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  • The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone
    The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone from iFonetec Ltd( iFoneTec Ltd )

    The first in the ability to activate video ringtones on in-coming call for the iPhone .
    You will be able to assign designated video ringtones on your Contact list.

    MiVTones V2.0 Released for FW 2.0
    Add on Features:
    1. Support Firmware V2.0
    2. Set Video Sound Mute
    3. Set Vibration on/off

    VideosTone V1.3 release

    Addon Features
    1.Detecting the system Vibration.
    2.Detecting the system mute button on/off.
    3.Detecting the iPod volume setting.
    4.Compatiable with Kate.
    5.New Demo Video Ringtone

    VideosTone V1.2 release ( Full Features)
    Addon Features:
    1.Open personalize video ringtones (advanced setting).
    2.Preview video before choose videos.
    3.Donate button
    4.Videostone will be automaticly disable if battery lower than 10%.

    Video ringtones showtime!
    join in groups: http://www.youtube.com/profile_groups?user=VideoTones

    VideosTone V 1.1
    Add on "Mute Mode" (press volume to mute the ringtongs)
    Installer Source: http://app.ifonetec.com
    Other sources: Modmyifone.com sources

    How to DIY Video ringtones for Videostone
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    1. blacksti's Avatar
      blacksti -
      this is PIMP!!
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iName View Post
      can anyone upload the file itself so i can ssh it? this is taking forever to download in installer.
      ul what the app or a video? here is one I made finally came out right but d/k how to do full-screen lol if it's not 1 thing it's another
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKRnR3aXSis]YouTube - It Ends Tonight-VideoRingtone for iPhone[/ame]
    1. m3thodandr3d's Avatar
      m3thodandr3d -
      ughhh Dynamic Module Loader error. nevermind, I guess the installation resumes =)
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      Quote Originally Posted by m3thodandr3d View Post
      ughhh Dynamic Module Loader error.
      I got that too you need to keep refreshing till you see that and install it first
    1. BLOWNCO's Avatar
      BLOWNCO -
      hey fellas just an update here is an email i got from ifonetec in regards to purchasing the app

      Hi Evil,
      Thanks for you interest in VideosTone!
      I'm sorry, we don't open advanced mode now , it will be opened very soon
      ,but you can register your email first through VideosTone setting, you will get notice when we open the advanced mode.
      Enjoy VideosTone and It will be great to get your bugs report!

      Best Regards,

      Kevin He
    1. iName's Avatar
      iName -
      i meant the app
    1. trebormen's Avatar
      trebormen -
      Quote Originally Posted by mrtonyyx View Post
      you could like record your friends to say hey (yourname) pick up the phone! i need to talk to you. that would be so cool haha.
      I totally agree you ,can have a video saying... "Hey (Yourname) quit looking at you damn phone and answer my call, i know your there buds!"
    1. SBik2's Avatar
      SBik2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by laz305 View Post
      Yo I don't have quicktime pro, any other ways we can make our own? I have a lot of other stuff I mean I can make vWallpapers np but when I try that way I either get no sound or no video.

      What is your goal? to have it just play video and no audio? np just use one of my video's lol
      i just want my phone to able to be on silent when i put the silent switch on. because now even when the silent switch is on, the sound still plays when i get a call but not when i get a text
    1. ericmac017's Avatar
      ericmac017 -
      ya is there anyone who can upload a direct dl that we can just ssh?
      if so, thanks in advance!
    1. joerv20's Avatar
      joerv20 -
      very well !!!!!!!!
    1. Sirhc35's Avatar
      Sirhc35 -
      I have to say I have tried this and it worked pretty well. I seem to have no problems at all. I went and found the iTunes Coldplay Ad (30 seconds, perfect for a video ringtone) on the internet somewhere (don't remember where) and I made that my video ringtone. If you go to iFoneTec Ltd's website there is a little how-to on how to make custom videos. The program they recommend works perfectly with the iPhone and even converts movies into the .mp4 format for you. Using a bit of simple math you can figure out how what size to make your movies. Just remember that the iPhone's screen is 320x480, which is ratio of .666666666 (320/480) etc. If your ratio is correct you will have a full size video. That is all.
    1. ericmac017's Avatar
      ericmac017 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      If you load a custom video and a custom ringtone (in .aif format) then the silent feature works! Sweet. But yea... how much is the app and how do you purchase it? I'd like to start assigning personalized videos for people....
      i loaded a vid (.mp4) to the Video folder then a ringtone (.aif) to the Ring folder.. when i tested the call it worked.. then when i put my phone on silent, it still had volume .. any ideas? if this helps, i used sony sound forge to create the ringtone and saved it as .aif in sound forge.. was i supposed to convert it in itunes? thanks in advance!

      SO i figured out why it wasnt going on silent.. You have to take off the sound from the video file(.mp4, .m4v, whatever), mute it, and put it in the vid folder.. Then you gotta go make your separate ringtone and put it in the ringtone folder.. so i guess the SILENT feature does work except it was my vid playing! i figured that out cause i heard the volume difference when it was silent and not silent (i make my ringtones loud :P )
      Hope this helps anyone with the same problem!!
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      I'm still trying to get it to download. Even on WiFi and using the "fast" source it takes forever and times out.
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      anyone else notice poor battery performance after installing this?

      my battery died in no time at all last night... so i've shut it off for now.

      works/looks great! but i can't have my battery dying that quickly.
    1. e-gold-casino's Avatar
      e-gold-casino -
      Excellent app btw.

      1. If I load video without sound and aiff ringtone separate, then it rings only one time - no loop. That is wrong.
      2. Telephone vibrates even if vibration is switched off in settings.
      3. I will try to put my own video sample now.
      4. How to register/buy/donate?
    1. zavrus1's Avatar
      zavrus1 -
      standart videos 30 mb RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
      i upload to rapidshare
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      You can't buy the full version yet but it's "coming soon" from what they said. Soon is a relative term though so we'll see.
    1. karlos5f's Avatar
      karlos5f -
      is the for 3g iphone only cause im at 1.1.3 and cant get 2 use the app
      i got it installed but cant seem to see it on my home screen
    1. e-gold-casino's Avatar
      e-gold-casino -
      Quote Originally Posted by karlos5f View Post
      is the for 3g iphone only cause im at 1.1.3 and cant get 2 use the app
      i got it installed but cant seem to see it on my home screen
      Look in Settings - there is the app.
    1. ManaBurnX's Avatar
      ManaBurnX -
      I can't get this to show up on installer even after installing the source and refreshing. Thanks to zavrus1 I was able to download it through rapidshare but now that I have the file I have no idea how to install it. I do have WinSCP so if someone would be so kind to tell me where to install all the files it would be much appreciated.