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  • Hello, Firmware 2.0. Nice to JAILBREAK YA.

    The iPhone Dev Team, who rumor has it just last night got ahold of the new firmware that ships with the SDK (1.2, which will be released to public as 2.0), has already decrypted the disk image and jailbroken the firmware.

    This image shows screenshots of apps running on the 1.2 firmware, which requires a dev certificate to do normally, although none have yet been issued. The jailbreak currently only works with hacked activation, meaning it won't work with AT&T iPhone's yet. However, come on, this is like 2 hours ago it happened, you AT&T folk won't be left in the cold.

    Props to the iPhone Dev Team on this one, and thanks to King Chronic for the heads up

    UPDATED: Here's the video.

    Cash UPDATE: removed irrelevant video.
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    1. MyStur's Avatar
      MyStur -
      When the new firmware will be out?
    1. ih8vtec13's Avatar
      ih8vtec13 -
      New firmware is out and why is this thread even up? Look at the date before you post, I started in March!
    1. faisal_sherry's Avatar
      faisal_sherry -
      so can we unlock iphone 3g now sorry if i sound stupid but wanted to know that firmware 2.0 for the old phones or iphone 3g thanks
      BR Sherry
    1. tome76's Avatar
      tome76 -
      download what to jailbreak 2.0? any tutorials for us simple souls?
    1. Baenor's Avatar
      Baenor -
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldbyi_FXitE]YouTube - iPhone Dev team PwnageTool 2.0 video[/ame]

      no downloads available yet.
    1. BlairPod's Avatar
      BlairPod -
      I can't believe how fast you guys are!
      Amazing, I can't wait until you make it public.
    1. Reket's Avatar
      Reket -
      You guys think itll get unlocked within the next week???
    1. klepp1214's Avatar
      klepp1214 -
      sigh, no matter where ya go, the kiddies follow
    1. hustle's Avatar
      hustle -
      read before u post
    1. star2010's Avatar
      star2010 -
      hope it ll be out soon
    1. booox3x3x's Avatar
      booox3x3x -
      you guys are the best!!!!!!! i hope i can donate money to you people, but since im a kid, i cant.. but u guys are amamzinggg!!! keep working on the hard job, all iphone user LOVES YA!!!
    1. fredes99's Avatar
      fredes99 -
      Can we have an estimate of how long it will be until release?
      A day, A week, A month?
      How long?
    1. mikey08's Avatar
      mikey08 -
      lol my estimate is bout 30 minutes ago lol... read the thread that says sunday
    1. malchiang's Avatar
      malchiang -
      Gonna try it out