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  • Hello, Firmware 2.0. Nice to JAILBREAK YA.

    The iPhone Dev Team, who rumor has it just last night got ahold of the new firmware that ships with the SDK (1.2, which will be released to public as 2.0), has already decrypted the disk image and jailbroken the firmware.

    This image shows screenshots of apps running on the 1.2 firmware, which requires a dev certificate to do normally, although none have yet been issued. The jailbreak currently only works with hacked activation, meaning it won't work with AT&T iPhone's yet. However, come on, this is like 2 hours ago it happened, you AT&T folk won't be left in the cold.

    Props to the iPhone Dev Team on this one, and thanks to King Chronic for the heads up

    UPDATED: Here's the video.

    Cash UPDATE: removed irrelevant video.
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    1. coisman's Avatar
      coisman -
      Quote Originally Posted by ubik View Post
      Just in my mind. Where is the proof of this? There is none, or I cant see one. I don't believe what I don't see. And just a Screenshot of something is definitely no proof at all.
      ubik, there is no reason for the dev team to LIE to us like Jobs did in his conference. SDK will be the 'same?' My arse. You can't even run programs in the background.
      Dev team actually supports the community, they have not let us down before. If they say they have jailbroken, there is no chance that the firmware isn't.
    1. mikewiththebike's Avatar
      mikewiththebike -
      the Dev team never lie! all they do is kick ***....wooohoooo nice one guys, don't know how you do it, just keep on doin it. lol.
    1. ubik's Avatar
      ubik -
      i never said the dev team lies. but that screenshot is definitely no proof of anything. you can say whatever you want.
    1. will44life's Avatar
      will44life -
      I love the dev Team they are my best friends that I've never met! my "thanks" is coming ASAP!
    1. y0haan's Avatar
      y0haan -
      Quote Originally Posted by g_patkar View Post
      Umm, did you look at the early post?
      "Will be up in the next few days"

      June is still sometime a way, I will wet my pantz then. I'm still amazed with the current methods out.

      Need any beta testers?
    1. cWanja's Avatar
      cWanja -
      Their IRC is claming now that the firmware is "totally" unlockable.
    1. KelvinalF's Avatar
      KelvinalF -
      Wooooooooooo!!! way to go
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      i dont care for it till june, i dont even care for the video.

      a full list of new features in the new FW would be nice though just so we can have some sought of idea of what to expect, and aim our own app development at projects that are not included in the new FW (could save 3 months of app devlopment)
    1. turdsmoka's Avatar
      turdsmoka -
      Where can we download the actual beta firmware for our phones?
    1. KazzaNova's Avatar
      KazzaNova -
      These are wonderful news!!
    1. quahog_convo's Avatar
      quahog_convo -
      that's awesome. I can't wait
    1. davpel's Avatar
      davpel -
      I know that the dev team wants to wait on releasing this to keep the jailbreak method safe, but I for one wouldn't mind seeing a release ASAP. Exchange Activesync is the one thing which I dearly miss from Windows Moblie, and the sooner I can return to using it the better!
    1. nicerl's Avatar
      nicerl -
      they made a good fast job

    1. rp4k's Avatar
      rp4k -
      put Zibri To shame. for thinking he is as l33t as DEV
    1. hal's Avatar
      hal -
      Damn.... I thought for one bright second that this meant that the SDK allowed us to try out 1.1.2....! Doh!

      Ah well, congrats to the Dev team and I look forward to some release of the firmware to run on our iPhones as soon as possible.
    1. andymuffins's Avatar
      andymuffins -
      Yea, where can we see the video? I checked your sight...nothing.
    1. ubik's Avatar
      ubik -
      really nice including the 2.0.0... as it should be 1.2.0.
    1. hal's Avatar
      hal -
      Is the new f/w built into the free SDK? or is it something only supplied with the paid for SDK?

      ie can developers run the new SDK (unjailbroken) on their properly activated iPhones?
    1. pgazda's Avatar
      pgazda -
      Great job DEV team. I would love to hang out with them and through osmosis absorb some of their talent
    1. Nefarious's Avatar
      Nefarious -
      good job