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  • Chinese Wholesaler Exposes Upcoming iPhone bezel and LCD Hardware
    We've all been eagerly waiting for the upcoming iPhone, and with each rumor the excitement level increases. However, this latest news/rumor is good as well as bad. Good first: it seems that one of the Chinese wholesalers named ChinaOnTrade.com - who gets stuff directly from the factories where Apple hardware is produced - has put a bezel and LCD screen for iPhone on sale, which it claims belongs to the next gen iPhone.

    The bezel has changed -instead of the silvery color we're familiar with, it has now turned black. The other part exposed is the LCD screen. This is sad news, if it turns out to be true, as folks were hoping for an OLED screen. Which is also what makes us think that the rumor is fake! According to iLounge, OLED even costs about half the price of LCD being used currently. OLED would also reduce the power consumption to some extent.

    Rumors just keep flying as WWDC nears. Hope the new iPhone is released at WWDC so we can get rid of these rumors, but that doesn't seem like the case... if you believe the rumors.

    [Gizmodo via iPhoneTicker]
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    1. Ozzyman500's Avatar
      Ozzyman500 -
      ^ fail

      All we can do is wait and see.
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      Wow... OLED FTW
    1. mr.sparky's Avatar
      mr.sparky -
      I for one hope this is just a rumor,Im really hoping for the OLED
    1. chris4851's Avatar
      chris4851 -
      Ahhh I love rumors!!!!
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      The new Zune is coming out with OLED so it may be possible that the new phone will have one too. Either way...the only thing I am after is a bigger hard drive. Everything else will just be a bonus
    1. jessyreynosa3's Avatar
      jessyreynosa3 -
      Screw LCD, waste too much batery and its fatter + its old technology.
      Bring the OLED, idk if they raise the price as long as the iphone improves.

      It seems like apple doesn't like to innovate the iphone as much as their other products. iPod touch gets big upgrades and so does the nano's and to a smaller extent the shuffles.

      The next iphone must have:
      Cortex a8 or something faster
      double Rom
      Bigger screen or higher resolution (should be both)
      more memory (32gb)
      better camera (hopefully 2)
      Its own ichat app
      video and video editing

      Bonus: wireless charging

      If most of these things dont happen,
      the pre would beat the iphone in turns of being a better device.
    1. wing103's Avatar
      wing103 -
      Look Cool.... but the price feel a bit high!!!!!!!!
    1. Capt.D's Avatar
      Capt.D -
      Quote Originally Posted by armani107 View Post
      What is the purpose of this post?

      One can hope for a screen that would help battery life...
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      The bezel costs more than the LCD? That must be some bezel...
    1. 02589's Avatar
      02589 -
      Apple loves to spoon feed us just enough features to keep us happy. They hold back so much it isn't funny. I might just go with a Pre and get an iTouch for entertainment.
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by armani107 View Post
      i can understand this if you follow it with a reasonable on topic reply.
      i will be so glad when they start giving infractions for this.


      this is a scam most likely.
      seen it before.
      these lil chinese companies say its legit, build up the hype, and then wait for poor suckers that buy it in bulk hoping to beat the market for when the phone comes out.
      another one born every minute.
      someone will buy these too.

      lots of them!

      and be pissed when the customer service number sends em to a fax machine.
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      Quote Originally Posted by armani107 View Post
      Who gives a s**t! You must be 10 years old.

      Would like it to have a OLED screen but if they double the ram to 256MB (rumor also) that would be a big plus.
    1. iMacMar's Avatar
      iMacMar -
      I would love to see OLED but either way it doesn't matter as long as the don't change the dimensions so much so that all my cases i bought for 3g wont fit... sorry lil off subject
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
      Quote Originally Posted by armani107 View Post

      Mods, please start banning these individuals and set an example to try and limit this childish crap. These posts derail every thread because a huge majority comment on these idiots, including myself now for asking this. Please put a stop to this BS. Thanks.
    1. BradTrinh24's Avatar
      BradTrinh24 -
      Seems like you all are just as childish asking a mod to ban someone because of a silly thing as that post...let him have his joy of being "First".

      Anyway, I still don't see the point in a bigger hard drive? I don't know how people filled up the 4gb iPhone, I would much rather apple upgrade everything else and then think about hard drive space. Maybe I need to broaden my music collection.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Even I have more than 4Gb of music but with nearly 2Gb of apps and another of vid my 8Gb can't fit it all on - and I have very little music compared to most!
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      The mockup of it on iClarified looks pretty nice, shows that a camera is put in the front thats why the earpiece is so high.
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -

      Wow - what a boost to my fragile self-esteem...
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      i guess you should now remove the following:

      "^ fail"
    1. jdm.accord's Avatar
      jdm.accord -
      Quote Originally Posted by sayam View Post

      The bezel has changed -instead of the silvery color we're familiar with, it has now turned black.
      lol "silvery color?" Its fukking chrome silly :P