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  • Official ModMyI Installer Source Live

    All right folks, I think its about time ModMyI had our own Installer source.

    UPDATE: The MMi Source is now a trusted Community Source. You no longer have to install it, simply install Community Sources if you have not already, and it will be installed.

    Developers: If you'd like your app listed under the ModMyI source, feel free to send me a PM and I will get it listed as soon as possible.

    NOTE: Whenever you install a 3rd party source, you need to navigate away from the sources page, and THEN return to it before the source will display correctly. You may also have to exit Installer and open it back up.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Official ModMyI Installer Source Live started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. teriyakiboy13's Avatar
      teriyakiboy13 -
    1. Simtech's Avatar
      Simtech -
      Saweeet. thanks pf..
    1. origitat's Avatar
      origitat -
    1. Jodiedicie's Avatar
      Jodiedicie -
      About time! Good Job
    1. steveshaw's Avatar
      steveshaw -
      not bad
    1. cosmoLV's Avatar
      cosmoLV -
      iSnake is awesome i hawe idea about little app, (screen saver for iPhone) it will be great
    1. TheHK's Avatar
      TheHK -
      Great idea ! iSnake is available through this source called CedSoft but I trust your source the most ! Looking forward to the modmyi collection of apps Installer ! it could be the top-rated apps or something
    1. aphung's Avatar
      aphung -
      whoa snake is awesome!
    1. jonnyraincloud's Avatar
      jonnyraincloud -
      you should add that iphone synth to your source,
      some guy made it and just disappeared.
      its an awesome little app.

      i cant wait to see what goodies you guys have up in installer
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Where is the iPhone synth? Someone get me a mirror.
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      everything should be working fine now, thanks for your patience or lack there of
    1. agentfubu's Avatar
      agentfubu -
      nice, I'm really liking the snake :P
    1. Tomer's Avatar
      Tomer -
      nice! thanks mmi ;]]]
    1. Shake's Avatar
      Shake -
      There it said "You are installing software from an UNTRUSTED SOURCE".....MMI UNTRUSTED????WTF!!!!

      MMI rules!
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      iPhoneSynth added.
    1. iphonejeff's Avatar
      iphonejeff -
      yay were live!
    1. titeo's Avatar
      titeo -
      cool, iSnake is pretty fun. but very hard to control.

      ps-what is iPhoneSynth?
    1. fat x nub's Avatar
      fat x nub -
      this is gunna be fun...evcept i hope that all the apps are checked out before putting them on the installer cuz they might not be stable
    1. iPhone4_Nerd's Avatar
      iPhone4_Nerd -
      i added it and i see Untitled Source and i don't see it in the Installer, i closed it and open it again and i still don't see it...i rebooted and refresh sources and i still see Untitled Source and i'm on a 1.0.2 iPhone....any suggestions?
    1. straightryder's Avatar
      straightryder -
      me too same thing. dont see it.