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  • Agile Mobile launches All in One Messenger Client, MultiPlayer War Game

    Agilemobile.com Ltd., a software development company with its primary focus on development of software for mobile phones and handheld computers, today announced the release of Agile Messenger and Agile Forces for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and the new iPhone 3G.

    Agile Messenger is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for mobile phones and provides a seamless connection to the public instant messaging networks of ICQ, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk and XMPP. Features include Agilemobile.com's multi-media messaging technology which enables users to send instant image, video, and voice messages from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC. In addition to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch platform, Agile Messenger is already available for Windows Mobile, Symbian Series 60, 80, 90 and Symbian UIQ.

    Agile Forces is truly a next generation mobile game and a great example of what the future of mobile multi player gaming is going to look like. Agile Forces is an online multi-player war strategy game. Players are able to challenge other players from all over the world through Agilemobile.com's matchmaking server or play in single player mode. This game features complex war strategy scenarios in both single player and multi-player mode, stunning graphics and over 100 challenging levels to keep the player occupied for months.

    Free beta versions of Agile Messenger and Agile Forces for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch can both be found on the ModMyI.com Installer and Cydia Community Sources.

    "We are extremely excited about Apple's new iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and are fully committed to developing new software products for this platform," said Timon Haringa, co-founder and Technical Director of Agilemobile.com Ltd. "Agile Messenger enables people on the go to stay in contact with co-workers, family and friends, anywhere, anytime and any place. Thanks to Apple's advanced new devices our customer's user experience is becoming more intuitive and rewarding than ever."

    Other Agilemobile.com instant messaging products include AgileLCS, a mobile enterprise instant messaging client for MS Office Communication Server and AgileIMPS, a Wireless Village client supporting the OMA IMPS standard.

    Agile Mobile - MSN, ICQ, AOL, AIM, XMPP, IMPS, Google Talk & Yahoo! Messenger for your mobile phone
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    1. TheAppShare's Avatar
      TheAppShare -
      This is BY FAR the best chat client i have seen for the iPhone, if not for any mobile device. It has the sexiest interface, and works seamlessly. Everything is so smooth and I LOVE the image send/view feature.


      BTW will we have to pay for this in the future? I dont mind at ALL but i am jsut wondering if it will be free or not.

      THANKS once again
    1. Earthsiege's Avatar
      Earthsiege -
      I really like this IM client, but it definitely has some bugs to sort out. The GUI is freaking awesome! But like a few other people, as soon as I try to send an IM to someone, it crashes to home screen. Back to MobileChat for the time being, I guess.
    1. danvicente's Avatar
      danvicente -
      i am getting the AOL SYS MESSAGE too. I am only signed in at one location. I was thinking this is how it keeps you connected so the program doesnt idle and drop ur connection. However this is very annoying cos whenever my phone is locked and i hear the sound i never check my messages, because its always AOL sys msg... Great app tho would love too see landscape and better battery usage... I would also like to have sounds when buddies sign on and off like the T-mobile sidekick
    1. TheAppShare's Avatar
      TheAppShare -
      aol keeps saying I'm logged on and its really annoying. I get an IM every 2 minutes or so.

      Pm me if you know what's up
    1. ma5t3rw1tt's Avatar
      ma5t3rw1tt -
      Agile should include landscape for the chat function. That would make chatting a hell of a lot easier. Overall, I love the app, its freaking killer.
    1. ngar146's Avatar
      ngar146 -
      i install AM and its work good. But when i install cydia dont work messenger and email. Wats the problem, please help me.
    1. Tony_Z's Avatar
      Tony_Z -
      same here... i'm signed in aim and every other minute i get the...

      AOL System Msg (9:49:26 AM): Your screen name (screenname) is now signed into AOL(R) Instant Messenger (TM) in 2 locations. To sign off the other location(s), reply to this message with the number 1. Click here for more information.

      ... anyone know how to stop this... theres nothing in the aim system settings that i could modify nor anything online about it.

      ... I'm also using it with Insomnia...
    1. han_mun223's Avatar
      han_mun223 -
      my Agile forces only have like 15 stages but it says it has until 100
      how to get the one with 100 stages