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  • iDemocracy 3 for Mac OS X / Windows - RELEASED | Jailbreak/Unlock/Backup

    Hello again, everyone!

    This is Drakenza, announcing the release of iDemocracy 3.0, for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows XP/Vista. (Tiger support coming soon, hopefully).

    The full press release can be found here: http://wiki.drakenza.com/doku.php?id...:press_release

    What's New?
    1. 100% redone from the ground up.
    2. Completely redone interface.
    3. One-click jailbreak, activate, unlock!
    4. Backup/Restore iPhone preferences and applications!
    5. Included fixes for Wi-Fi greyed out, etc.
    6. Media management for ringtones, wallpapers, and applications.
    7. File browser with upload/download capabilities, basic file I/O (more to come soon).
    8. Mac compatibility!
    9. Much more!

    Visit www.drakenza.com for more details and to grab the download. Additionally, see wiki.drakenza.com for more information, and forum.drakenza.com if you have anything to say!

    You can also see videos of it in action here: http://www.drakenza.com/YouTube.html

    Thank you all! I hope you'll use and support my software. I have a lot planned for it (as is outlined on the wiki).

    -- Drakenza
    ([email protected])

    You can donate by clicking my signature image.

    Digg it here: http://digg.com/apple/iDemocracy_3_0..._Possibilities

    And if your Leopard version doesn't see your iPhone for some reason, please redownload iD3.
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    1. Shantarias's Avatar
      Shantarias -
      It worked for me by just running running the program as administrator my right clicking and choosing run as administrator. I hope that this helps.
    1. magnilamar's Avatar
      magnilamar -
      Is there any step by step guide for the unlocking procedure for iphone?
    1. koolksmart's Avatar
      koolksmart -
      Where are the backups stored on a WinXP? Also, I've been at my backup for about a half hour...Any ideas when it should be done? My connection isn't super slow, and I wouldn't even classify it in the slow range. Quite fast, really.

      6 Hours and counting. I have 20 something apps installed. Should it be taking this long? Should I disconnect my phone? And, what are the risks, if there are any?
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      See FAQ at wiki.drakenza.com about how this tool compares to Pwnage, iLiberty+, and ZiPhone, as well as for answers to other things.

      I wouldn't recommend using this tool on iPods, as it seems to not be working (BSD root error). I'm trying to figure it out and will hopefully have the functionality in the 3.1 update.

      Backups are stored in [iDemocracy Location]\Settings\Backups (on Windows) and /Library/Preferences/iDemocracy/Backups (OS X). They don't seem to be working all that well on Windows, so it's advisable to wait until the 3.1 update, which will accomplish the process through the USB cable instead of SSH. You can disconnect the phone if the backups are hanging, nothing should happen.

      So far, this is what the 3.1 update will bring:
      - BootNeuter unlock instead of the one currently used.
      - Compatibility with Catalyst (see this wiki page for details, and this forum post for screenshots, etc).
      - A lot less SSH dependency, especially with Media Manager, Backups.
      - A couple of small features.
      - Whole lotta bugfixes
    1. MattMac's Avatar
      MattMac -
      Quote Originally Posted by marsman478 View Post
      We Can Kinda tell by ur icon that u like pwnage!!! lol
      Lol, well is it the best method so far.
      And it's my picture coz I like the pinapple, haha, looks good.
    1. hozay09's Avatar
      hozay09 -
      So.. I restored my previously Ziphone unlocked iPhone back to default. Used this software to 1st jailbreak the phone then unlock it. Everything worked fine, youtube, email, safari, etc. Now I have a problem where I just put in a different SIM card & when I connect to iTunes it brings me to the Welcome to your new iPhone activation screen! Ahhh!

      I unlocked it so I wouldn't have to renew the contract again & keep it on my seperate at&t line. It worked fine before on Ziphone but I restored it because of the YouTube not working. What should I do?

      What a good f'n waste of time that turned out to be. Got the phone working unlocked and everything as it did with Ziphone and now the friggin' YouTube isn't working again. I should've just left it as it was before with Ziphone.

      Drakenza, didn't you say somewhere on here it doesn't miss some kind of patch or whatever like Ziphone? Not only did it do the exact same thing now I get a nice "Installed by iDemocacry 3" screen everytime I go into installer. Kinda cheesy if you ask me.
    1. akhmad's Avatar
      akhmad -
      well i'm not trying this for my ipod since it's still unstable. i used ilibery+ and it worked fine :P and now i have a 1.1.3
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      I jailbroke my phone with ziphone ( well the last time anyway) and when I do a backup is says my phone is not jailbroken (no). But it does do a backup or something. so why doesn't see my phone as jailbroken ?
    1. RonMexico's Avatar
      RonMexico -
      this thing completely kicked my phones ***,lol
    1. dwells's Avatar
      dwells -
      something went wrong. about halfway thru the jailbreak my phone got disconnected. and now the phone does not regiester doesn't pcik up on the computr atall, not in itunes, nowhere. and the phone is stuck on the idemocracy load page. I resboot with the on/home button, butget stuck at thesame place. thanks
    1. kcrmson's Avatar
      kcrmson -
      If iTunes is seeing it, try putting into DFU mode. If you don't know how, the process is:

