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  • Bonjour on the iPhone!
    Ladies and gentleman... Erica Sadun from TUAW has succeeded in getting Bonjour to work on the iPhone. Read about it here.

    Holy. Cow. Do I ever need some rest. I just spent most of last night figuring out how to get Bonjour (aka mDNS) running on my iPhone. Bonjour offers configuration-free networking technology. Computers (and iPhones) automagically broadcast their services, which you can then listen for and take advantage of. This has been a long-term project that I've been plugging away at for months.

    So what makes this exciting? With Bonjour, your iPhone and touch can talk to your Mac. They can talk to printers or to each other. They can browse for available services or provide their own as a server. What I put together was a pair of applications: PicSend and PicListen. These apps allow you to subscribe to a camera on another person's iPhone. Just tell that iPhone to snap a picture and within seconds that picture appears on your own screen.
    Hit the link to read the rest!

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    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      what is this program? and what does it do?
    1. cruid's Avatar
      cruid -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bill69 View Post
      what is this program? and what does it do?
      It tells you what it does if you read by clicking on the link.
    1. bam86's Avatar
      bam86 -
      doesnt work for 2.0, bummer, I was looking forward to diddleing with this..
    1. thestrangestick's Avatar
      thestrangestick -
      Way to bump a 9 month old post, I thought this was some news!
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      yeah good dig tho, i would like to ask, if it only works on mac what is the bonjour that comes with 7.7 on xp?
    1. iRoach74's Avatar
      iRoach74 -
      okay, i kinda understand this now! but how do i do it? please help me