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  • Peer 2 Peer File Sharing Hits iPhone / iPod Touch with iSlsk
    We all knew it was coming but now it's here. Peer 2 Peer on the iPhone. The app is called iSlsk and is basically a nice port of Soulseek to the iPhone. With easy to use features you can search other users on their network and download some music.

    video courtesy of app developer errrick | his site

    Where do you get it? Just refresh Installer and look for iSlsk from the Big Boss source.
    edit: if the file stays at 0% in the app its probably because the user sharing the file isn't online

    • File Search lets you easily search for files
    • Transfers shows you your que of downloads and download progress.
    • Downloads lets you view what you have downloaded
    • A nice import feature lets you import you files into your music database, allowing you to play them through the normal iPod controls - not working yet . . .

    To get the files you download one of the many apps that allow you to browse the iPhones file directory and browse to /var/mobile/Media/Downloads to play your files. Hopefully the import feature will be fixed soon.

    edit for the FirmwareGUID error first try setting the permissions for the app to 777
    alternatively try this.

    And of course some screenies

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    1. jaredb03's Avatar
      jaredb03 -
      Quote Originally Posted by HighTymes View Post
      There is a update out now for it. Not sure it is the fix for our problems, will find out in a sec.

      Edit: Don't see what it fixed. Still have the error and problem with getting the next file to download once one finishes, have to exit and then open again to get next file to download. Trying a reboot and then maybe a uninstall and then reinstall.
      i do not see an update?
    1. drewstin77's Avatar
      drewstin77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by erix920 View Post
      Thank god this thing runs in the background, it'd be a pain in the *** to let the thing go at 18 kb/s.

      Amazing app after a little SSH work

      what exactly are you trying to say?..

      im intrigued
    1. fparedesg's Avatar
      fparedesg -
      Quote Originally Posted by drewstin77 View Post
      what exactly are you trying to say?..

      im intrigued
      If you open iSlsk and press the home button, there will be an iSlsk icon on the top-right part of your iPhone/Pod, so the application is still running and any songs you are downloading are still downloading. To exit from the application, just tap on the iSlsk icon (to open it), and there should be a red "Exit" icon.
    1. Colorado Steve's Avatar
      Colorado Steve -
      I have the same FirewireGUID error, but i was able to download a couple of songs.
      I than ssh onto my phone and found the downloads at var/mobile/media/downloads. I did not have to create a downloads folder. From cyberduck, i transfered the songs onto my desktop. from there, i clicked on one to play and it automaticly downloaded onto my iTunes. I add the songs to my phone playlist and sync. It's now in my phone.
      I plan on working to get rid of the Firewire GUID problem by following some of the steps in this post.
    1. HighTymes's Avatar
      HighTymes -
      Quote Originally Posted by jaredb03 View Post
      i do not see an update?

      I am showing version 0.1b-1 now. I don't think the -1 was on it before.
    1. jaredb03's Avatar
      jaredb03 -
      Quote Originally Posted by HighTymes View Post
      I am showing version 0.1b-1 now. I don't think the -1 was on it before.
      it was there, no update yet

      "And then I also used this ioreg binary that the developer included which generates a firewireguid. simply run it as user mobile (make sure you run it as user mobile, if you are using firmware 1.1.3 or greater - this tripped me up at first, as I ran it as user root but iSlsk still couldn't find the firewire guid when run from my iphone, yet run from the command line, as root, it worked, although it didnt find any of the files I had downloaded.)"

      this was posted by atom jack but im not sure what it means by user mobile. and how do you do that?
    1. gameviper's Avatar
      gameviper -
      sweet! cant wait!
    1. egarc's Avatar
      egarc -
      I just set permissions to 0777 for the Application and Download folder and everything is working perfectly.

      Originally, I had a problem searching. The first search upon launch worked fine but subsequent searches would hang. I'd have to relaunch the application to do another search. I was also getting the FirewireGUID error but if I ssh'd into the phone, I could download the song and import into iTunes. Now, even the auto import is working.

