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  • Long iLines - Share your experience.
    Well people haven't lost any interest in the iPhone. Just like last year there were/are lines at Apple and AT&T retail stores. Also with the iTunes Store going down there are long wait times in many locations. Share your iPhone day experience.

    Kyle in Tampa took some shots of the lines he was at.

    At the Apple store these were a couple shots of the lines @ 8:30 am. The iTunes Store went offline around 10:30 am they have only been able to bring in 20 People every 40 mins.

    And here's a shot from a Tampa AT&T store:

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    1. Numberzz's Avatar
      Numberzz -
      The Burlingame, CA Apple Store had a very long line, it took me 5 hours to get my iPhone. I was 52nd in line. The line was at least 300 people long.
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      more kyle pictures

      oh and kyle would like me to point out that this is not him

    1. scottvalentine's Avatar
      scottvalentine -
      haha, no im stuck watching the excitement from home, wrecked my CBR 600 and have no meat on the cheeks, lesson to all, umm i know floridas hot, but wear jeans when your riding, PM if u want to see a disturbing pic of my ER visit
      But Damn, would love a Cinnabon haha
    1. TEM94's Avatar
      TEM94 -
      7 hours got in there and when I was in there they told me I had an education discount and said that must be taken off and it would take 24 hours to notice that it was removed and until then I couldn't get the phone
    1. tcschrader's Avatar
      tcschrader -
      in davenport, ia, my gf and i(20th and 21st in line) got the last 16 gig white, and the 8 gig... while we were inside the store, some guy who left his dog in his car for 5 hours in the hot sun got booed out of line by fellow iphone fanatics. bystanders had to give the dog bottled water and threatened to call the police on the man. just goes to show iPhone users and PETA go hand in hand
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      ^^^Nice priorities, I wouldn't leave my dog in a hot car for 5 hours for ANYTHING!
    1. CoolBito's Avatar
      CoolBito -
      You don't have to be in PETA to think that a dog in a 100+ degree car is a bad thing.

      Anyway... I'm getting mine next week if possible... forget these lines =/
    1. Clem-Clone's Avatar
      Clem-Clone -
      I was in line at the Apple Store, Ridgedale Mall, Minneapolis at 6:45. I spent over 1 hr inside the store to activate my phone. First problem was definitely the AT&T server, no matter what they say. Next, was the iTunes tore to finish activation. I got ut at 11, so 3 hrs from when the store opened at 8AM.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      All right, 7 hours later, I am posting this via 3G from my new 16GB white iPhone. I will post pictures and such this afternoon.
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      Waited in line at ATT store at 630am. 4 people ahead of us. Filled out the iready form and we had already done the credit check the week before to speed things up (like THAT worked out). They had NO white phones and only 20 8gig black. We got our 2. AND BTW because I work for the city we get a 15% plan discount monthly. Apparently a few other places get bigger ones (Shaws if you can believe it) So that was welcome news.There were still people in line a few hours later. Rep said they would be getting more in tomorrow. Good luck with that. BTW the new black plastic DOES show a ton of fingerprints as we suspected.
    1. lor443's Avatar
      lor443 -
      do u think theyll still be lines on saturday night?
    1. ceramicwhite's Avatar
      ceramicwhite -
      in line at fashion island Newport beach at the apple store they said they aren't going to be running out of phones anytime soon. Although I have been in line for three hours and still have one more to go. If you have a corporate discount on your att account you won't be able to buy one at apple only att stores can take care of that.
    1. DanyKitten's Avatar
      DanyKitten -
      my husband and i got to the att store here in augusta,ga at 2pm yesterday. we were first and second in line. we waited thru a horrible castout storm coming out of the gulf i think. it was raining like crazy but i stoped about and hour after we had got there. the next person didn't show up until 6pm. we had a full out party by 10pm. we ordered pizza and one guy had a dvd player in the back of his suv so we watched movies all night long and laughed about the people thinking they could come at 7am and get a 16g. at 8 am the doors opened and we went in and didn't leave for an hour because they didn't know how to upgrade the phones from our old iphones. needless to say we left with fully activated phones(mines a black 16g and my husbands is a white 16g) woo do i love that phone
    1. evh5150's Avatar
      evh5150 -
      my whole city is out for a week
    1. iCrave's Avatar
      iCrave -
      Quote Originally Posted by ceramicwhite View Post
      in line at fashion island Newport beach at the apple store they said they aren't going to be running out of phones anytime soon. Although I have been in line for three hours and still have one more to go. If you have a corporate discount on your att account you won't be able to buy one at apple only att stores can take care of that.

