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  • iFuntastic Version 2.1.0 b001 !!!!!!
    A newer version of iFuntastic is here!!!!!! You can now arrange your icons differently, and change the att logo, there are a few additional things. Download it here...


    I'm not so sure about skinning, I have to look at it when I get home from work. Let me know how the new version is!

    And I believe it adds that "demo app" as well. Not sure what that's about. Let me know about that too!
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    1. andre13fr's Avatar
      andre13fr -
      Is someone working on developing a GUI Interface for Windows?
    1. Koooookalo's Avatar
      Koooookalo -
      Quote Originally Posted by andre13fr View Post
      Is someone working on developing a GUI Interface for Windows?
      I sure hope so...
      I've been one of those people who've been afraid to fully mod my iPhone (jailbreak), but I do have custom ringtones, thanks to iphoneringtonemaker. I've just been waiting to see if there was a free version of that, or a similar program for windows.
    1. XFaega's Avatar
      XFaega -
      Great news. Your program is great. Thanks for the hard work.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Adding to the Downloads soon!
    1. sterickson's Avatar
      sterickson -
      Looks great - please make a Universal Binary version of it, so I can use it.

    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
    1. bdiddy619's Avatar
      bdiddy619 -
      i have a pc not a mac. im very new to this stuff. so how do i make my custom ringers on my iphone?
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sterickson View Post
      Looks great - please make a Universal Binary version of it, so I can use it.

    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Check the guides section, we have guides detailing how.
    1. itchy11jr's Avatar
      itchy11jr -
      The new versin works just as well. I like this program a lot. I would love to see a GUI for adding wallpapers, slider buttons, and maybe custom Icons
    1. nokian93's Avatar
      nokian93 -
      Yeah it would be awesome to see a windows version. My girl wont let me use her apple laptop for this
    1. XFaega's Avatar
      XFaega -
      Now who's the boss????
    1. simplekid15's Avatar
      simplekid15 -
      Very cool program!
    1. agentx1's Avatar
      agentx1 -
      Kept crashing then after the 4th attempt worked fine.Thanks for such a great program!!!
    1. slezak12's Avatar
      slezak12 -
      I love this program, i just hope in the next version you will be able to ADD icons like that with the drag + drap.
    1. fdot's Avatar
      fdot -
      yes please work on drag and drop icons
    1. poktrokt29's Avatar
      poktrokt29 -
      Yea i'm having the same problem, when i go to unlock the phone, aka run jailbreak, the program crashes on me. I've tried multiple times. I'm running at 17in macbook pro, 2.33ghz, guess i'll have to do it the down and dirty way through the terminal.
    1. rob_trawick's Avatar
      rob_trawick -
      I also would love for there to be a universal binary version so that I can use this on my powerbook. Thanks!
    1. BluntObject's Avatar
      BluntObject -
      Much smother & that it quits iTunes & iPhoto is great. An interface changer would be nice too, not so sure about moving icons...

      Great job,

    1. darkmeth's Avatar
      darkmeth -
      Kudos on the GUI but for some reason I can't get it to work. I follow the steps as outlined in the app but for some reason, it doesn't delete any existing ringtones and it doesn't add any of the ringtones that I select. I've tried .mp3 and .m4a files and nothing updates to the device. I can switch icons and change carrier tag but I can't add and/or remove ringtones. Any ideas? Again, this is a great solution and I appreciate the efforts in development of this tool that have been put forth.. By the way, I'm using MacIntel so I don't know what else I'm missing to get this to work. I appreciate any assistance. Thanks!