like after calling the store and being assured there were plenty in stock. I arrived at 6pm and they were lining up outside the mall and being taken into the mall in groups of 10. Reps were outside making sure everyone was iReady They said it was about a two hour wait so I decided to wait...*four* hours later I am in the store which is packed with Apple sales reps and buyers.

      I had a corporate discount on my account and Apple can't process your order with a discount on your account BUT they are able to call AT&T and have it removed... which they did after being on hold with At&t for 30 minutes. It's now 11 pm and they are processing their final sales of the evening (all orders and activations are entered on a wireless Pocket PC device ;-) and AT&T's activation server goes down... so everyone in middle of buying a phone instead gets a nice white iClaim check (sorry no black claim checks) which they are so happy to have after waiting 5 hours--NOT... which they can use to come back tomorrow and pickup their iphone. i went and had a cocktail... or two or ....

      Today wasn't so bad; with a claim check, I was able to bypass the line and get my white 16 gb iphone in about an hour.

      The apple clerks were really helpful but you could tell it had been a crazy day with itunes being down in the AM, AT&T customer support not being particularly helfpul or informed and then the AT&T server crashing at 11.... and most had been there since 6 or 7 in the morning.

      the line outside today was longer than it was at 6 pm last night... and they had a lot less people working today... its going to be along day for some... but it seems like they have alotof phones....

      Now to sync & play with my new iphone
    1. antonio's Avatar
      antonio -
      I showed up to my local apple store about 7am, and was 7th in line. Picked up 2 8gb phones @ 9 when they opened. As I was leaving I noticed the line had grown to like a hundred people
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I was not one that ran out to get the new 3G as of yet. I was going to go and was up the night before they started to sell but had to wait it out just to see what is what with it and complaints that some may or may not have....

      Once I woke up on Thursday I tryed to download the upgrade and was not able to. I first crused the net and found answers of what the problem was... as the servers crashed.... I called Apple and told them I knew what was going on but wanted to know how long before they got them up and running... he then told me to just keep trying...

      It was little after 5:00 pm I was able to upgrade the phone in which I was scared because it was slow going... it took about a hour to get it upgraded...

      Once it was upgraded I bought the software I wanted for it.

      However I called our local ATT today and asked them if things were getting slow as for people buying the 3G.... he stated to me that there were still about a 100 people a day lining up to buy one....

      Tomorrow being Sunday they are not opened... he told me to call on Monday and then he would be able to tell me what was what as for getting more into the store for Tuesday....

