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  • Hello, Firmware 2.0. Nice to JAILBREAK YA.

    The iPhone Dev Team, who rumor has it just last night got ahold of the new firmware that ships with the SDK (1.2, which will be released to public as 2.0), has already decrypted the disk image and jailbroken the firmware.

    This image shows screenshots of apps running on the 1.2 firmware, which requires a dev certificate to do normally, although none have yet been issued. The jailbreak currently only works with hacked activation, meaning it won't work with AT&T iPhone's yet. However, come on, this is like 2 hours ago it happened, you AT&T folk won't be left in the cold.

    Props to the iPhone Dev Team on this one, and thanks to King Chronic for the heads up

    UPDATED: Here's the video.

    Cash UPDATE: removed irrelevant video.
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    1. GregTheWang's Avatar
      GregTheWang -
      Apple, just stop trying. You can't outsmart us.
    1. DaveTheAve's Avatar
      DaveTheAve -
      Can't wait till they go public!
    1. igetmoney$$'s Avatar
      igetmoney$$ -
    1. Learners's Avatar
      Learners -
      Can we have the firmware in our iphone now...nothing insane and comfussing than having something thatt other people don't have..I would like to say .........FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
    1. jealous soul's Avatar
      jealous soul -
      i saw something about a torrent and i was hoping it was the firmware....what was i thinking. cheeky bastards will never let it out.
    1. ~Steve Jobs~'s Avatar
      ~Steve Jobs~ -
    1. cubiCPixel's Avatar
      cubiCPixel -
      Evolution starts when we overcome the creators

      A big thanks from Quebec, Canada.. where iPhone would not be possible to use.. lol

      Keep it up!
    1. shantanu's Avatar
      shantanu -
      great keep it up and keep helping peoples like us
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      hey I just got my shipping email confirmation, says will arrive on Tues. 4/01. What FW do you think I'll get? cuz I'm worried I won't be able to jailbreak it or anything.
    1. crashspeeder's Avatar
      crashspeeder -
      don't worry, if it doesn't come with 1.1.4 then you'll simply be able to upgrade to 1.1.4 through itunes. it won't come with anything newer because 1.1.4 is the newest release. you can jailbreak 1.1.4 without a problem. I did it using ziphone 2.6b
    1. enjoinick's Avatar
      enjoinick -
      check out whats coming from the dev team
    1. rpitto's Avatar
      rpitto -
    1. Squint's Avatar
      Squint -
      I just did the upgrade to 2.0Beta. Seems like all the current native apps wont work since there is no installer.app for 2.0 ..

      I also can not get VPN nor Exchange to work correctly.....

      If you guys have Exchange and VPN working let me know..
      I am interested in seeing other peoples thoughts on the new 2.0Beta FW.
    1. Elektrik's Avatar
      Elektrik -
      However grand it is that Jailbreak 2.0 has already been kracked, there may be a negative side to this announcement which comes before the official release: (as Zibri says) Apple now has enough time to plug this hole before the actual release of the update.
    1. anebg's Avatar
      anebg -
      i found the firmware and it worked on my phone .. but i cant get att signal to work..
      i uploaded it here

    1. cscho0415's Avatar
      cscho0415 -
      use pwnage and unlock it and get rid of that link man i got in trouble for that
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      1.2 was less choppy
    1. surfer01's Avatar
      surfer01 -
      Is there anyway to make the wifi music store work, or at least a work around to play protected music. I would downgrade but i love the fact that i can loose my curve and still hook up with exchange. Other than the music part Exchange works great email push, contacts and calendar sync with outlook.
    1. crazyvanya's Avatar
      crazyvanya -
      is there a 1.2 version for the iPod? I don't want it, so don't go posting any links (if there is)
      Would just like confirmation.
      And oh, first post lol
    1. xtrmtrig's Avatar
      xtrmtrig -
      1st off, great job DEV Team. I'm sure as time goes on, we'll have a complete package for 2.0 (1.2).