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  • AT&T Crippled SlingPlayer To Kill Competition?

    We already know that AT&T prevented Apple from approving SlingPlayer before and was the main culprit in restricting it to Wi-Fi ONLY. Their recent statement proclaims the restrictions to be a modest way to prevent the network from collapsing. Well, most people trust them because of obvious reasons, but it seems to be the incomplete truth!

    As per a tipster, AT&T's been working on it's OWN application named "i-verse" that performs similar task as SlingPlayer.

    This app works with their U-verse TV solution (like slingbox) and loads the "DVRed" shows onto your iPhone at home or stream them over internet on 3G network! The app has already been demoed privately last year and since then, AT&T's into developing it.

    Currently SlingPlayer is the #9 app on the US AppStore even though it is Wi-Fi only, imagine what wonders would a 3G version do! Of course there are alternatives for people with a jailbroken iPhone but what about those unwilling to do it? If true, this is a cheap move by AT&T which is abusing its power and should be restricted. Hope Apple hears us next time, instead of AT&T..

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    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      wow thats messed up
    1. bdwayneh's Avatar
      bdwayneh -
      That is crazy but sounds just like a bunch of corporate ***** holes taking advantage of there power.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      AT&T at its finest
    1. jiggajuggawugga's Avatar
      jiggajuggawugga -
      ...low blow
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Man, I *SO* called this when I said that they could be preparing a form of mobile U-verse IPTV and SlingPlayer would basically allow competing cable services on the phone. No, I wasn't part of the private demo.

      Quote Originally Posted by CZroe View Post
      ...I smell some kind of "AT&T U-Verse Mobile" app in the future. That's a great way to sell your TV service to those that don't live in wired U-Verse areas. From their perspective, it's also a great reason to pull every string they can to block or delay SlingPlayer. ...
    1. disturbedreaper's Avatar
      disturbedreaper -
      this seems like something apple would do att must be taking private lessons from apple for some conspiracy lol
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      Why is the app crippled worldwide? Not every iphone carrier is looking to provide some sort of tv subscription surely?
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      Quote Originally Posted by reeko View Post
      Why is the app crippled worldwide? Not every iphone carrier is looking to provide some sort of tv subscription surely?
      maybe just to prove the statement they gave...
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      So because AT&T have plans for their own TV service this app gets crippled worldwide? So i cannot stream legitimately over 3G in Australia because in the USA AT&T are planning on their own TV service....?

      It has got to be more to do with the lousy 3G networks than AT&T. I dont believe AT&T could affect this app worldwide?...

      If Apple has bowed to AT&T and crippled the app worldwide then shame on Apple, but that would be very out of character for them. They like to do the controlling - not get controlled.
    1. Mes's Avatar
      Mes -
      Quote Originally Posted by reeko View Post
      Why is the app crippled worldwide?...
      Black(or grey)-market
    1. Cokeman's Avatar
      Cokeman -
      Well Apple couldn't very well allow the app to run over 3g for all countries but the US. Then we would know for sure that AT&T is just bullying the consumer to use their app.
      Now if this is true how is it any different than Intel's alleged anti-competitive practice costing them 1.45 billion.
      They are investigating Google & Apple maybe they need to check into AT&T as well. Find them guilty & force them to put LTE coverage everywhere they have coverage now.
    1. eleazar123's Avatar
      eleazar123 -
      I'd actually be ok with this since I don't own a slingplayer, but I do have U-Verse TV. :P
    1. mushromking's Avatar
      mushromking -
      Every one boycott the iverse app upon release
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      DUH! I've said it since the beginning. That overload network **** is bull. Of course the network can handle it.
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      ehhh the 3g does blow but this is mad gay. apple has finally met its match... at&t>apple
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
      I was reading the rating replies on the Slingplayer app, and was shocked at how many people bought it w/o reading up on it. People that were shocked it was WiFi only should've read the description before purchasing it, and instead of ******** about it after the fact either jailbreak or learn to do the research on an app prior to buying. I don't feel bad for anyone that fails to read about the product they're buying, or, doesn't look for the solution which is as simple as jailbreaking.

      As far as this app being crippled I'm not shocked. It seems time and time again anything related to being awesome for our iphone's gets the shaft. Apple, AT&T, whatever, they're all guilty of keeping the iPhone from reaching its full potential. MMS in 3.0? Finally? Perfect example right there. ugh
    1. mastuul's Avatar
      mastuul -
      Like ronfin44 said, all you need to do is have a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch and install VoIPover3G or Tricker ThreeG from Cydia and you can use it via 3G or Edge.

      Anyone who doesn't jailbreak their iPhone is using a crippled device.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      As a U-Verse costumer*, hell yeah.

      *wishing I had FIOS
    1. zeroGsti's Avatar
      zeroGsti -
      ^^ What Mastuul said!! ^^
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Sorry, didn't see this thread - I put my thoughts here