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  • Hello, Firmware 2.0. Nice to JAILBREAK YA.

    The iPhone Dev Team, who rumor has it just last night got ahold of the new firmware that ships with the SDK (1.2, which will be released to public as 2.0), has already decrypted the disk image and jailbroken the firmware.

    This image shows screenshots of apps running on the 1.2 firmware, which requires a dev certificate to do normally, although none have yet been issued. The jailbreak currently only works with hacked activation, meaning it won't work with AT&T iPhone's yet. However, come on, this is like 2 hours ago it happened, you AT&T folk won't be left in the cold.

    Props to the iPhone Dev Team on this one, and thanks to King Chronic for the heads up

    UPDATED: Here's the video.

    Cash UPDATE: removed irrelevant video.
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    1. secretmrx's Avatar
      secretmrx -
      Hopefully now that this can be jailbroken they will release PWNED

      btw apple MUST have known this would happen... how can you release a beta to select people and not think that the devs would get hold of it? Maybe they released this so in advance so that they can see the method they use on 2.0 to jailbreak, and then totally lock that method out.

      But i presume they used PWNED to jailbreak this, and if so, then we are all good
    1. GrandmaPearl's Avatar
      GrandmaPearl -
      wow... thats incredible... hope you guys work it out for us ATT customers though!
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -
      were is the video ??

      would love to see
    1. casewicked's Avatar
      casewicked -
      Hooooooooooooooooooooly Shi###########################
    1. erdcaged's Avatar
      erdcaged -
      congratulations dev team; you guys deserve it
    1. pedro.frota's Avatar
      pedro.frota -
      Ku f*cking dos.

      You guys, srsly, you guys.

      Now gimme gimme the video link.
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      So what are the new firmware features? Where is the video??
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -
      i dont think there is a real vid of new stuff
    1. screamforme02's Avatar
      screamforme02 -
      amzing ur guys rule. i want 2.0 now. possible??
    1. UV RAYS's Avatar
      UV RAYS -
      apple actually wants this to happen so ppl will buy it just like xbox loves when people hack the hd
    1. pininfarina's Avatar
      pininfarina -
      cool news.

      1 question though. is it possible for apple to start doing firmware updates via the att signal, and therefore implement ECM's for jailbroken/unlocked phones?
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -

      is there a video showing the new stuff?/
    1. xplod4202's Avatar
      xplod4202 -
      Don't forget about us who are locked in to AT&T. Props to you guys.
    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Very kickass!

      Engadget wrote a post about it!
    1. exg5's Avatar
      exg5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by King Chronic View Post
      Sorry to disappoint you...but not exactly...

      Yeah, they are truly awesome guys. I know they were good, but doing this whole 1.2 jailbreak thing with them showed how cool they were

      I can't answer too many questions right now, but pumpkin OK'd the video. The only limitation is that I can not show how I jailbroke the firmware, but I can show you guys all the cool new features, and believe me they are pretty awesome. The only thing I regret is not being able to get Spore early from the App Store (They wiped it clean, there is nothing in the App Store at the time...)
      Can you post a link to this video... I would love to see these "pretty awesome" new features... I will "thank" you if I see a video
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -
      i second that!!!!
      ready to hit thanks #
    1. tntmorgan's Avatar
      tntmorgan -
      Rock on guys. Look forward to more of your work. How are you guys funded anyways? Or is this just a part time thing?
    1. kcisjojo's Avatar
      kcisjojo -
      thats awesome
    1. Dorkenstein909's Avatar
      Dorkenstein909 -
      I love you
    1. iBwizzle's Avatar
      iBwizzle -
      As long as these new firmwares can be jailbroken and modded to upload custom sounds and ringtones I'm happy. Good-lookin' out...!

      8GB iPhone 1.12 Jailbroken