      Plug the iPhone into the computer, if it doesn't register/show in iTunes, that's alright.
      Hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button together until the screen goes black. After a couple seconds, release the Sleep/Wake button but keep Home held. It may take a minute or two, but it should eventually show up in iTunes and moan about being in recovery mode.

      Try restoring it from there and try to re-JailBreak. I haven't tried iLibertyX yet but if you're unsure about using it again I suggest iJailBreak 0.6, it's been nice to me through numerous jailbreaks after restores.
    1. yakface's Avatar
      yakface -
      Everything worked flawlessly for me.... however now I am noticing lower signal / reception. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. It might just be a fluke and there could be some issue with the TMobile towers today...
    1. Apple iPie's Avatar
      Apple iPie -
      I like this app,its nice...
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      If something goes wrong and your iPhone freezes at some point of the jailbreak/modify process, and rebooting keeps giving you scrolling text, this is what you should do to get out:
      1. Hold down Sleep/Home for about 25 seconds, until you see the Connect to iTunes logo.
      2. Restore the iPhone in iTunes, or kick it out of recovery mode using any tool at all

      Just some updates, for those of you who don't visit our forums:

      Catalyst (an upcoming iDemocracy tool) is progressing nicely. Screenshots available at forum.drakenza.com. It allows you to generate "images" that work with iDemocracy to extend the jailbreak, allowing you to install Cydia, Telesphoreo, plus other Media, etc. Additionally, we're utilizing XPwn to give it IPSW building capabilities.

      Also, the iDemocracy 3.1 update is in progress. It will most likely bring some form of Pwnage, plus Catalyst support, iPod Touch support, minimized SSH dependency, and bugfixes.

      All this can be tracked at www.drakenza.com.

      Thank you!
    1. dwells's Avatar
      dwells -
      I love ya. most thanks!!!! I'm able to restore it now. I didn't know about the 25 sec thing. i know after a few secs it reboots. most thanks!!
    1. falconeyez's Avatar
      falconeyez -
      Last night when I went to sync up my iPhone (1.1.3 with a TurboSIM) with some new music, I recieved an error message saying that my iphone didn't have enough space. Which I though was weird becuase the day prior I had over a gig of empty space. When I looked at the space allocation in iTunes, the amount of space that is usally blue & purple (audio & video) was now sold orange (other). "That's weird" I thought, so I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to 1.1.4 and try iDemocracy. I upgraded, ran the jailbreak, activate, and unlock but my iPhone's phone functions weren't working. I figured it might be because of the TurboSIM, so I removed it, and placed another T-Mobile card in there. I couldn't dial out with that either. I used iDem to then "refurbish" under extras and tried to downgrade to 1.1.3, no luck. I redid 1.1.4 and jailbroke, activated, and unlocked agian, but still have no phone capabilities. So my questions are...

      1. Did I miss something?
      2. Did anyone else have this problem?
      3. Any idea what I can do next?

      Any help would be great, and there isn't anything in the forums that talk about iDem3 and this paticular problem that I can find.
    1. newser's Avatar
      newser -
      Vista x64 still not loading iDemocracy v3
      I have .NET 3.5 installed
      Its on Super Admin
      And compatibility mode
      Still nothing just this error...

        Stopped working
      Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name:	CLR20r3
        Problem Signature 01:	idemocracy 3.exe
        Problem Signature 02:
        Problem Signature 03:	481d07b2
        Problem Signature 04:	Sigma
        Problem Signature 05:
        Problem Signature 06:	481d051f
        Problem Signature 07:	28
        Problem Signature 08:	7
        Problem Signature 09:	System.BadImageFormatException
        OS Version:	6.0.6001.
        Locale ID:	1033
    1. GRK's Avatar
      GRK -
      Please release the 3.1...No way to back up the apps and settings in this one.
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      I'm working on 3.1 but it's a long process and I'm really busy with exams Give it a couple of weeks.

      As for the issues people are having on x64 systems, iD3 is not 64-bit compatible yet! (Unless you're on Leopard). Sorry... working on it
    1. undercover_neo's Avatar
      undercover_neo -
      does the Idemocrcy work with fireware 2.0.2 ??

      are there any applications for Vista that can backup the complete iphone. Like make an image that can be restored later. for firmware 2.0.2.

      I hate the sound of backing up everything one by one