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  • SyncJe - Wireless Sync of Calendars, Contacts, and Notes
    nexthaus.com has released their SyncJe App to wirelessly sync your iPhone to SyncML servers, like goosync and mobical. This is especially usefull to sync on the fly so you don't have to plug your iPhone into your computer to backup this important data (your computer has to be set up to sync as well of course ).

    What does it Sync?
    • Calendars
    • Contacts
    • Notes

    According to LouN from nexthaus.com who pm'd me about their release
    SyncJe for iPhone is a free 15 day trial, and until Jan 8 we are giving away free licenses to everyone.
    so grab up your license quick

    You can register here. To install and get running follow their instructions.
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    1. Rip's Avatar
      Rip -
      Since upgrading to 1.1.1 I'm getting no synchronisiation at all.

      I tap the Sync button and the graphic changes as if it's about to sync and then nothing.

      It just stops and the last sync message is at the date before upgrading.

      No errors or progress are displayed.

      The upgrade didn't pick up my registration and I had to re-enter it.

      I'm running firmware 1.1.2 and SyncJE was faultless before updating via installer.
    1. marko111's Avatar
      marko111 -
      yeah i had that too. as i said luckily i had a backup of the older version. seems there a lot of kinks still to be ironed out with these upgrades. i feel a little bit aggrieved that what should be a good app, and one of the few that you actually pay for, gets upgraded without identifying these problems.
    1. LouN's Avatar
      LouN -
      Rip and Marko,

      I know you have had some problems. They are partly our fault, and partly due to the "platform" that we are trying to support.

      The firmware versions are less than stable, and get hacked in different ways, which makes it quite difficult to support them all.

      SyncJe 1.1.1 should take care of the vast majority of people who had problems with 1.1.3, and it should not affect 1.1.2 users.

      Although we do QA testing on everything, it is nearly impossible to account for all the different upgrade methods.

      Rip I can provide you with a d/l link to the old version if you would like. I would of course recommend you try rebooting the phone, and do a full uninstall/reinstall of the app first and see if 1.1.1 works for you then.

      Also, for any registration issues, please contact [email protected], they usually respond quite quickly.

      I apologize for not being as involved as I was before. Although I like helping everyone, it can be difficult for me to keep up with all the message boards and my other responsibilities. I do try though, and even if I do not reply in a timely manner, I will usually read everything.

    1. Fosy's Avatar
      Fosy -
      foe me in 1.1.3, sync perfect, so the event donīt popup in iphone, really no have idea this is a problem of syncje or phone, events created by iphone, no problem with alarms!
    1. LouN's Avatar
      LouN -
      Hi all,

      Just wanted to drop a quick line that SyncJe for iPhone 1.1.2 is now live!

      The biggest new feature is AutoSync. You can now set your iphone to sync automatically on a schedule.

      The iPhone page has been greatly enhanced, including help and email subscriptions so you can be notified of updates instantly.

      Version 1.1.2
      - Automatic Sync! The iPhone will sync automatically at your set interval. The iPhone must be "awake" to sync.
      - Fixed some events being synced off by one hour.
      - Fixed some event alerts not being activated.
      - Fixed some fields not syncing properly.
      - Enhanced error reporting.
      - Minor bug fixes.

      NOTE: If you encounter an error during installation like "Main script couldn't execute", please ensure that you have the following apps up to date:
      -Installer app
      -BSD subsystem
      -Open SSH

      Once updated, restart the phone, then try to install SyncJe again.
    1. marko111's Avatar
      marko111 -
      Lou, good to hear from you.

      after all the problems ive had, i tried once again to go to the latest version through installer.

      its now telling me that Error: Folder was not found: Calendar

      im using goosync for this. can you tell me if there is a fix?


      Forget that. i just remembered that every time you make a change you have to go and reset the device in Goosync. working ok now, and i like the autosync. just need my registration key resetting AGAIN!!! (your support people will be getting fed up with me!!, sorry)
    1. Rip's Avatar
      Rip -

      I've given up on it too. I found it to be to unreliable and couldn't get any response form the support team so uninstalled.

      With Googles Outlook sync now available I find I don't need it. As I sync my iPhone once a day anyway, Googles calendar sync ensure that my iPhone calendar is synched with my GCal. I have outlook installed just for the sycn and back-up. I don't actually use it.

      The Google Mobile calendar has come a long way and with the Sync option it makes SyncJe redundant for me.

      I'm pleased I got my registration for free. I'd have been a bit miffed if I'd paid for it.
    1. marko111's Avatar
      marko111 -
      Rip, with the google sync to outlook can you also do contacts? or is it just events??

    1. asmodeus_dhoine's Avatar
      asmodeus_dhoine -
      So, you guys dropped the development? No 2.x support, no custom contact fields support? Oh well. RIP.