      So I will call on Monday to see what is what for Tuesday... I will probably have to go stand in line almost a week later... LOL
    1. endrit's Avatar
      endrit -
      I went to the first rogers store at 8:30 and I was 12th in line. 7 people went through and the Rogers guy comes out and anounces that the iphone 16g is out of stock. I WAS PISSED. than I went to another Rogers (store opened at 9:30) at the mall and I was 13th in line. When it came to my turn I asked for the 16gig iphone. The girl told me that they were out of stock. I waited in line for 45 min. THAN i started screaming!!!! i been waiting here for an hour, why in the **** didnt you anounce it as soon as you ran out of stock you ****** morons!!! people started laughing. than i left. tried a few more stores and no success. and i still dont have the iphone. i'm pissed
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      I passed my local AT&T about 10PM after work and seen 6 ppl in line. I then went home picked up my sleeping bag and went back. Slept there on the ground 7th in line. Barely slept. 7:30am the AT&T ppl start prescreening. I find out that my name is no longer on the contract because when Cingular switched over to AT&T they took my name off and just had my grandma's name on there as the primary. We have a family plan and I was already dissapointed cuz my 1st gen got stollen at work on Monday. They said I had to call customer service. CS told me that I needed my GM last four of her social security#. I was like f$&k I can't get in touch with her cuz she's not home cuz she goes bowling. Tried calling her cell but you know GM never turns it on. Tried calling the bowling ally but they don't answer there phone till 9am. I was pissed. I then left drove 24miles to the bowling ally got my GM's info. I went to another AT&T that was closer but still had a ridiculous line. Called CS back and told them my GM's last four and to add me as an authorized user. CS told me my GM had to do it. F$&k!!! Drove back to the bowling ally to have GM call CS and add me to the account. Even my GM was tripping she was like can't they just look at the previous bills when my name was on it. "nope". Ok that's fixed. I then said I need to go home soon to take care of personal hygeine. So I return to the first AT&T store I went to which is only five minutes from home to only end up like 50th in line. Three hours later I'm next to walk in and the guy comes out and said were sold out and where only taking orders. OMFG!!! I place the order pissed as a mofo. Rush home shower goto work. I wasn't giving up. Around 5pm I connect to meebo at work and tell my girlfriend to call all the AT&T to see if they have. "all sold out". Tell her to call the two apple stores and one of them still has them in stock. But I don't finish work until 4 and 1/2 hours. I tell my co-worker I want a new iPhone cuz he new my problems (stollen phone and waiting in line for nothing). He says go after the office closes (cuz only get me and him with no bosses around but come back before we supposed to finish). Shoots. 6pm I leave goto the mall and stand in this long ***** line. 1 and 1/2 hours pass. We barely moved. Asked one of the apple reps how long it will take to get to the front "about three hours or more" he says. Sh1t I don't have three hours. I still wasn't giving up. I told the lady behind me to save my spot. Went to my car to get change so I could make some phone calls. Called my GF to ask for my cousins # to see if she can wait in line for me cuz I needed to get back to work (still on the clock). She tells me she finishes work at 9pm. Damn that's to late cuz I wouldn't make it back to work on time but I'm on two payphones at the same time and my GF hears and offers to catch the bus to the mall and wait in line for me (GF just got her two wisdoms pulled gotta love the GF). So it takes my GF an hour to find me in line half an hour after the servers go down. Kissed her and went back to work. Got back to the mall and they said the where in the front for 20 minutes . Walked in and got a black 16gb iPhone.

      I'm very happy with it and i'm glad I have a phone again. Unexplainable satisfaction for all the stress and effort I put into getting it. Oh and I also have a 8gb one pre-ordered at the first AT&T. I'm gonna put it on eBay and hopefully get more than I paid for it. No problems so far so I guess it was worth it. Can't wait till the devTeam jailbreaks it cuz I need TinyProxy.
    1. kingcha's Avatar
      kingcha -
      I'm on vacation in Maui. I refused to wait a few more days for when I got home. I woke up at 3 in the morning and drove an hour to the only AT&T store on the island. I was expecting to go there and see a lot more people than were there, I was 7th in line. All the people in line were really cool they told me all he fun stuff to do on the island. Someone brought their router so we had full Internet while we were waiting. When the employees first got there they said that we were going to have to activate the phones from home but by the time 8am rolled around they had everything sorted out but all in all I had a great time waiting in line made some new friends and best of all I got my iPhone!
    1. SPARTEN II's Avatar
      SPARTEN II -
      I went to an Apple Store in Atlanta (Perimeter Mall). I got there at about 8:15am, and didn't get into the store until about 4:00pm.