      This application rocks!!

      I unlocked and jailbroke my phone with Ziphone.

      I want to thank all the good people on this forum. I've only had my iPhone for 3 weeks and cscho0415 helped me unbrick my phone, I've learned how to SSH and even created a custom theme for SummerBoard. All because you guys are so willing to share and help. A million thanks.

      And thanks to the robust developer community that have created all the great applications. I especially like iSlsk, especially now that I have it working.

      A quick note: I synced my phone with iTunes and the song I downloaded and imported through iSlsk was deleted. Still have to SSH and import to iTunes manually. Hopefully, this is just a bug that will get worked out.

      Thanks again for a great application!
    1. 1sick94hb's Avatar
      1sick94hb -
      so in the update will we be able to download the songs and have them ported directly to the ipod? This would be perfect if it would!
    1. goodluck4287's Avatar
      goodluck4287 -
      I think earlier I read some posts in this thread by the dev. I just wanted to let you know we came up with a pretty slick idea for this app, but of course that needs some implementation skills that people like me do not have

      [BETA] iSlsk v1.0b released! (a P2P Soulseek Client) - available on Cydia/Installer! - Page 2 - Hackint0sh

      Basically, because songs disappear from iPhone and do not show up in iTunes, if they could somehow get a fake signature that they were downloaded from iTunes as an iTunes+ song so that it will have no DRM and be transferred into a playlist such as "Purchased on iPhone" and go right back to iTunes in a two way sync.

      I know, much easier said then done, but there is probably someone out there who can do it... (send DVDJohn an iPhone)

      GREAT APP!
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
    1. mkozak's Avatar
      mkozak -
      still cant get it to work!!


      got it but cant find songs after i down load and still get the error.
    1. liton's Avatar
      liton -
      I am downloading some file now over EDGE not WiFI, Let's see what happen then report to forum.
    1. screamo's Avatar
      screamo -
      i'm having trouble just starting the program. I load it right and i enter my desired username and password and i get a "error: Login failed! verify your username and password." message. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Does the message mean my desired user name is already in use?

      edit: I solved my own problem. My desired user name was taken. So if you get that message, use a different user name and it'll connect
    1. mkozak's Avatar
      mkozak -
      Starting from scratch... what all did you guys do to get it to work?

      I cant even seem to find songs i have downloaded .... nor a download folder. i am on 1.1.4


      I am on 1.1.4
      Have downloaded 2 songs, but can not locate them ANYWHERE. Help?

      I also did the commads thru terminal and notlonger have the error, but my songs dont show up.
    1. crazycounter's Avatar
      crazycounter -
      Great Idea but i wish someone can make the same App but chat , you can chat with all Iphone user's Its Ganna Be Cool and Crowded ;D
    1. Rustynuts's Avatar
      Rustynuts -
      It working searching and downloading great. but once they have downloaded theres nothing in the downloads.. iv ssh'ed and theres nothing there either. iv followed all the guides and added all the said files, changed all permissions to what it said... I think its a awesome idea, just need to sort this problem out... anyone any ideas?
    1. jgrewal87's Avatar
      jgrewal87 -
      I had the same problem for a while.. i was going to the wrong downloads folder, i guess there is more than one...

      im on 1.1.4.. and my folder is /private/var/root/Media/Downloads.. And i changed the permission of the folder along with everything inside. i did the same with the App, both to 0777.

      i can now find the downloaded files thru SSH'ing, but they dont show up in the downloads screen of the App itself so i cant add to ipod etc.
    1. mwr_allen's Avatar
      mwr_allen -
      Can somebody sticky thread number 48 as this is the only one that I found worked.

    1. KoA's Avatar
      KoA -
      Where do my files get downloaded to? I Can't find them manually.
      Not in Mobile/Media/Downloads
      nor in Root.