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  • The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone
    The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone from iFonetec Ltd( iFoneTec Ltd )

    The first in the ability to activate video ringtones on in-coming call for the iPhone .
    You will be able to assign designated video ringtones on your Contact list.

    MiVTones V2.0 Released for FW 2.0
    Add on Features:
    1. Support Firmware V2.0
    2. Set Video Sound Mute
    3. Set Vibration on/off

    VideosTone V1.3 release

    Addon Features
    1.Detecting the system Vibration.
    2.Detecting the system mute button on/off.
    3.Detecting the iPod volume setting.
    4.Compatiable with Kate.
    5.New Demo Video Ringtone

    VideosTone V1.2 release ( Full Features)
    Addon Features:
    1.Open personalize video ringtones (advanced setting).
    2.Preview video before choose videos.
    3.Donate button
    4.Videostone will be automaticly disable if battery lower than 10%.

    Video ringtones showtime!
    join in groups: http://www.youtube.com/profile_groups?user=VideoTones

    VideosTone V 1.1
    Add on "Mute Mode" (press volume to mute the ringtongs)
    Installer Source: http://app.ifonetec.com
    Other sources: Modmyifone.com sources

    How to DIY Video ringtones for Videostone
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    1. BLOWNCO's Avatar
      BLOWNCO -
      Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
      i really wish when you guys post new apps and hype em all up, you would post wether or not it is a paytoplay app.

      i am so sick of going thru all the trouble of installing a source, then the apps needed to run this app, then the app itself, any updates or addons,
      and then see i have to pay for full functionality.
      then i have to uninstall it all and usually, this process f***s up my phone and i end up restoring.

      stupid apps.
      well why dont you learn how to read then bro. Stop crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Colorado Steve's Avatar
      Colorado Steve -
      The video it came with reminds me of some song that would be played at a club during spring break in mexico. Cheesy, but got a fast tempo.
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      is anybody elses audio for the videos realy low on this.
    1. ericmac017's Avatar
      ericmac017 -
      Quote Originally Posted by randomopinion View Post
      take a song... put into audacity like you would any other ringtone you create,

      add 4.2 seconds of silence before the music begins,
      export as mp3,
      throw into iTunes and create aif

      It's a new app what do you expect,, perfection?
      i had to add 8.1 seconds.. do u think its the app that is lagging the video? or is it my phone? cause the youtube example on the 2nd/3rd page is almost instantaneous.. wtf..
    1. tamakin's Avatar
      tamakin -
      Quote Originally Posted by piano08man View Post
      This app is actually quite useless in it's current form. Hopefully it'll work better in later releases.

      1. It's too friggen difficult to get a video to look good and play correctly as a "VideosTone." They even suggest that you buy a $40 piece of software to convert your video to the right size?!?
      2. Even if you do get the video to look right when you're ringing, try putting your phone on silent. Oh yeah, it still plays the audio. The only way to combat this is to pull the audio from your video all together and then create a ringtone of the same bit and upload them separately to their respective folders.
      3. Once you have the audio separate from the video you have to set them both to play separately in the preference pane... but they don't play at the same time!!! There's really no way to sync the audio with the video!
      4. Are you kidding me?!? I just wasted two hours of my life converting and cropping and moving files to find out that it doesn't work. Yeah, if I wanted to have audio that's 3 seconds ahead of my video, I'd love this app.
      As it stands... it is completely worthless.
      Wow it must suck to lose 2 hours of your life messing with that dumb app. Obviously it sucks... it's made in China.
    1. zclevenger's Avatar
      zclevenger -
      my audio is very low also. Hope there is a fix for this coming
    1. 2886zhu's Avatar
      2886zhu -
      does any one who know how to disable vibrate funtion,it's lovely but spending battery faster!
    1. ricksonf's Avatar
      ricksonf -
      install first the dynamic module located in the systems, then install the videotone, then the update for mute
    1. Iman07's Avatar
      Iman07 -
      works great. can anyone recommend a good basic video editor for mac? i hate imovie. it so complicated.
    1. jrentzke's Avatar
      jrentzke -
      @bigboyhayds: thanks for that, but could you maybe upload the files somewhere other than rapid$hare? It kinda sucks this side of the pond.
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Iman07 View Post
      works great. can anyone recommend a good basic video editor for mac? i hate imovie. it so complicated.
      imovie's about as simple as it gets video wise...
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      Quote Originally Posted by billchase2 View Post
      anyone else notice poor battery performance after installing this?

      my battery died in no time at all last night... so i've shut it off for now.

      works/looks great! but i can't have my battery dying that quickly.
      *BUG REPORT*
      yeah me too and also I am unable to turn off my iPhone. It shuts down but like 2min later powers back on all by itself.
    1. alex_cutter's Avatar
      alex_cutter -
      Quote Originally Posted by Iman07 View Post
      i hate imovie. it so complicated.
      If iMovie's too complicated for you, maybe computers aren't your thing.

    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      post request thread

      here is a easy guide that is on there website.program works great.google for key.

      my volume is still real low if anybody knows whats wrong please help
    1. morphiusrt's Avatar
      morphiusrt -
      whats a good video editer for a pc, i'm interested in this app but not worth my time if i can't edit my own vids
    1. mwr_allen's Avatar
      mwr_allen -
      I would like to cut pieces of video's to use as video tones, what video editing software is easiest to use?

    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mwr_allen View Post
      I would like to cut pieces of video's to use as video tones, what video editing software is easiest to use?


      there is a guide i just posted.the program it uses works real well.
    1. GreggSymington's Avatar
      GreggSymington -
      Love it. Here's my contibution.
      MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      Since a lot of people are complaining that you cant silence the ringtone, I found a little simple workaround that you can do in the meantime(nothing special, but simple)... is while the phone is in sleep mode, double click the home button.. it will bring up the ipod media player buttons(play, pause, last & next track) now slide the volume all the way to the left and now the ringer is silent and the phone will just vibrate... to reverse it do the same thing but of course move the slider all the way to the right.

      I found out through a minute of trial and error that it used the volume from the media player and not the ringer, so this is what I feel is the easiest way to put your ringer on silent until they patch it up.