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  • Ziphone2.0 OS X gui + Windows gui = Easy jailbreak unlock and activate iphones
    Sorry about that, hrm the last version that we released our "testers" lied and never actually tested it

    I am happy to introduce the OS X gui for Ziphone!!!!!!! (working)

    we don't claim any credit for the inner workings of this, we have just added a OS X gui wrapper to ZiPhone2.0 by Zibri

    This jailbreaks any iphone with 1.1.3 firmware. It will unlock and activate 1.1.3 iphones with the 4.6 bootloader (1.1.2 and 1.1.3 OTB iphones). Very easy, one-click solution - couldn't be easier!

    This works on Apple OS X (Intel + PPC). This is Leopard only right now, we are working on Tiger compatibility.


    For 4.6 Bootloader (iPhone's that came with 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 out of the box):
    • Unlocks your iPhone
    • Jailbreaks your iPhone
    • Activates your iPhone
    • Repairs your iPhone
    For 3.9 Bootloader (iPhone's that came with 1.1.1 or less out of the box):
    • Jailbreaks your iPhone
    • Activates your iPhone

    Download Me (non-member mirror)

    Windows users grab a Windows GUI version here --- nonmember mirror here.

    thanks Zibri for this jailbreak unlocking activation solution
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    1. kepple85's Avatar
      kepple85 -
      i tried unlocking my itouch with ziphone and now my ipod won't show up on itunes or even go to the homescreen. what did i do and how do i fix this
    1. kastegir's Avatar
      kastegir -
      Happy to report that ZiPhone works on a freshly-upgraded 1.1.4 as well. My phone was originally jailbroken as a 1.0.2 new phone. I previously upgraded to a locked 1.1.3, and was unable to get the downgrade-jailbreak-reupgrade thing to work to get to a jailbroken 1.1.3 state.

      I gave up and upgraded to a restored 1.1.3 state and then 1.1.4 yesterday.

      When I saw this tool, I thought I'd try it. I just downloaded, plugged in my phone, clicked the 'jailbreak' button and about 10 minutes later I was using installer on the phone to download apps. My 1.1.4 firmware is intact and working fine. I'm on AT&T, so I can't vouch for the unlock side of things, but the jailbreak worked for me.
    1. itb165's Avatar
      itb165 -
      can i use this on an upgraded 1.1.3 itouch
    1. dooley19's Avatar
      dooley19 -
      Quote Originally Posted by popmanbx View Post
      anyone know how to fix youtube?

      everything else works fine except youtube.

      I'm on a macbook with leopard
      Youtube need to be activated. Add the source i.unlock.no to the installer. Then u should see YouTube activation, download that. I hope that works for you.
    1. muezziik's Avatar
      muezziik -
      help!! i have the windows ziphone but how does it work??

      i tryed using zi phone and the apple keeps getting frozen when i turm it on and it just stays there!! help:/
    1. richtoyz's Avatar
      richtoyz -
      i jailbreak my iphone but there is no installer, what do i do now?
    1. oOXDreadXOo's Avatar
      oOXDreadXOo -
      Quote Originally Posted by imode69 View Post
      OK. BTW, word of advice (to all noobs). Unless you want to get lots of extra spam per day, never post your real email address in a forum. There are spam bots that scan for these things. This site has the ability to send/receive private messages. Use that instead. I would suggest editing out your email address from the post or obfuscating it as user_at_gmail_dot_com
      Good call
    1. keatonreckard's Avatar
      keatonreckard -
      lol way to bump this thread.
    1. codeseven's Avatar
      codeseven -
      why the hell did you bump this?
    1. kevin36's Avatar
      kevin36 -
      I thought Ziphone just came out a new jailbreak.

      Stop bumping this thread.lol