      They still had a lot left and I was able to get two for a family plan. Both 16GB, one black and one white.
    1. oops1975's Avatar
      oops1975 -
      Got my 16GB white phone within an hour yesterday. I went to local ATT store in Plano TX around 9.30 AM(I forgot to sync my old phone so spent time doing that). There were 35 or so people in line when I went there. Around 10 AM the store guy came out and said that the guy in front of me was going to be the last one to get the phone. I thought hopefully there might be some mis-calculation and I might get one and stuck around.... Fortunately couple of guys came out without the phone.. I am guessing that they might have had a issue with their credit check.... And as I had thought, the ATT guy had miscalculated the # of phone they had. When the cop (who was guarding the door and guiding people sales counter) let me in, I had all the options.. 8GB and 16GB black and white... I settled for 16GB white...
      Very happy with the phone... All I need to do now is erase my old 1 Gen phone and sell it on ebay
    1. bcons003's Avatar
      bcons003 -
      well not is this my first this is my first iPhone and first time I ever waited in line for any thing... I got up at 5 am after having a fraternity party at our house. I had one of my brothers go with I waited in line for 5 & 1/2 hrs I knew I was going to get one it was just waiting for I had A friend workin on the inside of the store it was fun and worth it
    1. Zeta22's Avatar
      Zeta22 -
      Here in my country the only reseller who has the 3G. (Only Blacks) It has a bunch of stores. They sell all of them in one day despite the compliants about the pricing and the plans
    1. MostFelonious's Avatar
      MostFelonious -
      I have been going to the Lenox apple store in atl. Impossible to get one barring a 5 hour wait lines being cut off 4 hours before the mall closes, happened to me twice, no voucher nothing.....pissed guess I'll wait
    1. Rsxluva23's Avatar
      Rsxluva23 -
      well it was pretty easy to get my 16 white went to a local apple store in Arizona stood in line for about an hr or so and got my phone. I was talking to one of the workers there and they said they will have enough phones for anybody that comes in today!! Oh this was Friday they are all sold out now
    1. Platanum's Avatar
      Platanum -
      i guess im one of the lucky ones i got my two 16g's a white and a black (could't decided at the store so i purchase both of them). i only waited for about 15 min saturday morning at an at&t store in Orlando Fl (by Florida mall). im still undecided on the color Like the white but the black looks good as well
    1. tyfly867's Avatar
      tyfly867 -
      i waited in line for 2 hours in atlanta on saturday. I still had a good 150 people ahead of me when i was talking to a guy who had waited the day before and got a "VIP" card when the servers shut down, he had just bought his phone from the att store and didnt need it. So he gave it to me. I walked up to the front and they let me right in! they didnt even collect the card so i was free to give it to someone else. Hows that for luck? Saved me another 3+ hours of waiting.

      i had a good overall expirence, but i know soo many people went through hell, espically those waiting in line for hours to find out they couldnt get one.

      I think apple and ATT dropped the bomb on letting people know who could and could not buy a phone. For example, im not the main user on a family account, and although i did a ton on research before hand, no where did it say that the authorized account person had to be there with me. I found that out through this website. SUCH A BAD LAUNCH.
    1. sr20_00's Avatar
      sr20_00 -
      Well I have never waited in line for anything. I didn't have anything to do so I went to the AT&T store on Polaris Pkwy in Columbus at 11A.M. the day before launch. I sat my chair down and read a book, played my iPhone battery dead, and chatted with UPS making an iPhone delivery. I was lonely until about 8P.M. The couple with the cards showed up, my wife brought my 3yr old to see me, the guy with the beer showed up, some guys brought out a game called "Corn Hole!" and about 20 of us had fun until five or so in the morning when more people started showing up. The line grew to 150-200 with me video camering and snapping pictures until the store opened. I was first. I walked in, got my white iPhone activated. Showed the whole line of folks. It wasn't active though. My old one was still on. They took me into the very back of the store to a manager who looked over my account and switched my sims out. I was so excited to have it active I left my sim ejector tool on his desk so I don't have one. The whole experience was a lot of fun and I met some great people! Peace to my Polaris Pkwy friends!
    1. CodyR1951's Avatar
      CodyR1951 -
      I'm in line now at the apple store in St. Louis... 3 hours from my home town. They say the chances of me getting the new one are pretty slim. But I still have faith!!
    1. Rounder's Avatar
      Rounder -
      Wow you guys in the US had bad luck! I got mine on Wednesday, Rogers were sold out on Monday and Tuesday I just missed the last one. Called Wednesday morning, still sold out, and then I showed up in the afternoon and they had received their shipment, about 10 mins later I walked out with my brand new iPhone! They didn't have the 16GB's models though... but I settled for the 8GB. All in all, pretty harmless to get one for me!
    1. tyfly867's Avatar
      tyfly867 -
      it was easy getting the white one because hardly any body had been buying them when i was there. fine with me though just makes mine more precious.