      This is my first post and would like to contribute to the community by sharing what I know.

      Having bought the iPhone this morning at an Apple store, I can assure you that one can buy the iphone in an Apple store while having a corporate discount on the account.

      Now, if you buy the iphone at an Apple store, you risk having the corporate discount temporarily removed from your account. If that does happen, a phone call to ATT customer service will resolve the issue and you will get the corporate discount back.

      It's weird like that and I can't explain why, but I've seen this happen on and off today at the Apple store. Mine went through with the corporate discount just fine.
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      went to AT&T store at 7:40 am, 30th in line

      I love the new phone. Gps is awesome...
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      I just went to Lenox Atl thinkin maybe the line will be short 5 mind before close. Yeah right probaly 200 people still in line. Crazy
    1. y0ungSir's Avatar
      y0ungSir -
      Quote Originally Posted by stereo313 View Post
      I just went to Lenox Atl thinkin maybe the line will be short 5 mind before close. Yeah right probaly 200 people still in line. Crazy
      Lenox mall? You should of went to the mall of Georgia lol jk. Though, it wasn't too busy in Marietta/Hiram.
    1. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
      Bleeditout2130 -
      Because of too much drinking last night, I couldn't wake up early and be the first in line.

      I headed out about 9 to some local ATT stores and found out that was a bad idea - they had sold out almost immediately.

      I drove up to Ft. Lauderdale to an Apple store, got in line just after 12, and was out at 4 with my 16GB Black 3G.

      I have no complaints...we were given plenty of water and coffee as well as food. Plus we were in a mall
    1. bamgates's Avatar
      bamgates -
      Well I was on line which was a block long at 7:15am on 125th Street in Harlem, NYC. The line was moving fast until I got to the door of the at&t store. Then everything became movie like......... I was racing against the clock because I don't have an at&t account plus I'm no interested in getting one so I had to get a good friend of mine who wasn't interested in the new iPhone to get the iPhone for me. At about 9:30am we both was still on the line waiting near the door and it seemed like the closer we go the slower the line moved. I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't get the iPhone because my friend had to attend an emergency meeting at his job at 10:00am. As the clock struck 9:57am and we stood idle at the door of the at&t store he had to leave for his meeting so I was left with a decision either leave and waste a 2hrs and 45min wait or wait until his meeting was over. I didn't want to waste the 2hrs and 45mins so I waited. I had to let about 15 people go ahead of me which heart my heart cause I was so close but yet so far from purchasing the new iPhone 3G.............But what made my day was when the whole line kinda got angry at me cause Rap Star Max B pulled up to the store & being that he's a friend of mind he gave me a five and ask was they doing trade-in's I told him that I wasn't sure cause I heard that it depends on when you bought it. He then stayed at the front of the line and when the security gaurd unlocked the dor and said next he quickly walked to the door and said he needed a car charger for his iPhone and the sales rep. recognized him and asked did he wanna upgrade his iPhone and he said yeah I got the "16 Gigga Joint" I laughed as I still had to wait for my friend to return from his job meeting. At 10:45am Max B left the at&t store and shouted out: yeah I got the new iPhone :::chuckled::: then he said and I skipped everybody Ha Ha! He then gave me credit for the skip by saying good looking out and that he'll see me later. Everyone on the line looked at me and some suck their teeth other made a few smart remarks under their breathe but I'm a big dude so they got over it real fast after I said what I had to say....lol. It was now 11:01am and the sun was cooking me as I stood at the entrance to the at&t store, what do you know my good friend arrived just as they said they only had 3 iPhone 3G's in white left I quickly called the cute little at&t rep. to the door and told her that my friend had came back and she told the security guard to let us in that we had been waiting for ever. Once inside the manager of the store said that there wasn't any iPhones left but we can place an order and that they would call us when it arrives at the store in 3-5 business days. I was like oh hell no I was told that there was three white 16GB iPhone's left and no one else came in the store so what happen? The manager then went to the back and handed my friend the last iPhone in the store which was a 16GB in white just like I wanted. I damn near did a back flip in the store but then I remembered that I'm a T-Mobile customer so I kepted my cool and waited an extra hour because the itunes store was down so only a partial activation was done and we left the store.
      That's how my day went, but I got my iPhone just like I told rusty778 I would!